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Experts teach you to hold up the umbrella of breast cancer health network

more than and 30 year old Ms. Chen recently, because of that two breast pain, especially before the onset of menstruation, pain is more serious. She was afraid that she had breast cancer to the hospital for examination, the doctor diagnosed as physiological hyperplasia of mammary glands, will not increase the risk of breast cancer. After the doctor’s diagnosis, suspended in the heart of Ms. Chen finally fall.

the incidence of breast cancer is rising year by year, and now many women have varying degrees of breast hyperplasia, but also some people worry about whether breast hyperplasia is a prelude to breast cancer. There are a lot of things in the case of Ms. Chan, worried about their own breast hyperplasia will further develop into breast cancer. So mammary gland hyperplasia can cause cancer really? In this connection, we interviewed the 39 Health Network Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Zhongshan University professor Liu Qiang about the relationship between breast hyperplasia and breast cancer. Professor Liu Qiang reminded, not all breast hyperplasia will develop breast cancer, in fact, only the pathological diagnosis of the atypical hyperplasia of the breast is associated with breast cancer, for patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands in general, do not be too anxious.

breast hyperplasia is a relatively wide range of concepts, including the clinical features of cystic breast disease, cystic hyperplasia, lobular or hyperplasia of the breast. The pathological mechanism is that the rapid growth of the epithelial cells of the mammary gland leads to the accumulation of benign cells, thus forming a local thickening of the breast mass or tissue.

breast hyperplasia is the most common breast disease in women, with the development of society and the acceleration of the pace of life, the incidence of breast hyperplasia has a tendency to rise. Professor Liu Qiang introduction, breast hyperplasia occurs in women aged 20-50 years old, in the clinic, the diagnosis of breast hyperplasia accounted for breast specialist outpatient 60-80%, in the census population also accounted for the female 20-40%.

don’t worry! Breast hyperplasia and breast cancer is only distantly related to

so many women have breast hyperplasia, and the incidence of breast cancer has been steadily rising, many women are talking about cancer, and fear of his breast hyperplasia. So what is the relationship between breast hyperplasia and breast cancer? From the source, breast hyperplasia and breast cancer are the rapid growth of breast epithelial cells. However, breast hyperplasia is a benign, controllable cell accumulation, and breast cancer is malignant, uncontrolled cell growth, and these malignant cells can enter the blood or lymph metastasis to other parts of the body. It should be noted that the vast majority of breast hyperplasia and breast cancer will not progress, and the process of breast cancer cells will not necessarily go through this stage of breast hyperplasia.

when mammary gland hyperplasia is closer to breast cancer

professor Liu Qiang said, if only the periodic pre menstrual breast pain, tissue thickening or lump, after menstruation disappeared, the hyperplasia of the breast cancer risk is not increased, like normal people. But if it is a persistent breast pain and mass, do not fluctuate with the menstrual cycle, you need to see a specialist in the breast, to further examine the breast;

Six damage behavior soap bath breast long sideways sleep health network female

envy others proud chest, want to have a charming business line, with A-cup for their distress, if you also called "a sister" and worry, you should take self check, for the six behaviors you destroy inventory of the chest, if you can in bidding it promptly corrected.

a toilet with soap harmful to breast health

if the repeated use of soap and other cleaning items every night, it is easy to breast and breast skin alkaline, local skin to cover the protective layer, and to restore the acid environment, then you need to spend some time.

modern medicine, sebaceous glands and apocrine breast, breast skin surface of the oil is under the areola of the sebaceous glands. During pregnancy, increased secretion of sebaceous glands, sweat glands also areola nipple hypertrophy, become soft, and increase the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands also make the skin surface acidification, leading to cuticle softening. At this time, if you always use soap class clean items from the nipple and areola. These secretions on women’s breast health is bad.

experts pointed out that the use of soap often cleaning items, through mechanical and chemical action to wash away the skin surface of the stratum corneum cells, promote cell division and proliferation. If you continue to remove these keratinized layer cells, it will damage the skin surface of the protective layer, so that the swelling of the skin layer, the swelling is due to excessive local breast drying, adhesion and cell shedding caused by. If the repeated use of soap and other cleaning items every night, it is easy to breast and breast skin alkaline, local skin to cover the protective layer, and to restore the acid environment, then you need to spend some time. Soap constantly make the skin surface was at the same time, also promote the skin alkaline flora makes breast hyperplasia, local acidification becomes difficult. In addition, wash with soap, but also wash away the protection of the skin of the local skin of the grease lubrication.

