2016 Chinese New Year SMS blessing here have

come to the Spring Festival, everyone is busy preparing for the outside also don’t forget to search special purchases for the Spring Festival, some auspicious blessing, as is in the Spring Festival when texting friends blessing. 2016 Chinese New Year SMS blessing here are there, come and see.

2016 New Year SMS greetings: monkey I would send you a peach, give you a panacea, and recommend you for the Royal Horse Daisen, give you a pair of golden eyes, wish you a good fortune, you pass a good name through the ages!

2016 New Year SMS greetings: wish you a future year somersault in one hundred and eight thousand, and seventy-two world scholarship, with eighty-one entrepreneurial skills.

2016 New Year SMS blessing: give you a bowl of honey, add some sugar, and finally add salt, separate is salty, meet is sweet, and finally know everything is happy!

my monkey wish: from now on you only hurt me, spoil me, don’t lie to me, I promise every thing to do, to every word I say must be sincere.

2016 New Year SMS blessing: Spring Festival is coming, send you a dumpling. Wrapped in child anpi wishful stuffing, cooked with love, eat a happy two and three smooth and happy family health drink soup, the aftertaste is sweet, lingering fragrance is a blessing.


Hundred’s pie brand

Pepsi, bring joy home. This ad has been in China for many years. Pepsi group forces are also aware of. Of course, Pepsi drinks, pie also has a hundred. Some people did not eat 100’s pie? Who do not eat 100’s pie? All visible, 100’s pie stores regardless of seasons, 100’s joining the most popular hotel pies are basically pie shop, to the capital to the municipalities, towns and counties, where you can see join the pie pie, you may not find the characteristics of snacks in the hotel, but you can always find a pie with a variety of characteristics, pie pie shop stalls on any street. If you have bad luck, you may need to wait in line. These illustrate a huge market economy project – pie! Pie pie is a very good joining the project, then how much money to join the pie?

how much is the pie?

hundred pie join fee is as follows:

first tier cities: 100 thousand

second tier cities: 80 thousand

three line city: 50 thousand

hundred pie join advantage:

1, assist site evaluation:

to assist investors to open the store for field trips, business district assessment, analysis of the feasibility of their shop, to help investors make the right decision to shop.

2, to help investors shop decoration design and construction supervision:

in order to ensure the unity of the image of the company to provide investors with the overall decoration design, and is responsible for the decoration of the store construction and engineering quality and progress supervision. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of products, the operation of the restaurant equipment required by the headquarters of the unified procurement and guide installation.

3, employee training:

(1) pastry chef, congee Trainer: technician guide employees to store personally operation. Learning a hundred of the original Chinese fast food data quantified standard system, restaurant products are standardized and digital production operation procedures.

(2) manager, clerk training: the new staff for at least 30 working days of systematic training, the assessment has a high level of service awareness and service skills can be posts.

4, the presence of managers to assist shop:

hundred company will be stationed in the management of staff to assist in the preparation of the preparatory work before the opening, including the celebration, promotion, employees >

Barbecue shop location proposal

barbecue shop needs to do a good job site selection, the adaptability of this snack items are strong, you can choose lots more, many places are considered prime locations. What specific? Xiao Bian shared a few points, I hope you can refer to, come and see it, do more peace of mind investment business.

1, downtown and Commercial Street

where population density is the biggest, the consumption level, is the most ideal place! But the location of the rent is often very expensive, high upfront investment, financial pressure, which is the main reason to make many friends away.

2, campus area

population is concentrated, and the consumption habits of students in a close, although not much, but they love themselves, fashion, generous, generous, they especially love cold drinks and sweets, their money earned


3, industrial zone

pavement rent is not high, in order to low – grade product sales – oriented, stable passenger flow, mainly factory workers and other low – wage workers. In this shop selling price to low, to create a casual atmosphere.

4, community (residential area)

is almost fixed consumer groups, consumption is relatively stable, the market potential is very large, the smaller risk, repeat business profit is more practical.

5, township block

Compared to

, the level of consumption is low, but the aggregation of commercial outlets is relatively small, it is easy to enter.

barbecue shop needs to do a good job site, so as to get a good business. Barbecue shop location lots of gold, franchisees face many choices. The above can be used to do a lot of reference role in the hope that you can help join the business to do a good job site, and quickly look at it, as soon as possible to find a satisfactory address.

