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  • Originality is the core of website promotion

    new station built at the beginning, the first work in addition to improve the site’s content, is the site of the promotion!! so what should be how to promote your website, website? Here and experience a few simple


    website promotion is one of the most effective method is to use soft Wen promotion, we write soft for the purpose of promoting the corresponding user groups, different sites have different user groups, determine the user group, then the software writing according to their interests and needs. So as to establish the brand image of the website itself.

    positioning is completed, is to find the appropriate counterpart of the release site, such as logs, blogs and other similar places, engage in soft text publishing activities. After that, if you can receive the user’s reply, that is, the user experience success, then you can say that your promotion corresponding success.

    for the specific steps and methods of soft promotion, we estimate by browsing in the online reading, but also get to know it! This is no more ado.

    this article mainly want to share with you, how to write the original soft text to increase the originality of the site, readability, so that your web site more effective promotion.

    "soft", as the name suggests, is a "soft" word, it reflects to the readers a leisurely, relaxed, easy to digest, easy to be accepted and approved by the original feeling, also is the author’s own thinking, experience and perception of the author’s own things cast. Soft paper is not to write original articles you write false, to promote themselves, a good propaganda effect is often greater than the original 10, 20 or even 30 articles collected works; however, publicity is not equal to cheating, master of this degree, you use the original promotional website, will multiplier.

    throughout a site of good and bad, poor quality and the most intuitive is to look at the site, if your site is above 95% (the remaining 5% of the collected image ads etc.) so you basically no promotion is necessary, if you can not see the past so, you think your users will love, will be recognized? In this way, the characteristic of the website promotion has not yet started, was nipped in the bud. Originality is the core of website promotion. Indeed, the webmaster promotion purpose is the same, but everyone’s experience is different, if can put their feelings to the top of the keyboard and display, I believe it will attract tens of thousands of users to pay attention to your website, your natural objective will be as easy as blowing off dust reached.

    so, some owners will say, see the article can be accepted, mention something to write on the pain, I could not find inspiration, don’t start to do? I don’t think the main reason is the mentality of the original and sensitive question: do stand to write something from the heart, is also the first to write to the heart to feel, to experience. Also, you have a keen sense of smell about the surroundings, and you can catch it accurately

    Talking about the relation between community operation and content operation

    from the entire operating system point of view: Community operations and content operations starting from different dimensions. The community operation emphasizes is the carrier that carried out operations in the community, emphasizing the carrier and similar product operations, operations and other electricity providers; content operation emphasizes the functions, namely special operations through the content, function and operation activities similar to that, the user operation, data operation and operation on a carrier, a variety of needs the function of operation. The relationship between the two can be expressed in the form of a collection, as shown in figure

    from operations purposes, work content two aspects of detail

    one, operation purpose

    The purpose of

    community operations:

    A. keeps users, so they often come to see

    B. mining core users so that they can publish valuable content to the community

    C. spread valuable content to attract more users

    D. implements user transformation, from visitors to registered users, activation users, and then to paid users, advanced

    E. uses traffic to cash

    The core of the

    community operation is users and content, community users (including potential users) and content that conforms to the community.

    The purpose of

    content operations:

    A. improves product content value and creates content that enhances user stickiness. Here it is emphasized that the tonality of the content conforms to the user’s image.

    B. builds a virtuous circle around the production and consumption of content and continues to promote all kinds of content related data. The emphasis here is on the mechanism for content production and consumption.

    content operation is the core content, content range is wide, the title of the article, banner, activity description, post, website classification, and so on, are content.

    two, work content

    The content of

    community operation is mainly user maintenance and content management. Users maintain emphasis and core user relationship (to provide long-term high-quality content conforms to the community for the community of users tonality), using them to bring more users to the site; content management, including the community in the selection of recommended, such as the spread community spread such as cooperation with other media push each other. Of course, also includes some community activities online and offline activities (activities, operations), some of the community’s core data analysis, such as daily activities, the number of posts, etc. (data operations)

    The content of the

    content operation is responsible for the entire content supply chain, including collection creation, presentation management, diffusion propagation, and effect evaluation, and involves a lot of work.

    in conclusion, the two part of the overlap refers to user generated content in the community. Non overlap parts, content operations are other carriers (electricity providers, products, etc.) content operations, community operations is the operation of other functions.

