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  • My independent blog site optimization scheme


    is not what you want to write what, but users want to see what you what to write, this is I think the most important aspect of a word, many people think that today he learned a new method, I think is very good, then write out, then found no ranking. No possibility of ranking is the feeling that you have very good value, not on behalf of the user feel very good value. >

    website: 99% people to choose a template or imitation station, are readily available website, basically the others have been optimized, so there is no need for the optimization speed, as long as not too slow, the user can not feel, not what the majority of problems. Don’t be too tangled problem of slow. Don’t believe, you can download a CMS, buy a Ali and the server, after the installation, is absolutely can be opened in 3 seconds, and that little space speed optimization.

    content is an important part of the ranking, because the search engine rankings for you, because you provide content can resolve user problems, if not resolved, the search engine will give you a natural ranking.

    Open the speed of the But with the development of

    technology website, mobile phone terminal began to develop rapidly, so if we can do a good job of mobile phone website site in PC ranking is absolute advantage. The first PC website ranking, a mobile phone website, which can be affirmed, the website of PC 301 to bring a certain mobile phone can give the website ranking, followed by the PC website has a mobile phone site, can transfer the weight of each other.

    I think a site with search engine optimization, is nothing more than to see the core content is displayed in the core position, other requirements are not so strict, of course there are some details, such as the website open speed, website content is to solve user problems, can solve these two problems, basically a piece of this little station a big problem, some people say that what robots, nofollow and so on, I think these are the details of the details, the influence of the possibility of less than 0.001%, so I do not know, not essential.

    The first step: the establishment of

    is a data of long tail keywords my blog and website ranking data love Shanghai weight, the number of keywords is 285, the weight is 5, of course, this is the third party webmaster tools, the tools of data Webmaster Platform official love Shanghai. The number of key words more than 20000. A blog can do such achievements, not to brag that was good.

    many people ask me, my independent blog is how to optimize the ranking for this problem, I can not in QQ or WeChat on one or two speak clearly, so I write an article today to tell you what is the independent blog site optimization scheme, this scheme is applicable to any web site keywords ranking optimization, why for a long time, because I also heard network and a business website is ranked the scheme.

    The second step:

    Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website and 301 setup instructions

    through the 301 set and love Shanghai website tool combining revision information will be submitted can greatly reduce the site because of the loss of the revised flow brings to love Shanghai, realize the old and new sites close to loss free exchange.

    two, in order to better solve the webmaster in the revision of the problems in Shanghai, love Webmaster Platform upcoming Website Tools:

    3, set 301, immediately on the website will submit revision tools rules (detailed rules submitted will be presented in the revision tool launched).

    According to the

    1, the website, the first version of the line, online for a period of time the coexistence of old and new content.

    2, the old and new content exist for a period of time, and the new version of the content has been included, set 301 jump on the old and new content, the old version of the content to the corresponding content.

    in accordance with the mode of operation in the existing circumstances can reduce the site because of the loss of the revised flow brings as much as possible, if the need for revision of the proposed site, using this method in the present situation.

    survey found that part of the site in the revision of the revision of the situation is different, will encounter new problems on the website, the website traffic and bring some loss in the current circumstances suggest sites do not frequent revision, if need revision suggested after a period of time to the coexistence of old and new content set 301 jump way in the revision, much lower site because of the loss of the revised flow brings as much as possible. And in order to solve this kind of problem, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in late December after the upcoming revision tool, through the combination of tools and set up 301 in two ways by the form will be able to do without loss of exchange sites close to the old and new. The following is a detailed description of.

    in order to change the current revision of the existing problems, Webmaster Platform love Shanghai in late December, the upcoming website tool, using the tool set 301 two ways of combining form can be close to the old website without loss of exchange, recommend the site administrator to perform revision after when using the revision tool, and in accordance with the following methods revision:

    , in the present situation if the website, suggested in the following way:

    The revision of the After

    2, the old and new content exist for a period of time, and the new version of the content has been included, set 301 jump on the old and new content, the old version of the content to the corresponding content.

    The revision of the

    1, the website, the first version of the line, online for a period of time the coexistence of old and new content.