therefore, in order to fully maintain the local breast health, it is best to choose warm water cleaning.

two, underwear does not affect the development of breast

do not wear bra inappropriate, or simply not wearing a bra. Choose the right bra is a necessary measure to protect the breasts, must not be let down. To choose the type of bra is moderate, we should do the following 3 points:

wearing bra can not have a sense of oppression, the bra is not too small, should choose to cover all types of breast extension is appropriate.

bra straps should not be too loose or too tight, the material should be a small elastic elastic band.

bra bulge spacing is moderate, not too close or too far away. In addition to making the best material is cotton bra, should not use chemical fiber fabric.

some girls often wore a bra, breast that did not grow into, it is not necessary to wear a bra. In fact wrong, if not wearing a bra, not only easy to breast ptosis, but also vulnerable to external damage. As long as the bra wearing the right, it will not affect the breast development, good >

Breast disease why only provoke 3S lady health

breast hyperplasia, breast cancer and other diseases frequently attack modern women, reported that the probability of breast disease of the older 3S lady is several times higher than the age of married women. So late marriage is a major factor leading to breast disease.

a lot of "3S lady" in marriage on time, a lot of people would have exceeded the national regulations of late marriage and childbearing age, has no life event planning. This is the "Pink Ribbon Breast Care", the expert reminds: 3S lady with breast and breast cancer Jianxingjianjin, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, after lung cancer death in cancer ranking. Only the breast that is caressed and fed regularly will be healthier and can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

"left" to the age of 30 is a watershed

late marriage, late childbearing and late lactation are three risk factors for breast cancer. Research has found that women under the age of 30 with former first fetal and suckling, more than 30 years after the birth of the breast cancer risk is much lower, and 7 consecutive years of lactating women can reduce the risk of 50%. The reason, and women after pregnancy progesterone secretion increases, the estrogen, and lactating women estrogen related to low levels — evidence has shown that estrogen can stimulate the hyperplasia of mammary glands, the level is too high to induce breast cancer.

3S lady who enjoy happiness is good, if it is because of various reasons to single, to suffer negative events such as lovelorn hit, the risk of breast cancer can be further enlarged and psychological factors. On the other hand, the breast is a personalized organ, get the appropriate massage can not only clear the blood running, but also adjust the mood, enhance immunity, reduce the chances of cancer.

blind "swelling" or


a female, 40 years old, he was touching the left breast with a large mass, went to beauty salons to do massage, and topical drugs, also taking some folk remedies, until six months after the breast skin in external medicine to stimulate the occurrence of decay to the hospital inspection found breast tumor diameter has been 10 cm, the breast were filled, nipple sag, axillary lymph node has been enlarged, further delay will not put out.

At present, many patients found

breast abnormalities after the first look at traditional Chinese medicine, or to the beauty salon to do massage, not only delay the timing of treatment, if the massage to the breast extrusion but also the improper, cancer cells into the blood circulation, increase the chance of distant metastasis. Breast massage force some mechanism is too large, not only can not "Detox" health, instead of artificially crushing duct, nipple bleeding, this situation is very troublesome, the confusion of the low risk of bleeding injury and high risk of canceration of hemorrhage, greatly increased the difficulty of the doctor’s diagnosis.

in the diagnosis of patients with timely treatment, recommended MRI and biopsy — compared to MRI without trauma; compared with ultrasound, mammography, magnetic high resolution, the diagnosis rate reached 90%, you can see the comedomastitis negative lesions. Nuclear magnetic resonance

Beware of two kinds of female nipple itch disease female health network

1, eczema

is the most common cause of pruritus, which occurs in people of all ages. People with allergies or family history were more likely to have eczema. Including environmental triggers eczema: dry skin, bath time is too long, dyes and spices, skin care products in the detergent, wool and foam environmental allergens and pressure etc.. Medical and medical history. Most of the treatment is local treatment, such as steroid creams. In addition, experts suggest that patients with self-care and protection, for ease of eczema is also very important. The most important thing is to avoid known allergies. Try to keep the skin moist. Try not to use soap as much as possible, do not soak in hot water for a long time.

2, Paget’s disease

is a rare breast, nipple and areola hypopigmentation spots, a mesh. This is the most worrying cause of nipple itching. The first symptoms of the nipple and areola itching or burning, and accompanied by crusts appear. No improvement after drug treatment. Lesions may also appear yellow or with bloodshot secretions. This disease involves only one side, the patient is mostly between 50-60 years old. It can be diagnosed by clinical breast examination, patient history, breast X light and ultrasonic examination. If you still have doubts, you can check the diagnosis by magnetic resonance imaging.