    Strength elder brother hot event hype failure experience

    failed to write what?? I think some friends might be such a question, why not say hot events in the power of the brother what successful conclusion of speculation, but in reality I still did not make good use of the hot events to hype effect. But I think it’s necessary to share the experience of failure: what I did, how I failed, and what I learned from it. I want to share these than those to show off their victories, but not to share more real.

    adds, there may be a lot more people out there, probably not yet. In this "brother and sister" tangled era, accidentally you left the network. Brother power events from the mop.com netizens in a hodgepodge of post broke the news, said in March 14, 2010 in Hefei city streets to see a shocking scene, a naked man in the middle of the road, blocking the different car before the lift car from time to time, shouting "give me strength", attracted many onlookers, causing traffic jams. With the power of brother multi Car Wars nude photos, power brother gorgeous debut let the world shame, so power brother fire.

    I turn to the question, the first time that the power of this post is brother in the West Temple community, is the day of March 18th, I have always been a concern of network hot events, then the post can feel force brother fire, was on the Baidu and Google search, found news about power brother also does not appear in the media, and the power of the word brother has been keen on Baidu and Google have been incorporated into the recommended related keywords inside. As Xi Li Ge became popular, the power of the brother after the fire, I think the relevant keywords will certainly fire, such as "strength elder brother picture", "power elder brother video", "power elder brother’s life experience", "strength elder brother who is" and so on keywords. At that time I search for a while, power elder brother these long tail keywords have not been used, I think I have the opportunity to come.

    to do this long tail keywords, your web spider crawling efficiency must be high, that is, after the publication of the article, spiders can be included in 1-2 hours, so usually pay attention to keeping spiders. Of course, many people now website can not do this, but never mind, we can borrow some of the weight, the update rate of fast blog forum, I use this blog and Sohu is Sina blog, tell you a secret, the spider is very warm to hot events, I published a "power brother in the Sohu and Sina pictures blog blog, the latest pictures of power brother " copycat version of the green giant" as the title of the article, Google took only 19 minutes included, 30 minutes about Baidu. Both ranked first. Also, it’s important to use tags when blogging. Tags must be related to events so that subtle spider crawling can be triggered. Let me remind you that sometimes something strange happens in the Sohu. When I sent this article for second days, I was deleted by Sohu for "the blog has been hidden by the landlord or hijacked by the Martians". The exact reason is unknown. I can only believe that the Martians did it because…

    Operation Xi’an secondary network 1 months experience

    Xi’an second-hand network is a classification of local stations that I do with my friends. The main station has not been formally launched, so let’s talk about this second-hand column first.

    1, do the analysis of the station

    before doing Xi’an second-hand network, we have some of the secondary Xi’an index, to do the column, etc., on the line, analysis, collection, collation, and developed a web site, Title Keyword description. These are set up in the early, it is best not to build up the site after the search included in the change. This is not good for the site, easy to search down rights.

    below is Xi’an’s second-hand search index

    Xi’an Secondary 1 quarter 163

    Xi’an secondary information 1 quarter 48


    secondary market, 1 quarter, Xi’an

    Xi’an secondary computer 1 quarter 165

    Xi’an second-hand notebook 1 quarter 106

    Xi’an secondary handset 1 quarter 123

    Xi’an used electric car 1 quarter 87

    Xi’an used motorcycle 1 quarter 170

    Xi’an used car 1 quarter 543

    2, content publishing issue,

    for new sites, the biggest problem is the source of information. In particular, these classified information sites. So in the early stage, we also like to collect some real and useful second-hand information from local and publish it on our website, and try to find information with pictures. Although there are also information posted by users, many of them are businesses or some recycling information. We kill all of this information. Of course, we will not kill all businesses, so we built a special ad page, which is written in the form of text ads free registration to merchants.

