Factors affecting restaurant operating performance

How is

restaurant business? With many factors, not a single side can be determined. Through the analysis of the results of many cases, it is determined by the environmental factors, service factors, comparative factors, publicity factors, feedback factors, management factors, and so on. Please come together with the analysis of the small bar!

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How about joining Jewelry

jewelry market has always been a very hot market. Of course, for the choice of joining the project, select the project with market prospects, is very important. So, venture to choose to join jewelry?

jewelry accessories to make money?

now people are very favorite jewelry, no matter what the occasion is love jewelry, so let us see the market development of the industry in the future is very good, so the choice of operating a jewelry chain will let you easily profit.

want to make your jewelry store to have larger profit space, should pay attention to everyday business, to do market positioning and daily planning, grasp the consumer favorite jewelry styles, it needs to grasp the popular trend in today’s society, can help the operator to better operate their own jewelry store, let you rapid success in operating the jewelry store. read more

Enthusiastic service to get more customer recognition

want to get the recognition of customers, for the shop to attract more customers, in fact, a lot of ways, and here is the introduction of small service is enthusiastic about this point. 10:20 on June 17, 2014, Shandong Yantai Laiyang Supermarket Service Center received a call from a woman asking, the supermarket can do three birthday cake.

received a phone call, the service center staff immediately contact the store, unfortunately, the cake is the master of the day off, so temporarily can not do. The staff immediately apologized to the customer, that customer is back to Laiyang from Qingdao rural home car telephone communication, my father had 66 birthday, need a birthday cake, over the years to work in Qingdao, the hometown of the supermarket is not familiar with, found from the Internet at the station next to the supermarket’s phone, so ask the telephone. read more

Entrepreneurship should start from what ideas

entrepreneurship is different from the general, after all, a lot of people are invested huge energy, if you really start running, suddenly found that this is a mistake, will make people miserable. In fact, before thinking about the idea, and then began a formal business, success will become easier!

undeniable, current consumption in constant upgrading, never eating, dressing, the basic demands of communication change, but show personality is more and more mainstream consumer demand and. And business opportunities are also attached to the provision of personality choice. read more

What do the whole of micro – hole

said the micro business, many people’s impression is not sitting in the home do not have to do anything, you can make money every day according to sun drying it? I think a lot of people probably have such an understanding, in fact, this is the wrong understanding of micro business. Moreover, if you do not know, there may be a small business into the pit, resulting in economic losses. So, if you decide to invest in micro business, you also need to understand the industry which pits. So, do micro business what pits? read more

The bottom of my heart can freely deal with customers

we are in the bargain, if not enough understanding of the goods, naturally do not dare to bargain, which is not the end. The business is difficult to deal with customer bargaining, take us in terms of the owner himself, out of stock or shopping, there is also a counter-offer mentality. So in the normal operation of the customer bargaining, we should be calm. But sometimes it will encounter some of the counter-offer of outrageous customers, said the heart is not angry, that is a lie.

my shop every year to engage in secondary anniversary activities, remember when engage anniversary activities last summer, a middle-aged woman riding in the shop before I stop. I will store all the milk on the roadside display display, return a few years customer support to my shop and bar field to maximize the benefit to make. The customer pointed at the dairy Yili Shu said to me: "boss, how much money Shuhua milk box?" "A box of 45 yuan, today is my shop to engage anniversary activities, usually in the milk to sell 48 yuan a box." I smiled and replied customer. read more

How to treat the option problem of venture company

is now a large number of entrepreneurial business entities in China, in 2015 the average daily number of more than 10000 enterprises were established, so many small and medium enterprises financing sources get everyone concerned. Many start-up companies will be used as a channel for the financing options or incentives, but the real value of this option?

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How much money does it take to open a Deli in 2016

summer, many of us are not eat rice, not what appetite, but cooked food can let you have a very good appetite, summer business is also very popular, in 2016 to open a food store how much money? How long? Now a food franchise stores do not need too high investment, people usually take out, investors need more attention, is the business of late


cooked food, we are very familiar with, but also very much like to eat. Cooked food stores sell a lot of cooked food products, different types, different prices, different tastes of cooked food products, attracting consumers of different preferences to buy enough. Cooked food stores, business is very fire. read more

Highway road Jiangsu road ranked first

with the rapid development of the economy, the number of cars in daily life increased significantly, but it can not be separated from the implementation of our transport infrastructure. Highway on the road, there are specialized units for testing. Ministry of transportation recently announced the 2015 National Highway Highway sampling situation, Jiangsu highway traffic to maintain the country’s first.

Comrade Deng Xiaoping once said: "want to build the road first", only the perfect transportation infrastructure, in order to promote the local economic exchanges, in order to promote the development of the city. It is understood that the Ministry of transportation on the 30 provinces of the country’s 25 thousand and 600 kilometers of highway random sampling, a total of Jiangsu highway detection of 1100 km. After testing, the pavement performance index (PQI) of Jiangsu expressway is 95.33, and the excellent road rate is about 100%. In the "12th Five-Year" national trunk highway maintenance management inspection, Jiangsu highway reelection first. read more

Jin Zhengda group to create agricultural passenger platform

agricultural conditions are getting better and better, which is a new direction of innovation and entrepreneurship, people who want to return to business can be considered. At present, the Jin Zhengda group is actively creating agricultural "create a" platform for entrepreneurs who have brought a good opportunity.