(responsible editor: Teng Xiaolan)

What is the probability of having a happy marriage ‘s health network

In fact, the so-called

marriage, and is no longer heard the story that everyone is half god split in the apple world, looking for the other half. Marriage, and not always 100% of girls met with a boy of 100%. The most suitable marriage object, perhaps is "the child his father". Because, at this moment, you want this child, you want a home. Marriage seems to finally logical. The son, many times, is not half an accident confessed, but a natural choice. However, unmarried pregnant you, the probability of marital happiness and how much?

: the case of rain is in a beautiful girl, in the suburbs of 19 years old, shapely, clever. After graduating from high school, home to help parents start a business. In business dealings with a handsome young man acquaintance, the young man is a city person, the wealthy family. Simple rain on his love at first sight, with him after a month, one night after watching the film, the boy was brought to his home, then a relationship. The light rain of happiness and sweetness does not realize that your doom is coming. Two months later, when suddenly found herself pregnant rain eager to find when the young man, young man told her: you have a girlfriend, were engaged and children, only to find the doctor abortion. Good rain in the mind a blank, just now the sun is shining, tie the knot dream suddenly clouds dark and hideous with someone. Fear of abortion rain alone back home, the first to bear the bitter life and grief. Two months later, when signs of pregnancy can not cover the rain parents be furious. But to her daughter’s name, mother immediately matchmaking. A month later, the rain helplessly sit on the car, a city in marrying a divorced man. Two months later, the rain covered with scars back to her family. How about a man suffering runny nose ah beat her.

users view

romantic Angel: I come and advise all sisters, unmarried is not happy!

IMM-CY: the rational analysis of various possibilities of the problem, you will find the most unmarried women or women. To face the heart and physical problems is not a simple thing, not experienced girls may not have feelings. But it was a bit late when it happened. In a word, it is not a bad thing to know how to protect yourself at some point.

put a youthful smile: I do not think there is anything wrong with the first pregnancy, my husband and I are like this, although hard, but very happy.

??, fox: unmarried pregnant the most boring! Most ignorant! Don’t say now open, in fact than before. People are secretly said.

: don’t XQ unmarried good. Maybe you don’t think it’s a matter of time, anyway, I’m going to marry him. That’s not the case. My experience tells me not to get married first

What is the nipple pain ‘s health network


generally, breast hyperplasia is offset by the level of endocrine hormone, sex hormone metabolism of estrogen leads to excessive secretion of physiological breast hyperplasia and subinvolution, besides, liver function abnormal estrogen inactivated, adverse stimulus and breast tissue hyperplasia of breast tissue that excess estrogen, Chinese medicine that is because the breast hyperplasia emotional discomfort, liver Qi stagnation, Qi weakness, blood runs sluggish due to qi stagnation and phlegm and blood stagnation in the silt, breast pump knot and loose, days and months multiplying.

many women will appear breast distension or nipple pain in the ovulation period, sometimes can’t touch the nipple, breast performance may also be continued until the next menstrual cramps eve.

if this physiological hyperplasia exceeds a certain range or subinvolution, in the course of time will cause breast tissue, now generally called breast hyperplasia. Thus, breast hyperplasia is breast tissue hyperplasia and degeneration, its essence is neither inflammation nor tumor. However, it is one of the common causes of breast pain in women. Especially in young women is more common, with thickening of breast tissue in the breast on the part of flexible texture, sometimes forming the unclear boundary mass, but rarely with skin adhesion, no axillary lymph nodes, and most bilateral, the pain can radiate to the armpit and shoulder pain. Often relieve menstrual cramps.

sexual life is too large to cause pain in the nipple injury.

(Editor: Teng Betty internship editor: Jiang Rong

underwear underwear too tight, not appropriate, do lots of sports, the reason is because the friction will cause local pain.

breast is the target organ of endocrine hormone, i.e. breast tissue under normal conditions, namely endocrine changes during the menstrual cycle process, will be affected by the changes of endocrine hormones, resulting in physiological. The breast appears periodic proliferation and involution in the menstrual cycle, the performance of women in premenstrual breast swelling, mild pain, menstrual cramps after breast pain relieved or disappeared, the physiological changes of is a normal physiological phenomenon of women of childbearing age, but different people with different degree of breast pain.

nipple pain, is completely normal, the most painful in the ovulation before and after, with a touch of pain. Luteal phase slightly alleviate menstrual cramps, until. Ovulation before and after the pain, I do not know is not the role of estrogen, ovulation and ovulation day, the highest estrogen levels. After the formation of the corpus luteum, due to the role of progesterone, estrogen is not so high before ovulation, so the nipple pain eased slightly, but it has been to menstruation.

