Xinjiang University Park to create a talent to attract foreign students to return

talent is a very important part in the modern society, especially in some high-tech talent, is very important for the development of the whole society, there are many places in return to launch some policies to attract some foreign talents.

7 on Sept. 21, 18 overseas returnees background and furniture enterprises in Urumqi national economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutun River District) new soft Powerise building, after screening assessment, the first batch of 10 enterprises to enter Xinjiang Overseas Students Pioneer park. Xinjiang is currently the largest, is committed to creating high-end innovative talents and technology highlands of Xinjiang Pioneer Park, after 5 years of construction, the park opened soon. read more

What are the main elements of snack bar location

in the operation of the snack bar, we have to choose a good location. Good location, high popularity, the market is large, you can bring a lot of wealth. Operating snack bar, we have to do a good job shop location, the following several location elements, we have to remember. So, what are the main elements of the snack bar location?

1, look at real estate prices

snack chain stores to look at the real estate prices, the level of consumption of high-end real estate owners is also high, the old city can also see second-hand housing prices. High prices, indicating that the crowd here is very strong consumer spending, for the convenience of open chain stores read more

What do we need to do good tea to join a store

        has a very long history, the spread of tea culture nowadays, tea culture plays a significant role in our life, many entrepreneurs are thought to open a rich cultural atmosphere of the tea shop, then a good tea stores we need to do what? This contains a lot of skills, but let the following Xiaobian for everyone to analyze it.

        tea shops to profitability, first of all to reduce costs, because the lower the cost, the greater the profit space. Therefore, the tea shop franchisee in the investment in the tea shop, do not borrow usury increase their pressure and cost, planning a good number of goods, do not blindly purchase, resulting in product backlog. About the problems in the purchase quantity, before joining will be negotiated with the franchisee, avoid the accident appeared in the days after the operation. Customers are an important guarantee of income, there is no customer, it can not talk about income. read more

What are the joint sales skills

although many shopkeepers have been aware of the importance of joint sales, also have a good time, sales however, but because the skills are not able to master, so they will not be able to sell more products, naturally there is no way to create more profits. So, what are the joint sales skills?

1. strives to increase customer value. The purpose of joint sales is not only to enhance the store’s customer price and performance, but also to bring the greatest value and benefits to customers, so that customer satisfaction. read more

Why not join the restaurant chain

now, the food and beverage industry as a sunrise industry in many industries, there is a lot of room for development, highly valued by franchisees. Choose a good brand is a prerequisite for the success of the investment business. A lot of food and beverage brands to join the business will fail?

read more

What business is suitable for small towns

when it comes to doing business, people’s eyes always put in a big city like North Canton like, there is a natural concept that big city business to make money, but often ignore the business risk problem of big city. Once the failure of the business may lead you to never stand up, in fact, sometimes take a step back and look at the scenery may be more beautiful.

authoritative statistics show: 333 prefecture level city China, 2859 county-level city, 40828 towns, so that small towns have a broad market prospect, a good choice is entrepreneurship, but what to do business in a small town is suitable? May wish to invest the smell of lead crock fast food, thirty thousand or forty thousand can shop, 24 hours read more

How to become a winner

Wahaha is probably a well-known brand in the country, it can be said to be a big winner in the beverage industry, but we know how Wahaha is today’s great cause? Do not worry, today, we describe the development of Wahaha road.

1987, when he was wearing a straw hat, riding on the flat car street, selling popsicle, stationery was also not think after 10 years he will be a man about China beverage market. At that time, he had only a dream.

