B2B e-commerce companies seek to transform into butterflies

"if I look farther than others, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants." In seventeenth Century, the famous British physicist Newton’s classic saying, now used to describe the hard journey of ten years, China’s e-commerce industry is appropriate. In 2010, Chinese e-commerce industry growth spurt, and make All flowers bloom together. abustle and astir industry chanted second spring. In the face of the coming ten years, China’s e-commerce industry will develop? read more

Investment in the Internet looking for market segments NO.1

Editor’s note: a new round of Internet investment boom, to keep up with a "blind, impulsive, and pursuit eye flow compared to rational, more practical, investors keep a cool head, require operators in the innovation model, to meet the actual needs of users, to develop the market under the relentless effort.

"focus on market segments, to choose to choose the first" interview, Beijing richlink capital of limited company chairman Zheng Jinqiao to interpret their own on the Internet nowadays a new round of investment fever "understanding. There is no doubt that the day before its partner Rongqin international investment in the Chinese training network will grab the opportunity so.

"investment in the Internet, the profit pattern is the only risk." Zheng Jinqiao believes that, after all, compared to other traditional areas, the quality of Internet managers, financial clarity is very high.

"zero growth in 2004 this year, the income of only a few million yuan." China Training Network CEO Liang ice frankly. read more

The trend of the future of electronic commerce with right consumption

e-commerce website appeared a new star Pacific direct purchase official network, a new business model, will lead the trend. With power consumption, is to allow consumers to buy products at the same time, to obtain a rights in their participation in consumer products and services recommended to consumers at the same time, can also get profits from each other products (i.e. the rights and interests of consumer products accumulated $points rebate right). When you become a member of this product consumption, consumer identity you have also changed, become a consumer business, you can allow more people to participate in the paid consumption, and provide the corresponding services, for the consumer to double the distribution to get more consumer businesses to return profits. To be a smart consumer. read more

Tencent Department of the electricity supplier Ali’s three forces encircled

introduction: to pocket shopping so far, Tencent has all help evil Ali’s three rivals.

BAT development so far, the three genes have been very clear and obvious. On electricity providers, Ali is a pure gene, Baidu almost no electricity supplier factor, the Tencent with users and traffic advantages, is not willing to give up the business completely, but to give up the strategic choice, capital and resources to support Ali’s opponents or potential competitors.

Ali has three rivals, it is accurate to say that the opponent of the three category, respectively, represented by the traditional electricity supplier Jingdong, pocket shopping as the representative of the mobile electricity supplier, as well as to the electricity supplier Wanda electricity supplier represented O2O. Three types of opponents, the three models, and they have the logistics, mobile shopping guide, the line is the biggest advantage of the current short board and weaknesses. read more

Entrepreneurship how to build on the customer’s pain points

how entrepreneurs before the existing products and services, will be able to confirm the customer will buy it? In order to answer this question, need to answer another question: why do people buy it? Here are two of the most basic answer, people usually spend money on two things: first, they often spend money against the pain, second, spending their money in the pursuit of pleasure.

there is a reason why pain and happiness are put together in this order. All things are equal, and the more painful and painful a problem is, the more likely you are to find a way to deal with it. The more you can deal with the pain, the faster the customer buys. From the entrepreneur’s point of view, this means that "painful business" is often better than "happy business". Businesses that deal with pain are often better off in terms of endurance. read more

After the car market fell again, but this time it fell very calm

The first project

car market after the 2016 fall, the old man, a Fujian based Quanzhou venture, a 4S shop car vertical business platform, this is probably the first time you heard, but to be sure, this is the last time you hear, because difficult to continue funding strand breaks it down, the.

calm these two words, not just to say that the CEO is talking to me and the state of mind, but also stressed that this is located in the city of the three line of the project regardless of life or death are low-key people worry. read more

Later, the new hope why must be squeezed into social catering electricity supplier

by the user to upload the production process of the formation of delicacy delicacy recipes, already present in the rapid development of mobile Internet Era "bid farewell to the traditional recipe book display and simple website search function. In addition to the user and the other "kitchen" friends more exchanges of social function, provided by the platform recipes required ingredients and other products one-stop purchase business but also the delicacy recipes APP recently busy most things. read more

UNIQLO’s robust and smart, like art and wilderness

text / Liu Huafang

famous clothing brand has just announced that the Jingdong landing mall placing mode, either early or late, in the Jingdong after the listing of the outbreak of the bonus period, cooperation specifications are very high, the Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong personally attended the signing will be visible, BOE face UNIQLO’s attention, this is a big contract. UNIQLO has always been very cautious in channel construction, to seize the rapid growth phase after the listing of the Jingdong rushed to enter, how smart and decisive UNIQLO operators. read more