    3, traffic problems, keyword selection,

    website traffic is inseparable from the search, so we have developed a number of key words, such as Xi’an used network, Xi’an, second-hand Xi’an, second-hand computer. New key words can not come up soon, so we can only stick to it. Good content, improve user experience, I think search will not abandon us. Now Xi’an second-hand network, we are on the second page. One day, depending on some keyword, can come 10, a few IP. Although very few, but very pleased.

    concludes with an overview of:

    Xi’an used network (because it is a classification, so we used the two domain name. Originally intended to use Ershou, but to make it easy to remember, it used 2)

    web site program: Empire CMS (Empire CMS is good, very good, very powerful)

    space: VPS (using VPS, mainly taking into account the early no flow and funds, so with a cheaper VPS>

    New trends in the Internet — conference marketing

    what is the conference marketing? Is through the establishment of a database, collect sales target object data, and these data are analyzed and summarized, selected sales targets, and then use the organization form of the meeting, the use of psychological and behavioral concept, for a marketing model of sales. Many domestic websites are empty, and we can’t turn traffic into revenue. Conference marketing will be a good way to increase revenue. Let’s look at a case


    day before the domestic second-hand car industry leader Chinese second-hand car out on behalf of a monthly car city in this area is in Xiamen recently. They through their website cn2che.com called all want a car dealers who keep them together, because the site selling cars mainly personal based so the price is very advantageous, the volume is very large, and Chinese second-hand car at this conference is acted as an intermediary role, all transactions must be found they help me to go through the formalities, according to the concept of a check of their intermediary fees charged down and business registration fee of at least 50 thousand above. With two pictures, let’s have a look at


    through the above case we found that Chinese second-hand car use its large membership library accurately find the car selling cars, for their business needs sorting and matching to the scene so that all people can find the transaction to like. As many sellers sell cars on the spot, the seller will not quote the price too high, so it will cause a hot spot.

    has a company that produces high-end cosmetics and decides to give a souvenir to each customer who uses our product regularly on the occasion of "38 women’s day". Through the database, they found the detailed list in just a few minutes. Then send a souvenir based on the list. Looking for an old customer through a database saves time and effort. Souvenir distribution concentrated in a part of the old customers, saving the cost of the company, and between the old customers and the distance, cultivate their loyalty to our products, for the future continue to buy and lay a solid foundation.

    because conference marketing is a two-way interaction with customers, it only spreads between businesses and customers, and avoids competitors’ follow-up. The two-way communication between enterprises and consumers at anytime and anywhere shortens the distance between each other and strengthens the emotional connection between enterprises and consumers. It also enhances the ability to prevent interference from competitors.

    traditional marketing, the use of mass media advertising promotion, easily lead to competitors confrontation behavior, weaken sales promotion effect. The use of conference marketing, without the use of mass media, relatively covert, generally does not cause competitors attention, easy to achieve the desired results. This is to put themselves in the "dark", "light" in the competition, we can also pay close attention to their marketing strategy adjustment at any time to make every act and every move.


    SEO a few small tips (SEO tutorial)

    SEO now in the Internet the various forums and websites, everywhere is the accumulation of a large number of site of SEO knowledge, in many forums, there are a number of outstanding owners will own SEO experience to share out, for everyone to learn. I’m sure we all want to learn SEO. It’s so easy now. Why? On the network can be described as tutorial we don’t believe all the thousands on thousands of articles, but not all do not believe, each article has its own essence, we can from each article, pick out their own love of things, or the removal of this part of the essence.

    read an article, I what can learn from the passage? What is the purpose? I spent a few years on the website, on the site of SEO have some of their own views and experience, in fact, every webmaster have their own different skills and experience. Well, I’ll tell you about some of the simple SEO techniques I used to work on.

    for beginners, the best way to learn is to practice, operate a website, and then learn knowledge. The best teacher is the process.

    1. Make proper keyword research. Keywords research is an integral part of search engine optimization, but it is often overlooked. All you have to do is go to the Google AdWords keyword tool, and the input is closely related to locating your website or phrase. You usually get 50-150 keywords, and return is excellent to start your website or blog.

    two, release high-quality original content. Search engines have been created, first of all, to make people simply find what they’re looking for. This means that if you launch high quality, targeted content, you will be far ahead of many people who only write a pile of garbage.

    three and establish links to your Web station. Looking for high PR websites or blogs, and commenting on them, is a great way to get some links to your website juice". But please release only valuable opinions. No one wants them to spam messages with your spam blog, and if you do, your opinion will probably be deleted by blogger.

    doesn’t need to learn too much about SEO. You just have to apply learning to practice. From practice, I learned something, I know the direction of the search engine, you can, and if you do not want to do this professional, then there is no need to go to the bottom. Learn the key words control, original content + anchor text, the construction of the chain. OK! That’s enough!


    this article is by acne product ranking (http://www.liweii.cn/) webmaster original, reprinted please indicate the source.

