The name of the store three notes

is a suitable name for the development of the shop is very important, therefore, if a shop to get better development, we need to store natural take an appropriate name. Because of this, a shop name is extremely important to be able to express, to be able to let people heart, the most important thing is to let people can remember a glance.

is a good name to store the image can reveal their own shop taste, increase the attractiveness to households in the shop. Do you have this experience: when you eat a meal at noon, wandering in the building, found a row of stores, you think they sell are similar, but there is a shop name suddenly attracted to you, then you walked in. read more

Xining implementation of the list of responsibilities to achieve full coverage of the 44 departments

Xining municipal government departments (units) list of powers list (Draft) has passed the fifty-seventh executive meeting of the municipal government. The "draft" the government (unit) the authority and the basis of the exercise of the exercise subject, operation process, the corresponding responsibility, in the form of a list to clear out, to the public, accept social supervision, to promote administrative organs to perform their functions according to law, assume corresponding responsibility. City level included in the implementation of the power list, the list of departments and units of a total of 44 liability system, so that the government departments and administrative functions in accordance with the full coverage of administrative units.

by combing the 44 departments (units) the exercise of administrative powers items totaling 5669 items, and draw up the power flow chart of 491, compared with 2882 working days of the statutory time limit. The optimization time of 1221 days. List of powers to clear the main responsibilities and the exercise of administrative powers, including the Department (unit) of the basic situation, the main responsibilities, administrative powers and the basis of the three part of the content. The list gives a comprehensive introduction of matters of administrative power, the municipal government departments (units) of administrative authority is divided into 11+X categories, namely administrative approval, administrative penalties, administrative enforcement, administrative expropriation (Requisition), administrative fees, administrative supply, administrative adjudication, administrative confirmation, administrative incentives, administrative inspection, administrative supervision and other matters of power.

list of responsibilities and power list corresponding to implement the main responsibility and authority of administrative power, including the flow chart and the administrative power of post responsibility two parts. The key is to regulate the operation of the functions and principles of convenience and efficiency, drawing the power flow diagram, so that one by one, a process. Flow chart to make it clear to the public to do things through the link, the material required, the main responsibility, and clear the time limit and contact. In addition, according to the match with the power, responsibility requirements, implement the administrative responsibility and post responsibility, clear the contractors, pre condition, the scope of the disclosure, fee basis and standard, and on the basis of responsibility.   read more

Yanan Spirit Research Society held the core values report

To thoroughly implement the party’s eighteen and the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee further rise of spirit, cultivate and practice the socialist core values of the boom, in July 17th, Yanan province will contact study spirit, Yanan spirit will research doctoral tutor Professor Li Jiande Xi’an Institute of politics "problems" should be focused on cultivating and practicing socialist core values a special report on the invitation.

report of the meeting, Li Jiande through a large number of examples, in-depth explanation of the proposed selection of socialist core values, theory analysis and practice, put forward the background and significance of the socialist core values to further understanding, to grasp the core content and essence of socialist core values, to further clarify the Subject Cultivation and practice the standard of socialist core values, to answer the confusion in theory, explains the practical method. The report for the future of our city, especially the city’s education system to cultivate and practice the socialist core values have a strong theoretical guidance. read more

Young filmmakers Camp Camp yesterday

In July 25th, the 2012 annual "Xining · new – young filmmakers training camp link FIRST Youth Film Festival". Young filmmakers training camp from July 25th to 28 in the Xining Sea Lake District, Qinghai Grand Theatre, from all over the country to participate in the training of 12 young filmmakers for a period of four days.

as a new part of the film festival, Film Festival Organizing Committee invited the famous Hollywood film producer, former senior vice president Disney international studios, Michael · anderin as camp speaker. Michael · anderin in the industry to uncover the gold medal screenwriter famous, had found and bought William · Monahan’s first screenplay, "Tripoli", developed a "Kingdom of heaven", has also excavated Charlie · Kauffman’s "confession" and dangerous mind, Warner Brothers developed a "Space Cowboy" one, in addition, he also oversaw the development of "Schindler’s list" "I am legend" and "acquired" and "milk" and many other classic Hollywood movie. read more

Xining expressway traffic around the morning and evening traffic police mention to keep the safety o

An invigorating autumn climate during the National Day holiday, people travel, enthusiasm, driving, short distance travel, travel to visit relatives more concentrated. In October 2nd, Lanxi, Xi Ning, mutual, Sita, O, Ping Xi Huang highway traffic is large etc.. Qinghai high-speed traffic police to remind the highway traffic is large, prone to accidents, please slow down the passing vehicles, careful driving.