Tragedy Amazon official confirmed that its WP version of shopping App is not available

Amazon officially confirmed its WP version of the shopping App is not available



IT home news June 23rd news, before some users are reflected in the Windows app store search Amazon shopping applications, Amazon now officially confirmed that the application is not available.

previously unless the user has a direct link to the Amazon application, search in the store search box can not find the application. Today, this application is not in direct state, WP mobile phone users can not download and install. Amazon official confirmed to the WindowsUnited.de, WP version of the Amazon shopping application is currently in a state of unavailability in the world, and suggested that users use the browser to do shopping. Whether it will launch a new version of the Amazon shopping application, Amazon is not the official comment. read more

Fortune 500 saw Jingdong did not see BAT, look at the list of giant electricity supplier layout

text / Tencent technology tube flying

Jingdong today earned a big article, not on the boss.

Fortune magazine yesterday evening released the world’s top 500 list in 2016, Jingdong first list, has become China’s only one of the top 500 Internet Co.

according to the latest release of earnings, Jingdong 2016 first quarter revenue of 54 billion yuan, an increase of $47%, a loss of $295 million 700 thousand, down by 8%.

at the same time, Chinese Commercial Federation recently released the 2015 retail Chinese 100 list data show that the sales volume of 7 sales network in enterprises reached 1 trillion and 723 billion 370 million yuan, year-on-year growth rate reached 56.2%; 6 "entity + type" enterprises also achieved a 15.8% year-on-year growth; in contrast, the remaining 87 stores sales growth is a continuous decline, year-on-year growth rate of only 3.2%. read more

Jingdong group purchase local life ideal fullness, Denver reality skinny

beginning in the spring of 2010 so far, group purchase mode has gone through three years of much time at home, a cluster after 2010 and 2011, the prosperity in 2012, the band, by 2013, to welcome the group purchase worthy of the name "winner" of the era oligarchs.

group purchase market is oligopoly era, Jingdong also made to

?In October, according to the group 800

group purchase market data released, the U.S. mission network, comment group, handle network, have occupied half of the country group purchase market share, the top 10 group purchase website market share accounted for the total market share of 90%. Buy market Matthew effect is further intensified, the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker situation has become a historical choice in the field. read more

Not handsome to introduce you to what is flat-share

The IDC market in 2005 can be said to be the original number of large is raging like a storm, IDC background, individual enterprise growth, many private IDC started to own a piece of cake in the IDC market in a year, competition is very fierce, the rise of a shares seems to advocate "break IDC mythology, to create high-quality service" as its mission forces launched by him, with the space requirement of the webmaster server flat-share organization formed together, including several organizations due to the organization in place, a proper marketing strategy, and for so many years in the forum, has certain popularity and rapid development in the middle of the webmaster webmaster, get support. Many people saw this, including myself ^_^ allegramente, also made flat-share, and got a very strong response, as the saying goes: "chaotic hero", but many people did not pay attention to, the more likely is gone with the recent net friend fish in troubled water, reflected in flat-share encounter flat-share sponsors the money run away the situation, I feel the situation is more serious (because of such things once a, would cause a ripple effect, will let you feel flat-share is a lie, and kill a webmaster would outweigh the new things in the bud), therefore, hope I played on the Internet some fangpian experience accumulated over the years to give us some help: read more

Tmall double eleven, Ali from open to closed

[Abstract] brand exclusive, control goods. The last half of Ali signed thousands of clothing brands exclusive agreement.

Tencent science and technology selection of high-quality articles from the media, described in the article as the author’s independent view, does not represent the position of Tencent science and technology.

/ Li Chengdong (WeChat public number: East electricity supplier interpretation)

[East] "I (Ma Yun interpretation electricity supplier (micro-blog) Company) heard said twenty thousand courier, he was doing e-commerce, I am very worried about him, I think this is dead. You must let the rest of the community live well and help you to live a good life. If the service is not good, you can come in better." CCTV dialogue two years ago, Ma is so competitive rival Jingdong, in a word, Jingdong is too closed, does not meet the new commercial civilization. read more