    Parenting website operations vertical portal grafting local community model

    domestic Internet applications since three portal development so far, has experienced several important stages of portal, search, e-commerce and other aspects, it is still an important part of the Internet popularization and application. With the maturity of the market and community segmentation, vertical portals and a relatively small minority of the local professional also quietly rising, become a new force of the Internet, with the deepening of the concept of Web2.0 and SNS mature products, vertical portals and local community more ascendant a tiger with wings added. Local communities such as the 19 floor, West Temple, and the Dragon Lane development change rapidly, irksome; parenting class vertical portal as a veteran of the cradle, and the emerging Pacific family, Parenting Network website and also dynamic, rapid development. Now, in order to meet the needs of users and optimize the user experience, parenting classes with local communities and vertical portal grafting has become a new trend, which greatly enhance the online and online community of users, online and offline interaction, not only conducive to the enhancement of community benefits in viscosity, forming a unique community with local characteristics at the same time, the culture, from the objective is also more conducive to the precise positioning of the target consumers, carry out effective community marketing.

    The necessity and feasibility of

    vertical portal grafting with local community

    was the first to point out that the so-called vertical portals, more refers to the target audience for the vertical sites of consumer terminals, rather than for the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and other industry websites in supply chain B2B. Because individual consumers in the space of the activity range and consumption capacity is far less than the corporate consumers, although the electronic commerce and logistics distribution system has been developed, but as the terminal consumers on the Internet in the choice of products or service content will still be affected by many factors such as this or that, parenting class vertical sites of the target audience is those who are ready to obtain relevant knowledge or information (quasi) mothers.

    from the user’s point of view. First, because the target audience is the personal end consumer, in other words, because the visitors to these vertical sites are individuals, then the individual needs are diverse and uncertain relative to the needs of the enterprise. Parenting class website visitors may be a mother, she came to this site may be just about the production of children need to prepare things, the city which hospital maternity service is good, price is excellent; may also be a new mother, she came to the site to search for methods in the parenting process encountered how to deal with the problem, and to share the new happiness; more likely that those children life has been able to take care of the mother, their website is not only the exchange parenting class topic, but to the troubles of life, share their life happiness, some local exchange discount information or meet with children on an outing this weekend. Secondly, with the Internet penetration in the life of the people has deepened, from the "play" network to "use" network, "and" degree is also growing, the virtual network no longer attract people’s attention. People are working on or already putting "virtual"

    School Amoy online line 1 days order 10 promotional skills

    first, my school is Amoy Amoy network website, the station to do a lot of Amoy, but just open a guest website, see eyeful are all the same, basically not what features, even the columns are the same. Open this station, less than 10 seconds off the look is what to do, a superb collection of beautiful things, but the problem is mostly collected, even in all, pictures are not displayed, you think this station can give people a sense of security? Now pay more attention to market segmentation, not can Tandaqiuquan, or a need to be myself. Here’s my school Amoy online in the day of orders reached 10 publicity skills.

    I am a female webmaster, though not all, but it’s not like she did not fit to be seen, but also love Daoteng website, nothing, I is not a computer, University majoring in chemical engineering, but it is not love, love is to do research on site, nearly 10 stations. Now alone, a little achievement about my school website a few days Amoy net, hope master don’t laugh at me, when the right to experience a little experience of a girl.

    School of Amoy network, the station at the beginning of the name is the site located in the crowd of college students, and the domain name is xiaotao5.com, is "our school" Quanpin plus "5" is the "net" homophonic, so easy to remember domain name, but also quite simple. This is the first point to say, the station must have a good plan early, can not be blind, and site positioning must be clear, in this case, publicity can be targeted. My school Amoy net is considered for college students, so in the column settings only choose

    clothing, shoes, accessories, skin care, these books, do not choose those fundamental and students related products, so that more targeted, and sell products, but must choose the rebate Commission is high, and the price in the range of 50 to 500 yuan between the product selection, which not only can earn too less and less, the price is too high, the students can not afford, for student groups Amoy navigation station, must grasp these two points.