    Love Shanghai emphasizes the search experience without background technology without worrying prospe

    is more than love Shanghai for this large-scale K station, additional complaints after the entrance of the webmaster complaints feedback. We can see from the K station, only 3% of the site may be restored, 97% K stations won’t recover, Xiaobian own website also has two K, after nearly a month, Shanghai has not found love spiders visit, use of all Internet the spider method is still of no avail, thus come to a conclusion: this station in Shanghai love completely dead, love of spiders in Shanghai have this link will go around.


    here also mentioned that in the end the search experience, the search experience is what? How to define it? Here, we do not speak the concept, we with the example analysis, the following is my on the word "woman recipes" love Shanghai search, then analysis of the website ranked first.

    ranked first in the station, we look at the title: pregnant women _ pregnant women pregnant women _ recipes, recipes daquan. The title does not include "pregnant recipes" of the word, but this is the first station to do love Shanghai, we can find: the love of spiders in Shanghai is intelligent, able to identify the strong correlation between words, but only on the one hand, we again into the site to see the internal structure:

    since the end of June this year, Shanghai love greatly adjust the search engine algorithm, several large-scale K station, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng industry small webmaster feel insecure, talk about "K" pale, while falling in love with the sea "7.19~7.31 webmaster complaints feedback notice", the following is the content of the original:

    is in love with sea station K said very clearly: for low quality, no original site for punishment. In fact, this point, even if the love is Shanghai, it is also very difficult to implement, in the end there is much difference between the original and pseudo original? Believe in love in Shanghai that is not clear, small according to the log ten ranking good observation station that no search experience, original is not necessarily useful; and search experience, no original success can also get good rankings.

    first, do the site structure clear, home homemade recipes Daquan > > pregnant women (247) [] column switching. Then the screening conditions, screening a >

    love Shanghai Webmaster Platform complaints increased in July 19th entrance, we received a total of 7050 cases of webmaster complaints, but 80% of them are invalid complaints low-quality site submission, after careful analysis and decision system, found that only 3% of the individual feedback mentioned website is normal website strategies affect these sites have been submitted by mistake. To the engineer to modify the algorithm, most have returned to normal, the rest of the feedback site mentioned in the normal state in the system, without any problems. We hope that the webmaster in submit feedback before, ask yourself, if you are an ordinary user, whether to believe their own information on the website.


    Website optimization is a part of the website construction

    is a website of enterprise website, website, blog, forum website or website no matter, must be outside the station construction site. Because these websites need traffic support, if the site does not flow then there is no way to profit, and not profitable website there is no way to survive. Of course, some search sites are not have the purpose of profit, like public type website or government websites do not need to flow. Because of the nature of these sites is not profitable so their existence value is different, the government website is a symbol of authority, so that people can learn more in the online world of government information. But it is the public website for those who have a caring person, an understanding of public welfare activities or public welfare donation platform. But many public activities are now some large enterprises behind, enterprises also take the opportunity to enhance the corporate image. To understand the significance of the construction site outside the station, to the site of the station building? Is mainly through the following aspects:

    about the concept of website construction everyone will think it is a web site, including the site of the front page, structure and content organization style, then according to the front page to write a function with its background management procedures, can also use the ready-made background program. To realize the function of the website, and then select a domain name is not registered or has been registered but you bought the domain name, put it in a space above. This is a website construction, website construction and website not only in this link. A website construction work is not a narrow definition, it includes many aspects, generally divided into the station building and station construction. The website you think is the main station building, in fact they forget the meaning of existence of the site itself. The site is not for business or do stand their existence, but also is the website users who read the site exists. In fact, this has always been the site when people make a station not clear, regardless of is the construction of station construction or station of all service for the website itself.

    : the first money to buy traffic, this is a more efficient means to buy a specific flow in the way: the search for, website advertising and other paid promotion. In the network marketing money to buy traffic which is a very important link, like a car brand has just launched a new car, is sure to network advertising. Then whether this car will love Shanghai, search and other search in the search engine, even when you search for other models and brands will also appear its information. Then a big car forum website, including car net, car home, car Sohu will appear the car picture advertising. Even the video sites like Youku, potatoes, like Iqiyi, will also appear in the car advertisement.

    second: Shanghai dragon website optimization, this station.

    How to determine the keywords competition degree


    this tool can view a search term search frequency (and different from the actual number), but the webmaster can use the method to add keywords keywords your target keywords and broad comparison. I want to know if the gap between the "word novel" and "novel through" the exact range of keywords is much, so it is concluded that the latter level of competition.

    index is a love Shanghai love Shanghai for the owners to provide the search word data tools, click here to enter.


    besides, love Shanghai index and some very meaningful tools, keywords such as "search term" list of similar, help you find new inspiration.

    stands for "we see the yellow line through the novel" from the green line difference is far away, the search volume is "novel" is a word of 1/5 to 1/4.

    do Shanghai dragon set keywords, often need to analyze a particular word competition, such as "Sports", "news", "Literature" and other categories of keywords can rely on our common sense that competitors are Sina, NetEase and other invincible opponent, so to avoid such broad keywords true, but not what the meaning of competition and.

    such as the "accounting" is a very broad keywords, the top 10 are certainly the industry website and a variety of advertising. But if you add "Ji’nan accounting" search to see, is not that strong competitors are gone, leaving a local accountant such as miscellaneous results. Bring a lot of opportunities to enter the home page for the

    1. regional competition is much smaller:

    4. by industry analysis of the current situation of key words.