@ 8:14 on October 2nd, Qinghai four high-speed traffic police brigade official said micro-blog, Ning Chaoyang North Entrance of high-speed traffic is large, please drivers pay attention to control the speed, keep a safe distance from the vehicle, steady driving slow.

@ 10:33, Qinghai three high-speed traffic police brigade "issued by micro-blog, Xi Huang highway, the traffic accident occurred in Xining to Huangyuan direction 46 kilometers, a short press, cleared the scene, please the majority of drivers to slow down, queuing traffic, to ensure the safety of vehicle distance.

@ 11:17, Qinghai six high-speed traffic police brigade issued two traffic accidents, the accident happened to the Beijing Tibet highway safety caojiabao 1783 kilometers, police brigade is being processed, the traffic is large, please note that past drivers steady driving slow, please obey the traffic police command not anxious not impatient.

"@ Qinghai high-speed traffic police" micro-blog reminder, October 1st to October 2nd, and go out in the morning afternoon return period of highway traffic has increased significantly, in order to avoid the vehicle in the driving process, prone to traffic accidents, to remind the driver to choose in advance through the channel, not free to change lanes, avoid rub accident, safe and civilized travel.   read more

What are the common ways to promote smart home stores

with the development of the times, people’s lives have changed a lot, just a great change in the home, smart home industry ushered in the development of a good opportunity to highlight the endless business opportunities. To this end, many people began to get involved in the smart home industry, but in order to successfully operate a smart home stores, you need to do a good job in the store’s promotional activities, in order to better your business, faster get rich. So, how to do a good job of smart home store promotions? What are the most practical methods? Let’s go and see it. read more

Real estate management of the new regulations Xining resolutely stop disguised behavior

in order to strengthen the management of real estate sale, to maintain the normal market transaction order, guide the healthy development of market, curb disguised speculation behavior to prevent tax loss and forward delivery housing, the state, and ensure the interests of home purchase, according to the Ministry of housing and urban construction "on Further Strengthening the supervision of the real estate market improve the commercial housing pre-sale system related issues the notice" spirit, in May 14th, Xining City real estate management department issued a "notice on Further Strengthening the contract management of the cancellation of the record pre-sale of commercial housing" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the prohibition period of housing transfer, and strictly check listings sales management. read more

Xining earnestly study the spirit of Xi Jinping speech

Xining city to study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping, a series of important speech as a major political task, combined with educational practice, through the study and discussion of various forms, strengthens the general secretary Xi Jinping, a series of important speeches of the theory of political identity, identity, emotional identity, the spirit and ability of charging, baptism party come on, do it really learn, really understand, trust and use, through solid learning embodies the cadres at all levels of Xining city to promote scientific development, promote the development and construction of a strong positive energy practice. read more

Xining City, a solid push forward the country

is a city of the "test" is approaching, Xining city center on strengthening the rule of law, government, market, eight key areas of humanities, culture, social life, social and ecological environment construction and promote the city to create work, significantly enhance the level of comprehensive environment.

since May 2010 started to hit the city, Xining City, next to create for the people, create Huimin as the starting point, to enhance the overall level of civilization city as the goal, with the target management and public civilization index test as the starting point, to the public environment, public order, public services, social customs regulation and cultivation as the focus, to create work effectively promote orderly. On this basis, Xining City, a city leading group and the county, municipal departments and units signed a city responsibility book, municipal leaders, municipal units linked point package film creating work, the provincial authorities, the window industry and all levels of civilized units also decompose a city work, the formation of various departments ask to be held responsible, constraint chains are interrelated, mutual supervision and restriction, one with a dry real, to create the work industry wide coverage and all social management. read more

Xining industrial and commercial heavy regulation of agricultural and sideline products market to pr

Wang Yubo, general secretary of the provincial Party committee to study and implement the general se