    second, since it is for students’ guide web site, you must make the website shows the students in the University, BBS and QQ group is must grasp, but each school BBS is established by their school students spontaneously, administrators are mostly students, is rarely the teacher or other person management, you just open a BBS of the university can be seen, they built the BBS purely for communication or entertainment purposes, few students know to use this to make money, if you give them some benefits, you think they do not cooperate with you? Our school network is such the administrator promised them a reward, the premise is to have people through my school Amoy network shopping, I will give them from a commission, rather than directly to it How much do they charge for advertising?. I’m telling them, it’s a long-term way to make money. Advertising costs are only once

    Website quality should be promoted from two aspects content itself and external promotion


    mall and the howling gas big promotion activities in 6.18, the event attracted many customers to participate in, from the impact point of view is a stimulus to the masses of customers, and the Jingdong store also do from web pages to delivery of the full range, the promotion in my opinion is successful, because the Jingdong from their own content, start from the outside promotion are done to improve the quality, the author talk about how the quality of the site from the start site of its own content.


    site itself covers the page design, website article plumpness, column classification and so on, and the general personal site and enterprise site just need to do the full page optimization, and column classification can be to improve their own quality. Let’s look at the web page design first.

    one, pay attention to page design coordination


    website design mainly including site planning, site color banners, column area layout website, general colors with passion or gentle low-key, combined with several site planning to talk about specific color. We open the Admin5 site to see the colors show a low-key yet luxurious, the column page within the color is pale, and the column center and the ads are showing a red passion color, so as to separate the real content and website advertising, so as to promote the overall coordination site.

    , when I came to this website as a user, I was able to find what I needed at the first time. I was able to tell what was the ad and quickly understood the entire site. That’s what the web page design needs to achieve, and Admin5’s Web site can do that.


    Let us look at the Sina

    page design website, Sina Web page design and the Dede type site is somewhat similar, station divided into multi column type structure, each piece in the column are designed small window advertisements appear on the left side of the website, the title of the article is light blue color, the overall presentation of the yellow website. We can get some experience from the Sina website. 1, website content color should be unified, 2, navigation area color black more outstanding, 3, advertising area prominent.

    two, fill site content

    The contents of

    important role in the development of the website to come largely from the website is the website content, not the content of the website is not flesh, this website will be eliminated, so do the filling is the key content of the website. Let’s take A5 and Sina as examples.


    will probably update about 100 articles every day from Monday to Friday in A5, including news articles ranging from 30 to 40

    Talking about the existing value of website construction

    from the beginning of the preparation of the site, I know the rules of the search engine for the rule. Adhere to update every day, keep copying, paste, copy paste.

    from the initial excitement to admit to confusion, fast growing and near instant success and lead to consequences, is found in other unknown own website and Internet website is no different. I do not know how many webmaster is to build a website for pure love, and how much is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship. In those days of suffering, I have come to understand that to be a good website, there must be the value of existence (also known as the market economy that conforms to the Internet). Maybe you’re a money maker, and you’re happy with SEO, spam, plug ins, virus promotion, crazy buying online ads, and so on. This is understandable, but this article wants to communicate with the webmaster who wants to do better.

    study on the "starting point Chinese network", "station", "the word" this class to encourage and support the personal original characteristics of the site, I decided in the mainstream content (news, communication, etc.) will be the site of the direction of medicine and law two class quiz development, because there is a question some data with the accumulation of professional friends in website quiz, quiz website function began. At first, the content of the question communication is limited to the topic of the forum and the user of the website itself. Gradually, there are more health problems and legal disputes.

    however, this process is very long, every day in the company as long as the work is not so busy, immediately soak in the web site. Often go to Baidu know, Search ask, ask them to answer questions and their website posted in the past, once the site of a new question or answer questions, I was delighted to see them again and again, just look at their own children, did not mean to stop. Also found a lot of useful tools for free, once saw a data exchange and share software (iCenter), originally wanted to ask this one to have more questions, just this software is a iAsk! Q & A share function, so it used in the question. Gradually, I see the inside of the door, and other web sites ask, in my website can answer, and vice versa. Needless to say, questions and answers are certainly more up. Sometimes a question, a lot of different answers, quite a hundred schools of thought. Thus, the mutual help between users makes me worry much, and do not have to drag the old friends on the website, waiting to answer the questions of users.

    said so much, I just want to say, if you want to do a good job of a web site, there must be the existence of the core values and appropriate profit model. Finally, there is one of the most important thing is to have a strong perseverance to love your website, do your website, one day will break out of their place in the internet.

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