Want to eat a breast, 5 kinds of food health network

third, fruit:

Swedish and American scientists found that young women with anorexia have a lower risk of breast cancer. This shows that women early calorie intake on the formation of later breast cancer and may have a greater role in development.

fourth categories, vegetables:

2, radish and carrot: Nongyan " winter eat eat Luobu Xia Jiang, life do not run the medicine hall, " radish contains a variety of enzymes, can eliminate carcinogenic nitrosamines; the lignin can stimulate the body’s immune system; spicy radish from mustard oil, can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis. Radish contains a lot of vitamin C, carrots are also rich in carotene. So they have excellent anti-cancer effect.

grapes, kiwi, lemon, strawberry, orange, fig, not only contains multiple vitamins, but also contain anti-cancer substances and prevent carcinogen nitrosamine synthesis.

4, bitter gourd: the anti-cancer effect of bitter gourd is because it contains

: Chinese name kelp Laminaria, nutrition and health care products is very good, has significantly improved the effectiveness of immunity. Kelp extract can inhibit many kinds of cancer cells. It can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduce blood fat, prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. It is reported that kelp can prevent breast cancer and thyroid tumors.

and staple food is conducive to good health. Such as tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, garlic, onion, asparagus, cucumber, gourd, carrot and some leafy green vegetables.

3, asparagus: it contains selenium and plant fiber, can be used to prevent and treat a variety of cancer.

letinous edodes, black fungus, tremella, Hericium, Poria is a natural biological response modifiers, can enhance human immunity, enhance the body’s resistance, strong anti-cancer effect.

2, mushrooms: nutrient rich, containing essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, selenium and rich in vitamin D, can enhance the body’s immunity, is conducive to the prevention of gastric cancer and esophageal cancer.

containing polysaccharide, polypeptide, has strong inhibitory effects on cancer cells can also produce interferon, increase the number of white blood cells, enhance the immune function of human body, plays a role of preventing and curing cancer.

second, fish:

1, pumpkin: it contains very rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, also contains calcium and cellulose, tryptophan -P, multiple doses can prevent obesity, diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, is a good food to prevent cancer.

1, Hericium:

fish, turtle, loach, octopus, octopus, squid, sea cucumber, oysters and seaweed Sargassum pallidum, because they contain abundant trace elements, protect the breast, inhibit the growth of the cancer.

A recent study by

The right to eat papaya breast health network _ female anti breast reduction _39

practice: papaya peeled, cut into small pieces (because it is 2 people, so only half a papaya, if more people can be added according to the proportion; then put the diced papaya) into the stew, put 1 pieces of rock candy (sugar components usually look at your own preferences to add cover); the lid, put into the pot stew fire stew for half an hour (about the water in the pan before half the stew); finally, pour the milk into the stew, cover and simmer for 15 minutes; in this way, delicious papaya stew milk good combination of papaya fruit and milk; perfect incense.

can not only beauty can help digestion, heat lungs to anger, it is important to breast enhancement effect is excellent.

papaya as fruit, with raw, cooked papaya, carotene, vitamin C and vitamin B etc. are almost destroyed, acid content will be greatly decreased. But also in papain denaturation under high temperature, but the effect of breast, raw papaya is almost not much action. Papaya flat, partial cool, if you want breast, it is best to eat after stewing, so as not to eat the smaller chest.

this nutritionist in particular to want to go through the papaya breast MM recommended two super classic papaya breast recipes, come and see it:

is the most popular female lovers sleeping woman underwear hot paper test how dirty she has 5 things the lower half of the enemy

tips: Tremella must use cold water soak, boiled or not thick. There is boiled tremella, add cold water immediately. It’ll be a bit thick.

ingredients: Tremella papaya is about 30 grams, about half a 500g, rock sugar, ginger the amount. According to personal taste can also add medlar, jujube, etc..

material: papaya half, water 1 cups of milk, 1 pieces of candy.

papaya breast augmentation should be cooked after eating

practice: papaya peeled, seeded and cut into small pieces; also washed and cut into small pieces, papaya and Tremella together into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, fire boil. (note, tremella before use must be early night with cold water soak) add rock sugar, simmer for 30 minutes. According to personal taste can also add medlar and red dates stew, if the summer, the taste is better after freezing.