    3. the number of view ads.

    site so if your main keywords contain such commercial words, you should know that it will increase the difficulty of you came home. In fact, there is no certain time is difficult to do. And even, also have to endure a lot of traffic you are advertising fee diversion. Who let people spend


    we know that there are many industries are in the initial stage, if your site is in the emerging industry in the case, Congratulations, you have the opportunity to seize the opportunity. When a thing in the country just became popular or not popular at the time, this time the key competition is very small, not.

    so, how to judge the degree of competition in the tangle of keywords? Here are some of my experience:

    expansion will love Shanghai occupy the search results page to the front part, some commercial value strong words almost occupies an entire page of results.

    you!2. see Keywords

    love Shanghai / Google index

    Making love Shanghai sitemap index file and submit to love Shanghai

    now do without love Shanghai, it is absolutely can not do it. Since Google out of China, love Shanghai has become the dominant search engine in Chinese. After the love from the Shanghai Webmaster Platform, many people find that in fact there are many functions are more important to us. For example, siteapp mobile phone terminal adaptive, with this tool you have instant mobile phone end also can easily have a mobile phone version of the web page. Because this function not only free, but the function is still very strong, but also can be made into APP. There are a lot of people how to submit to love Shanghai, love Shanghai asked the sitemap file indeed, now want to find the entrance is really difficult, love Shanghai in order to support the search this function, the sitemap function to search, so to submit the index file also requires you to use search tools. But many owners do not have this function, never mind, one can also make the love of Shanghai to speed up the search.

    XML file?

    what is the sitemapXML file and sitemap index file

    this is a XML file format, as long as this format can be made. XML documents can be found to create a new XML file in DW this software, and then according to your website change

    explain a lot in the network, love inside Shanghai to explain, but more professional. Simply say that these two documents is to climb from the link to your content through this with love Shanghai spiders attract crawler algorithm code. Sitemap is the entrance love Shanghai introduction of high-quality resources, for high-quality resources can quickly introduced and presented to the user, which can be used to grab high-quality web pages you can inform you love Shanghai through Sitemap’s website. Love helps Shanghai Spider to better understand your site, including those of the traditional spider could not be found on the web. You can use the website login and add. There are three kinds of Sitemap file format, TXT format, XML format, Sitemap text index format. The TXT format to compare up the workload is relatively large, not recommended, to introduce the following two kinds of other production methods.

    How to make love encoding ?This This label is

    Shanghai sitemap


    encoding format, if your site is in GBK mode, fill in inside GBK, if it is to fill in the UTF-8 UTF-8. Is the start tag, end label, the link inside 贵族宝贝zhaoran.cc/sitemapxml/index.xml is your website needs to be submitted to the Shanghai love articles or other content links. The label which content is to date, is that you make the file date, which is the label crawl frequency, which is set to daily, then.

    Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile search bucket algorithm 2 update announcement

    Hello! Some time ago to share with you about the love of Shanghai mobile search "bucket algorithm", an on-line algorithm, we find that most related sites have been adjusted, forcing the user to download the full screen or pop contained. But we found that there are a large number of sites still have serious influence on the use of user experience, the main performance is: full screen, mobile phone download in the page layout of a large area of advertising, the main content of occlusion force users to login before you can use a small problem. As follows:

    ice bucket algorithm 2 is expected in the 2 weeks after the line, hope the webmaster timely treatment.


    A5 station network 11.19 afternoon news: the day prior to the Shanghai Webmaster Platform love Shanghai mobile search "bucket algorithm" made a summary, at the same time, the update time bucket algorithm 2 and will solve similar problems and made some detailed explanation. The specific contents are as follows:

    dear webmaster friends:



    for this, we will soon be on the line "2 bucket algorithm", intensify efforts to deal with the problems.

    Many important sites in the growth of Links in the end


    from an objective point of view, we all want to change a condition of the friends of the chain, is the so-called "equal", of course, this is good, at least will reduce the risk. But, as a small website, or will the uneven level of the structure, so that we don’t too care about each other’s "origin", as long as a week are included, basically can do friends chain. But when the other side of the chain once the update, will make your website weight also increased, while ranking also point the day and await for it.


    in many enterprise website development, the author has a very understanding of the phenomenon, many small and medium-sized websites, almost no Links, or Links rarely found, but in the webmaster asked some enterprises, these enterprises do not understand the webmaster link of friendship is not clear what is good for the site so, I think it is necessary to introduce the importance of Links on the site in the growth of.