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2012 best venture

New Year’s atmosphere is getting closer and closer, and want to start their friends to find a good entrepreneurial projects? Here Xiaobian recommend to you a few, go to see it!

best venture:

glasses shop

best venture:

video store

video is the oldest one of the most mature projects, more than 7 years have been respected, alive, from the known to the news, the next video store industry will be very popular.

in maintenance, in recent years, PS3, X360, WII -, the failure rate is gradually rising, from the recently learned of the situation, the sale of the 5 year X360 began to enter a maintenance cycle, the host fault began with the increase of service life and gradually broke out, PSP has high fault. Since the rate, only the game maintenance already have enough money market.

best venture project: maintenance

Charcoal grilled fish dock to join a good selection of wealth

There are a lot of fish

project on the market, if you want to invest, can be a lot of investigation. Small as you recommend charcoal grilled fish dock to join the project, you can try to understand the suitability of your investment. The project franchise business hot, well received. Headquarters to provide a lot of support to ensure the success rate of entrepreneurship.

joined the wharf charcoal grilled fish, a new fulcrum for everyone to provide professional headquarters site consultation, scientific assessment system and the new audit, innovative design, restaurant planning, sharing the factory processing resources, construction management services, project acceptance and support. The franchisee operation training, management courses, restaurant management training, staff training, food operation management system, food research and development support.

charcoal grilled fish store opening terminal support, perfect management system, operational guidance, restaurant inspection services. The national promotion planning scheme, providing local marketing plan guidance, brand PR and media advertising, brand planning design and professional production.

is a well-known restaurant brands in terms of products, charcoal grilled fish dock is prominent, charcoal grilled fish dock can operate is not only the product of fish, as well as skewers, rinse dishes, drinks and so on, to expand the profit at the same time, consumer choice is more, the professional baking equipment, in just 15 minutes the time can be a meal, fast speed, high rate of return, you can rest assured to join.

joined the project management terminal charcoal grilled fish more prominent advantages. The gourmet items to meet market demand, delicious difficult to block, coupled with the operational support provided by the headquarters is in place, so the choice of the brand is a very good choice. If you echocardiography, then quickly to experience it, you can not miss a good opportunity.

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Fang Yan roast pig trotters joined headquarters in what place

in the pedestrian street, then a row of snacks in the street shop which you like the most popular snacks, anyway, small series of personal feel every time Fang Fang roast pig trotters which small shop full of customers, why so many snacks. Brand China Yan roast pig’s trotters is so popular, Xiao Bian personally think that may be because the roast pig’s trotters not greasy fat nutrition, in the baking process of decomposition, while the release of a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body more healthy, more nutritious, nourishing effect on the human body more delicious roast; pig’s trotters increase appetite, not only skin coke tender crisp, cold, supplemented by a variety of barbecue sauce, spicy and delicious, appetites, eat a hundred tire, long aftertaste after eating


Fang roast pig trotters joined headquarters in what place?

Anhui Hefei Fang Yan Food Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2013, "the last word" and "Yan" from the name of the founder of the couple, although founded only half a year, but with the gradual expansion of product. Its famous roast pig’s trotters Yan Fang Yan, Food Co. Ltd. has developed into the Hefei market the ten line of snacks, and sea fishing, Luzhou Roasted Duck Hot pot shop, Wang Zhan remember Taosu par.

Fang Yan grilled pig’s trotters fat but not greasy, fragrance, the first bite to eat do not feel, second, couldn’t restrain excited novelty. Fang Yan roast pig trotters is the leader in the pig, featured cuisine, attracting the attention of eight visitors. Fang Yan grilled trotters, multi flavor, not greasy, more healthy, more nutritious. 9 kinds of traditional taste, 5 new flavor, roast the royal prerogative shoe achievement. Fang Yan roast pig trotters exclusive secret recipe, featured more than 48 kinds of rare Chinese herbal medicine, exclusive sauce modulation. No need to marinate, seasoning simple. Slow roasted, soft slippery tender, fat but not greasy, that is the entrance, fragrant lips and teeth, a "charm Dong Po elbow". Fire grilled, tender crisp skin, muscle elastic teeth, fragrant bone, long aftertaste, more "delicious Roast Lamb Leg".

Fang roast pig trotters joined cooperation conditions:

1, have the ability to bear civil liability independently admission or enterprise, has a good reputation and positive entrepreneurial passion, business philosophy and development goals of the identification with company, interested in "Jinbang shoe business, and the company name" to work together to develop the international market.

2, can send 2 people to accept and store the system management training, comply with the company’s management standard, to provide customers with good service consciousness, and consciously safeguard the "Jinbang shoe" brand reputation.