7 4, the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo presided over the provincial Party committee to study and implement the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, "the important speech of the forum", "71", the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, general secretary of the CPC central committee. He pointed out that the important speech of General Secretary Xi, the overall situation, look far ahead from a high plane of profound ideas, rich connotation, is an important programmatic document of the Marx doctrine. All Party organizations at all levels and all Party members, according to the provincial Party committee requirements, the study and implementation of the important speech as the current first-class political tasks, and constantly deepen the understanding of ideas, innovative learning methods, so that their knowledge. read more

What are the three bottlenecks College Students Entrepreneurship

in undertaking such a path, want to Everything is going smoothly. have been smooth sailing, development, one thing is almost impossible. The existence of a variety of bottlenecks, so many entrepreneurs have to give up. In fact, as long as we can break through the bottleneck, the success of the business is entirely possible. Of course, the premise is that we can recognize the nature of the various bottlenecks we will appear on the road. For many college students entrepreneurs, the well-known bottlenecks are three. So, what are the three major bottlenecks college students? read more

Symposium on the development of carbon materials industry

In June 8th, the Green Fair carbon materials industry development seminar held in Xining, the domestic materials industry well-known experts and scholars and industry leaders of more than 70 people gathered in Qinghai, the prospect of the development of carbon materials industry, then in Qinghai province to build the feasibility of "China carbon Valley". (Ben reporter Cui Yongtao photo coverage)  

  seminar, from the Ministry of science and technology, China building materials planning and Research Institute of Hunan University, Wuhan University of Technology, Jilin University and other research institutions, experts and scholars from the national policy on carbon materials industry and long-term planning about the emerging industry, described in detail the development of Qinghai Province carbon materials and the advantages of related industries in Qinghai Province carbon industrial park development prospect. Experts and scholars speak freely, wonderful views, arguments from time to time to win applause. The experts and scholars of Qinghai mineral resources, richly endowed by nature and energy policy advantage showed great interest, many experts say: if Qinghai give full play to these advantages, in the national strategic emerging industries especially in the direction of industrial development will be a carbon material for carbon materials, high starting point planning of industrial clusters, can play "carbon Valley caused by China". The experts also have on the development of Qinghai carbon materials industry put forward suggestions, visionary opinions. After the end of the speech, but also with some of the leading enterprises for interactive communication. Carbon materials industry development seminar by Qinghai Wei Yi new materials Co., ltd..

read more

Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission let the government spend every penny to understan

as an important functional department of the government, the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission conscientiously perform a pair of responsibility to do clean government and anti-corruption work and work with the deployment, with the assessment of major projects; decision-making and matters involving the interests of the people’s livelihood, "sun" to the public; make every penny of the government are spent as clear as noonday.

Municipal Development and Reform Commission will clean government and anti-corruption system of the task decomposition refinement, into the Commission offices, the Commission assessment of each unit target range, and the evaluation results as an important basis for performance evaluation, selection and appointment of cadres. The leading cadres to participate in gambling, tourism, public funds, public funds exceed the standard with the use of cars, housing, abuse of power and the festival will clean up the standard, "small treasury" to carry out strict self-examination. Closely around the project planning, project audit, government pricing and fee approval, price supervision and law enforcement, personnel management, financial management and other sensitive positions and key links, and seriously investigate the risk points. Each room, each unit, each post, each staff to shoulder the responsibilities of one by one, one by one analysis of each link of power operation, to check the implementation of each system, work flow chart drawing, do the right path clear. read more

How to choose a dry cleaning shop

dry cleaners is now very popular in the whole society, at the same time, there are a lot of people will have a dry cleaning service requirements in life, so the start of a dry cleaner is a very good business projects, then open the dry cleaners what location?

People often talk about the

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More than 1100 yuan into the Xining city of 48 small and micro hotels

in order to further accelerate the development of tourism in the city, to ease the tourist season, a room is hard to find embarrassment, Xining introduced preferential policies to fully support the development of small and micro hotels. Currently, the city has issued the first batch of financial subsidies for more than 1100 yuan to help small and micro hotels and seek development, thus further boosting tourism development.