    : a website Links meaning

    how important?

    two: website Links advantage

    note Links swap

    no matter how Links can let you get more attention, more high priority among priorities of the user experience, but also suggested that a little, try to find some honest partners, at least in exchange links, do not remove the link, because the withdrawal of the chain is definitely a double-edged sword, everyone be sure to remember.

    is like a say, if we want to in the network in the ocean by search engines, we must hold together to form a clique is the so-called "unity is strength". For example, the A site and C site includes many sites and one C site at the same time, and many of the station one, this extension continues, in theory, as long as the search engine included a station, you can almost put it again grab this industry all the sites are, so as to make our website in the search engine, also can get more attention and recognition of users.

    site in the growth of Links

    is a website in the network in the ocean, like a drop of water, there will be no attention to you, care about you. But we do want to let oneself, is engaged in the industry to get more attention, then we need to reach the common interests through mutual cooperation between the friends of the chain website, let a website on the users more choice.

    this paper by Australian students Chinese network, 贵族宝贝idaus贵族宝贝/blog-299-72.html author edit release, please keep the link, thank you for your cooperation.

    Optimization of automotive website is not a simple matter

    can clearly see the update time was 13 years and 14 years, 15 years now is March mid, the editors are too lazy? So, we suggest that the most basic is to increase website content update frequency! We continue to look at the

    to diagnosis under the directory page of Shanghai dragon

    Description: A Well-Known Trademark in China chengliwei brand in four with manufacturers of waterwheel Dongfeng 3-20 tons sprinkler sprinkler reliable quality and price concessions, the company name is worthy of your most trusted partner!

    site Keywords: sprinkler, sprinkler manufacturers, garbage truck, garbage truck manufacturer

    website optimization is really not easy

    now to explain where the car site next, in making a simple diagnosis, site title, keyword "description of the problem is not large, the website of the internal column title is a fatal injury.


    classification: sprinkler


    can know, do website is still relatively good, for different cars are classified, according to the directory list. We all know that the site is the main content of several major traffic sources, they are: the main keywords ranking to bring traffic, followed by sub category ranking (that bring traffic flow also is shown above each classification, and finally bring) is the content page flow (it is difficult to get good rankings).


    so, we suggest that the most basic is to increase website content update frequency

    We further look at the overall

    Through the above

    Site Title: sprinkler, Dongfeng sprinkler, sprinkler manufacturers

    we found that the sub category is not set keyword and description, so we set up a website, even sub category, then the category is very difficult to get good rankings, it is difficult to obtain the natural hand search engine traffic. For this example, we recommend Shanghai dragon set as follows:

    recently fell in love with the sea is like crazy, the website ranking has been unstable, and finally found the problem of setting is the site experience and overall site layout program is not good enough.



    ! We set ?


    website home page news website, almost no update found (internal)

    Title: sprinkler price | SA >

    now home page title and Description:


    news, last updated in March 14, 2015, the overall look down the website update frequency is low

    Love the end of Shanghai open platform China station

    what is the love of Shanghai open platform? In MS. Li Yanhong’s mouth, which is a high technology, and I think what the so-called "box calculation" high-tech, what, just a "lump" Flash only, and this so-called what technology, I believe that many China station can make the length function. Love Shanghai open platform, really open, even I think open than the Japanese AV actress also. The application of most of his open platform, some sites are from the Chinese provided data and function.

    I seriously looked at the boy, "what scientific calculator" calendar "QQ character signature" QQ "personality group" and "express check.

    I went back for a long time not to pay attention to how, when, and to the station I found my novel, love the sea frame your sister again, in addition to love Shanghai library, Post Bar dead novel station you do not say, now your sister also put a box foot, I took a go! Search "romantic novel" can be seen after the application of the so-called, more people are awful, search applications inside each novel name will appear, such as "young flowers Tour", using enough cups, so awful is an application since the first screen to commandeer. I estimate that the near future, there will be more and more appear in the novel love sea frame.

    ? Operation box

    second the so-called box your sister operation, I remember "Mars" converter, the site is: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Bs=126%D3%CA%CF%E4%B5%C7%C2%BD& f=8& wd=%BB%F0%D0%C7%CE%C4%D7%AA%BB%BB%C6%F7, now have become the first time I see is not the same, I was doing the word textspeak converter, later seen with sea box your sister, I will never get the Mars converters website.

    Chinese most small individual owners of the entrance flow are mainly dependent on the love of Shanghai, Shanghai can be said to grasp the vast majority of survival in small website. Before the love Shanghai for promotion already in China oppression of most of the sites, and today, love Shanghai open platform is the darkness lurking, low-key lurking, ready to swallow more Internet traffic to use as their own.

    should be continued in addition to many, more sensational is the search "plant station zombies" the emergence of the so-called box your sister’s open platform. At the same time there are many on-line games. A lot of small search for the name of the game box will appear.

    appeared for the first time, I remember like "NetEase mailbox login function, the website is 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s wd=126%D3%CA%CF%E4%B5%C7%C2%BD