3, with a certain start-up capital, with a long-term development vision and management capabilities, to have the spirit of hard work and strong desire for success.

4, willing to accept the company’s cooperation methods and conditions

Fast food shops operating the three most effective means of promotion

fast food restaurant in the food and beverage industry to join one of the very hot items. In the fast-food restaurant franchise business promotion is a very important business strategy. How to sell fast food is the purpose of fast food restaurant promotion. National investment franchise chain network (http://www.shang360.com) for your analysis of the three most effective means of promotion.
the first: to do a fake kick up a cloud of dust, a characteristic of the Rice noodles shop is really Chili oil Rice noodles
Second: the customer is through some provocative provoke even provocative language caused by target customers curiosity or anger, stimulate the purchase. It should be noted that: whether it is a threat or provocation, we must grasp a prerequisite – must respect the target customer base. Otherwise, once the customer has become bored and even hate emotions, can only be counterproductive.
and consumer life is linked to food, so the food business is usually good. However, as the food business, as food management, food without reasonable management, do not grasp the operation method of food, do not know how to improve the food turnover, so food can go fast food shop in front of the market.

2015 join the clothing business embarked on the road to riches

2015 years for clothing, and will usher in a new round of development opportunities, now with the difficult employment problem is more and more severe, more and more young people have joined to the entrepreneurs in the industry, the most is the most popular investment industry, clothing items were the natural choice. Many investors need some skills, so how can we have a place in this field? First of all need to grasp the customer psychology, so how can we better handle the clothing to join the information strategy? Here are some tips to share with you.

How to improve the Environmental Health – shop

even if the size of the store again, and then complete the product, the price and then affordable, but if the store is very dirty, so I’m afraid the shop is difficult to attract customers. So, if you want to open a thriving business shop, do a good job shop health is very important thing. I shop although the area is not large, the commodity is not very complete, but in the business, I pay great attention to the store every day in addition to adhere to environmental sanitation, clean, clean up the garbage, but also attaches great importance to the commodity display, let the shop always keep clean and tidy, orderly set.

because I know that the store environment is like a person’s face, a good-looking face will be able to win back rate". It can be said that the image of the store not only reflects the ability of a retail customer, but also a comprehensive reflection of the overall operation of the store. If the store’s environmental health is not good, it will directly reduce the consumer’s desire to buy, thereby affecting the sale of goods.

in keeping the store environment health, I have three suggestions: to adhere to the daily cleaning, scrubbing counters, timely cleaning of dust on the goods, make the goods and store always keep clean. Two to do the layout of merchandise display, on the one hand to facilitate their sales in principle, the position in accordance with selling goods and seasonal goods; on the one hand to facilitate consumers in principle, set out according to the types of goods, price etc..

three is in the economic conditions allow, can be a simple decoration on the dress shop, such as tiled on the wall, the interior wall paint clean, and in store hanging some beautiful propaganda picture, let the shop keep modern. By improving the store environment, to attract the attention of consumers, to deepen the impression of consumers, stimulate consumer desire to buy, and enhance the consumer into the store consumption pleasure. Into the store more customers, profitability will be increased.

How the

store environment, will directly affect the customer for the store’s impression, therefore, if you want to make a good impression on the customers, to make the business of the shop is more popular, you need to put more effort in the shop on health. So, if you are a manager, do you know how to do a good job shop health?

Analysis of the characteristics of the successful operation of four elements

specialty snack bar is more and more people, making money is becoming more and more difficult. As a friend who wants to open a special snack shops need to grasp the skills of store operations. For example, how to improve the source of the shop, how to retain consumers. These are the characteristics of snacks to join the investment need to think about. National investment franchise chain network (http://www.shang360.com) for you to analyze the characteristics of the successful operation of four snacks. The first element of
: familiar with product characteristics familiar with all products snack restaurant and related information. This is the basic principle, such as the customer asks you, what is the ancient jujube juice plum juice taste? Bitter sweet or sour??? Just imagine, if you can’t answer, the products are not familiar with how to promote? So, key operating principles is that open snack bar.

> second elements of

> third elements of

Fourth elements:

management improve the flavor snack bar is not easy to achieve revenue. If you want to improve the income of the snack bar, you must pay attention to the management of the snack bar, you must master the operating strategy of the snack bar, so that their own snacks in front of the snack bar market. I believe that as long as the manager of the snack bar to master the management method of the snack bar, then do a good job in the management of the snack bar is very easy.