"off the record", a new vocabulary, the rise in recent years in December 2015, the "quibble" magazine published the 2015 annual "ten pandemic", a row of fifth passengers. In the eyes of everyone, it is synonymous with tall, is able to bring people endless imagination and unlimited development of new things. In the city of public coffee, industrial incubators, etc. is the creation of people who gathered in the place. However, for the majority of rural areas, to create a guest seems to be a distant dream. read more

Restaurants need to join those procedures

restaurants to join the shop need those formalities? We all know that no matter what stores need to go through the formalities, so the catering industry, is attracting attention of entrepreneurs, so, how much do you know about the need to open restaurants procedures? Need to open restaurants formalities so many, this to introduce for you.

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See how your menu in rice and vegetable roll yo efforts

restaurant operators have not thought about you sometimes restaurant is not what tourists may tell you the menu has a direct relationship, we stand in the perspective of consumers, for consumers who often eat outside may note that the general menu is after the attendant in the customer into the store consumption to consumers no, to store consumer customers can not see the specific menu of the restaurant. This can better protect the restaurant business, but also will lose part of the customer base. Yo yo recently in view of the situation of rice and vegetable roll menu innovation to a certain extent, the current situation, the effect is good. read more

The retail business to do Mistakes must be corrected whenever discovered – the whole

who has not made a mistake, the same business. However, if you want to do business fire, the business is doing well, if we make a mistake we must correct, really do the customer, so that the business can be better business. In short, the modern marketing concept: the customer is always right. As the saying goes: there is no love for no reason, there is no reason for hate. So, in order to win the favor of customers for a long time, we must take the customer as the center, always accept the customer’s opinions and suggestions. read more

Retail stores and large supermarket business – how to improve the whole neighbor


‘s own retail stores around with other retail stores, this competition is not too can hardly be avoided, causing owners panic, however, if you open a big supermarket, the shop for business development is a very big blow. My name is Zhang Yubin, my friends shop grocery stores in Fujian County of Xiamen Industrial Zone, due to the economic downturn, the flow of people 09 years of Community streets, significantly less than before.

recently opened a new shop near a large supermarket, a lot of people and I went grocery business, here are affected, well scraped, poor even this. At first, I was also very worried, then think about the advantages of supermarkets, grocery stores have their own strengths, in the face of this situation, might as well start from the way to improve the business, so I took some methods: read more

What about hairdressing market whole

beauty salon has been one of the ideal choice for business and investment, and with all kinds of hairdressing products, technology, brand, investors want to seek better development in the hairdressing market, to develop the brand Outlook Survey carey for the beauty salon brand to join the prospect? This small are introduced.

how to correctly inspect the prospect of beauty salons to join the project a lot of investors are easily attracted by the attractive conditions of the ad, no investment in the project on the investigation, this is bound to be a great risk. How to join the market? Fancy a beauty salon to join the project or an investment direction, collect first-hand information on the scene, and the person in charge of the brand is very necessary. Regular brands will be required to join a certain financial strength, and after a rigorous investigation in order to be able to join the project. read more

One cup of steak chowhound bonanza to join

choose a good venture to join the project, is the first step in the success of our business! One cup of steak chowhound? The best choice for business with a small capital venture. Join one cup of steak chowhound, with something of the brand, trustworthy!

one steak cup chowhound changed consumer cognition for steak delicacy, and steak delicacy has brought new market to enjoy delicious. Let the steak and drink a cup of collocation, steak cup can also eat and drink, the top steak, shrimp, fries, with crisp unboiled water Lingling vitamin, a variety of delicious free collocation, lower to drink, you can also install beer. A cup of double enjoyment, so new delicious tongue one cup will chowhound steak is very popular in the market. read more

Maternal and child market small business – join optimization

maternal and child market development, we are all obvious. Small business investment in the choice of maternal and child market, no doubt, is very business opportunities, with the strength of choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust, it is worth joining!

mom and pop stores shopping guide, maternal and child supplies store should be the main social marketing. Micro " quotient, is an important new capacity of maternal and child living museum shopping guide marketing. Of course, we are talking about the micro " business, is WeChat emotional intelligence, how to establish a good mutual trust with customers through WeChat, and thus recommend more quality products, maternal and child supplies store is a new topic of the shopping guide. read more

To open a tea shop to which cost investment – net

tea drinks to join the project has been a popular project by investors, because the cost of investment is relatively small, a few million will be able to run a milk tea shop. Of course, there are still a lot of people want to know how much money to invest in a milk tea shop, which is the most concerned about the issue of investors. So open a tea shop what cost investment needs.

first: store rent

tea shop in the general situation in the best location in the commercial street, community, schools and so on, because people here are already young groups based, are very fond of drinking milk tea and have enough spending power. Of course, the location of each place is different, store rent will be different. read more

Good filial piety medical equipment stores can not miss good opportunities

with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we gradually improve the demand for health. Nowadays, in our life, aging is becoming more and more serious. The birth of good filial piety medical equipment, is the very choice of market development. Good filial piety medical devices to join the project, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

good filial piety medical device product vision is divided into three steps of the strategy, the recent lay the foundation for the development of medical devices every year to join the store in, the annual sales growth rate of not less than 55%. Perfect the provincial branch, good filial piety to support customer medical appliance stores, open one into a fire, a medical device product brand built! The mid – 3000 stable 2000 good filial piety medical appliance stores, set up 5 large-scale distribution centers in the country, the establishment of a good business school to establish good filial piety, filial piety brand the industry position, 100 good filial piety trademark products. Long term success of the listing of the use of good filial piety medical device products group’s financing platform, the introduction of venture capital (VC) and private equity funds (PE), public offering (IPO) listed on the gem. Allow franchisees to share dividends with outstanding employees. read more