was able to papaya breast, because Papaya contains papain rich inhormone and vitamin A and other nutrients, can stimulate female hormone secretion, and can stimulate the secretion of ovarian estrogen, so breast flow, to achieve the purpose of breast. However, only eat papaya can achieve the effect of breast.

not only white skin, oxygen, anti aging, can also dilute the spot, breast whitening

, tremella stewed papaya

Oh! and 3 breast bed )

two, stewed papaya

(Editor: Teng Betty internship editor: He Lili

What fruit to eat to menstrual health network _ female _39

to menstruation can not eat food

came to menstruation, women can eat more apples, because the apple contains malic acid, can accelerate the The new supersedes the old. can also, female body fat reduction, in addition, Apple also contains rich calcium, the lower body edema and reduce salt, can eat kiwi, kiwi fruit contains vitamin C and fiber are very rich, fat can be decomposed quickly, lest the leg have excessive fat accumulation; in addition, you can also eat papaya, papaya with proteolytic enzymes to lower body fat can be removed, papaya meat rich in pectin, is very clean agent well, reduce the accumulation of waste and.


period to eat what fruit? The above content has been introduced, in addition to the eat what fruit is good for health, and can not eat food in time to menstruation, when menstruation in the diet should pay attention to the reasonable diet, can prevent and assist the treatment of the disease.

to eat what fruit

in the period when, female friend’s body is very fragile, if not careful, will cause a lot of diseases, which must pay attention to diet, diet itself is very important, unreasonable diet will cause many diseases, in the period when if eat, more easily lead to disease. And this is not caused by the disease treatment and recovery, then to menstruation to eat what fruit is good?

menstruation do not eat spicy food, with the food stimulation, it is easy to cause pelvic constriction of blood vessels, blood volume is too small, even stopped suddenly, and alcohol and other irritating food also has a certain influence on the menstrual terms, because of the need to avoid spicy spicy food, otherwise it will cause dysmenorrhea or menstrual disorders. In addition, do not eat cold food, such as bamboo shoots, snails, crabs and so on, will lead to other injuries caused by dysmenorrhea or body.

To help you pull out the _39 health network _ 5 female female nipple method

four, attracting therapy: after the pregnancy, the daily application of breast pump to attract the nipple several times, prompted by the negative pressure bulging papilla.

2, bra. The bra is too small, too tight, use early, will cause the nipple.


nipple is mainly congenital, but can also be caused by trauma or surgery, breast cancer and fibrosis after mastitis.

five, nipple correction device: nipple correction device can be flat or concave nipple.

3, nipple depression and inheritance have a certain relationship, the clinical observation of mothers and their mothers in a generation, the grandmother has nipple sag history, the next generation of nipple depression may be higher than normal.

commonly used methods are:

2, the development of the mammary duct itself is not complete: the development of the failure of the mammary ducts can be seen as a cable.

, a bra method: wearing the right size bra, Shuxiong to avoid or correct the bad habits, so as not to further aggravate the inverted nipple. At the same time, in the center of the bra to open a nipple like size of the hole, put on the bra to squeeze the nipple to the outside, and maintained in a prominent position.

specific causes of acquired nipple depression are:

adult female nipple recessed into the leather below the areola, not protruding areola plane, was partially caused by the size of the mouth shape, called the nipple. Nipple degree difference, some showed only the back of the nipple, or showed indentations or even flip the nipple.

3, the lack of supporting tissue under the nipple support, but also the cause of nipple retraction.

1, the nipple and areola muscle dysplasia: nipple ducts opening, milk ducts around smooth muscle fibers, retraction of the nipple is around the ducts and insert the papillary dermis of muscle fiber bundles to pull within. These bundles of texture and lactiferi have obvious difference.

three, manual pull: Girls period is an important period of breast development, but also an important period to correct nipple retraction. Always pull the nipple, can make breasts prominent, the skin around the support force increases, play a "fixed" effect. Several times a day. For a long time, the nipple naturally outward bulge. If you can not pull out, you can first push the skin near the nipple nipple.

method for preventing nipple depression:

congenital nipple depression are:

1, too tight dress bundle. Especially in the chest during the development of female underwear too tight, easily lead to nipple.

The improper use of

two, negative pressure method: syringe jacket tube part of the nipple is also available on tape and small jiuzhong nipple, pressed, or suck out cupping also use plastic containers after pinch flat buckle around the nipple, let go have suction, also plays the role of cupping.

inverted nipple treatment as early as possible. In fact, as long as some corrective measures, we can make the vast majority of the nipple retraction.

The specific causes of