11.11 online shopping Carnival power providers ready

November 11th, the original is an entertaining holiday day spread in young people. Ali has been to build a double eleven concept, Tmall (then known as Taobao mall) a day of 3 billion 360 million achievement shopping carnival. Equivalent to the total retail sales in Hongkong 4 days. In the sales have hit a record high at the same time, and more and more rich content, this year, the major electricity supplier early in the preparation for the double eleven. In this environment, whether it can go beyond this year 3 billion 360 million straight years? The electricity supplier who has in August, Jingdong, Suning, Gome detonated the "price war" has so many consumers see the electricity supplier promotional mask, but I still optimistic about this year’s double eleven. Must be a new record was born, it will highlight the importance of e-commerce in today’s society. Some traditional enterprises will be more money to invest in e-commerce, to seek diversified development. read more

Dangdang dilemma fast electricity providers can not afford to slow down Dangdang

Abstract: a number of Internet heavyweights have said, stand on the platform can also fly pigs. But if the air is blocked, the "pioneer" behind the dragonfly is probably not easy to fly. Today’s Dangdang, is facing such a follower dilemma.

August 14th, Dangdang released second quarter earnings, total net revenues of $1 billion 960 million 800 thousand, an increase of 31.3%, net profit of $28 million 800 thousand, for the 3 consecutive quarter to achieve profitability. Behind the brisk earnings, Dangdang shares nearly three months by leaps and bounds, rose more than 40%. Earlier, just listed Jingdong has come up with a net loss of 580 million in the second quarter earnings. read more

How to open shop prospects, open shop sell what good

see others do virtual Taobao earn pours, whether you also see the development trend of Taobao? Maybe a lot of people the answer is yes, but dare to take the pace of action are scanty. However, the road to success will never be crowded, and success must belong to those who dare to act. Do not know can add my QQ381713669 professional guidance novice shop, package teaching package.

many people are afraid to take the first step to do Taobao. Think about it, in fact, also not without reason. First, as we all know, want to think what specific business must first set up shop, and to get the accurate answer to this problem, I have to do a series of market surveys, to understand the Taobao market the biggest demand is what. Secondly, to know what they want to run, but do not know how to find sources, how to find the most cost-effective sources. Furthermore, even if the source is solved, people still have to worry about logistics work, how to contact the logistics of logistics costs…… Of course, when you really operate up, you have to face the problem is far more than these, this is just a few people ready to shop when the first solution to the problem. read more

Amoy blue ocean VIP case how fast the new counter attack, stable weight to do the explosion

According to the

VIP students shop order released, pirated reserved!

students readme: Hello, I am a member of the Amoy blue ocean VIP, from Zhejiang, Jinhua, is currently operating in several stores. After joining the VIP members in the teacher’s guidance on the one hand, before the change in the operation of Taobao ideas and methods, and in accordance with the teacher to develop new strategies to operate the store, the current situation is pretty good. Thank you very much for the teacher to help me, but also to let the spirit of the blue ocean to share the spirit of continuing, I put some of the new ideas of the operation of this new way out, I hope to be able to help you! read more

Liu Qiangdong will buy from WAL-MART’s 1 shop why Ma did not sell

Abstract: Jingdong from WAL-MART’s acquisition of 1 stores, may bring a new pattern of China O2O pattern behind for Liu Qiangdong, Duojishiyi is not a thing, this is Wall Street investors understanding and recognition strategy. For WAL-MART, it is also a good thing to get rid of the burden.

yesterday was June 18th, the country’s major electricity supplier platform to promote an important day. As Alibaba’s double 11, the Jingdong launched by the 6.18 Shopping Festival, has not belong to the carnival of an electronic business platform Jingdong, the entire Chinese electricity supplier Carnival day. read more

Interactive forum 2014 how e-commerce reloaded new future

[Abstract] interactive forum for how to get three or four lines of urban users, how to operate the mobile electricity supplier and the layout of O2O and other hot topics, many guests expressed their views.

Tencent technology reported on March 28th

in 2014 China (Shenzhen) e-commerce development forum, vip.com senior vice president Tang Yizhi, vice president of SF EXPRESS business Zhou Haiqiang, general manager of Liu Jinguang business school and serves network vice president Wu Shengxing to participate in interactive dialogue. For how to get three or four lines of urban users, how to operate the mobile electricity supplier and the layout of O2O and other hot topics, published views. read more

Soft news ppstream advertising prices


Hello everyone!

ppstream download ad prices from February 1, 2008 to 1.5 yuan /A from the original /A

to $0.8

billing standards: from the previous day to download the activation change to download and install the 7 day survival mode billing

look at the owners enthusiastically put

this provision from February 1, 2008 to perform

note: from February 1, 2008 by the activation of the installation before the payment of ppstream advertising to stop cooperation, the data deadline to 23:59 pm on February 1st. In order to avoid the loss, please stop immediately. read more