at the beginning of this year, the municipal government formulated the "Xining city to support the development of small and micro Hotel" and "Xining family hotel incentives" and other policies and measures to encourage the use of various forms of idle real estate offering small hotels, family hotels, farmhouse courtyard ", and according to each bed to give 1500 yuan to 6000 yuan of funds to support. Up to now, the city has been in accordance with the conditions and procedures for the operation of small and micro Hotel up to 48, 1391 / sets, the bed of 3093. According to statistics, the city, district two financial ratio of 7:3, has honored the first batch of 2012 in the first batch of 48 small and micro Hotel support funds of $11 million 42 thousand. read more

Fifth civil airports with navigation conditions

14:30 on December 27th, with 560 aircraft flight inspection center a smooth landing at Huatugou Airport, flighttesting finished successfully, marking the conditions of Qinghai Province fifth Civil Airport – Huatugou Airport have navigation. It is reported that the flight by flight check verification of Huatugou Airport communication navigation system, airfield lighting system, airport identification system and flight procedures, all kinds of facilities in normal operation, flight calibration results accord with the relevant technical standards of civil aviation bureau. At present, the Huatugou Airport operation ready to enter the flight test phase, according to the operation of the work plan, the Qinghai Airport Inc will be prepared in advance, to speed up the progress, pay close attention to the completion of follow-up revision of flight procedures and Simulation of flight, acceptance check, industry inspection work, ensure that the first half of March 2015 to complete the test, officially navigable target. In another development, after the completion of the Huatugou Airport, the annual passenger capacity of up to 90 thousand passengers, cargo throughput reached 1 million tons, taking off and landing models for the B737-700, A319 and ARJ21, Xinzhou 700 high prototype aircraft, currently, planning routes Huatugou to Xining, Dunhuang, Korla.   read more

Before December 31st, Xining will be real-time release PM2.5 monitoring data

from the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau news, published in accordance with the new requirements of the ambient air quality evaluation standard pilot monitoring the capital city of the Ministry of environmental protection of the year 2012, Xining in December 31st, according to the air quality index of 6 indicators of the real time release.

is currently in Xining City, the existing national monitoring network of air quality monitoring site 4, located in the environmental monitoring station of Xining City, Qinghai Province pharmaceutical warehouse, the PLA Fourth Army Hospital, fifth Xining city tap water factory. According to the Ministry of environmental protection "on the city environmental air quality assessment methods (Trial)" Notice of the pilot monitoring requirements, Xining City, completed in April 2012 4 national monitoring network of air quality automatic monitoring bidding site PM2.5 monitoring equipment installation and debugging work, with the launch of SO2 (sulfur dioxide), XO2 (chemical oxygen oxygen, ozone, PM10), CO (carbon monoxide) and PM2.5 6 monitoring projects, and put into trial monitoring. In July, according to the national monitoring network construction project (phase I) urban environmental air quality automatic monitoring equipment and the main technical indicators and parameters, supplemented by the PM2.5 monitoring equipment in line with national requirements. At present, Xining 4 national monitoring network air quality automatic monitoring point of all monitoring instruments and monitoring projects, will all meet the requirements of the first phase of the new air quality monitoring program implementation requirements. By then, will be issued in accordance with the provisions of real-time monitoring data PM2.5. (author: Zhao Junjie)
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One axis four area layout of the new urbanization

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission was informed that our province in the future development of urbanization will be the people of the town as the core, to towns based on city and towns as the main body, the overall layout of urbanization development in different regions and highlight the characteristics of focus, build a comprehensive "one axis along the four area" urban development pattern by 2020, the province’s level of urbanization reached 60%.

one axis: blue green, the main axis of the Qinghai Tibet railway, Eastern Xining – Lanzhou City, West for the integration of urban and rural Hercynian demonstration area, involving 16 counties (Executive Committee), will further enhance the development of a shaft center of Xining city leading role, to speed up the East sea in the heart of the city, strong scale, and actively cultivate the people the new city, key towns, and strive to build a number of distinctive.

it is reported that the province’s urbanization development through the promotion of population distribution, strengthen urban industry support, strengthen infrastructure support, break the bottleneck of land and water resources and other measures to achieve, in promoting new urbanization, will focus on the sponge City, underground pipe gallery, street network and parking lot and garbage treatment facilities "duantoulu", accelerate urban transformation, to solve the problem of crossing the road crossing, improve the road network density. We will deepen the reform of the household registration system and the reform of the housing system, promote the citizenization of migrant workers, and improve the specific measures for compulsory education, medical care and housing security.   read more