15 years later, he made his dream come true. 15 years, he has built a beverage kingdom. Today, the "little" has grown to have assets of 5 billion 500 million yuan, 19 provinces and cities in the country has built more than 50 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries, the annual sales income will reach 7 billion yuan of the largest food and beverage giant China. 2002 1 to July, Wahaha beverage production reached 2 million 120 thousand tons, accounting for the country’s total share of the same industry read more

Quanzhou city Internet plus entrepreneurial contest starts

nowadays college students’ entrepreneurship has welcomed, governments in order to help and promote the society of college students entrepreneurship, introduced many new measures, recently in Quanzhou City, launched the "Internet plus" College Students’ Entrepreneurship competition.

rewards to encourage students to entrepreneurship, you will be next? Reporters learned yesterday, to further build our city public business innovation, "a good social atmosphere, guide and encourage more students to start their own businesses, jointly organized by the city people club Bureau, Education Bureau and the Quanzhou Evening News" Internet plus "College Students’ entrepreneurship competition now start, end in mid December. The contest set rewards to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, the first prize will receive 100 thousand yuan bonus. read more

Rotary small pot site should pay attention to what issues

rotary small hot pot is common in our lives, is the vast number of consumers are like, with a huge consumer groups, the market potential is huge. So, how to run a small rotary hot pot site? Site should pay attention to what issues?

is a small rotary Hot pot project is now more popular Hot pot industry, this model not only to attract more consumers, to a certain extent also reduced the expenses. What is the special attention of the small hot pot?

rotary small Hot pot special attention competition in read more

How to find their own clothing supply

engaged in the sale of clothing business, regardless of whether or not to open an online shop, but around the search for clothing supply. How to find a good source of clothing, so many operators headache. Suitable for the supply of goods not only to the quality of the new style of clothing, but also need to cooperate with your clothing store business plan.

1. operators in each garment before purchasing must develop a certain purchase plan

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Pet market opportunities

Yi Kang home cooking machine pet is our good partner, how to find other people in the field of pet did not find their own business opportunities, investors want to see. In fact, there are a lot of pet related entrepreneurial projects to be developed, let us look at it!

1, cleaning up dog poop services, whether you believe it or not, you can live a very comfortable life by setting up a service company to clean up dog feces in your community. This is a very easy to create business, it requires little investment, no professional skills, and only need to operate the smallest amount of machinery and equipment. read more

When Shi Yuzhu on Ma Huateng

, who is Shi Yuzhu? He has set off another legend in the Chinese business world, and Ma Huateng? Used QQ people, are using his products. One day, such two people on the, will be how to rub out the spark? And let us wait and see!

all around, has always been the lone giant boss Shi Yuzhu hands toward the Tencent boss Ma Huateng, this is a special handshake – it seems to show a decline in the domestic online games market pattern, the joint operation of the market will become the mainstream, a new mode of operation of online games will officially begin. read more

What are the factors of attention in flower shop display

open a flower shop is related to the content is very much, if you want to successfully open a flower shop, naturally you need to do all aspects of the work done in place. And in the process of the entire flower shop, flower shop display also has a very important part of nature, there are a lot of attention we need to pay attention to. So, what are the factors that show attention?

The highest principle of

florist’s arrangement is to give the flower high enough status. In the north of our country, a lot of flowers in the flower shop do not pay enough attention to this. Most of the flowers are placed in plastic buckets or placed directly on the ground. But in many places in the south, the florist flowers will be divided into small bunches, inserted in the exquisite glass vase, and then placed in the high table, so their flowers can sell better price, and will sell better. read more

Ten automatic smokeless barbecue fragrance rinses join delicacy good business opportunities – Networ

in fact, we can not resist the most delicious food. Small business choose to join the food industry, is also very wise, very choice of business opportunities is not it? Today Xiaobian to recommend about ten miles of automatic smoke barbecue barbecue bar? Trusted choice!

ten automatic smokeless barbecue fragrance rinses, bring new change to the barbecue! Not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also allows diners to participate, their own baking food, the equipment is y automatic without manual flip, diners in the process of consumption can also entertain, and ten fragrance automatic smokeless barbecue rinse it is not affected by geography the environment and season, throughout the year no off-season, and a miracle created Chinese catering! Provides faster more broad road to riches for the majority of investors! 2013 what shop the most money? Please join in ten fragrance rinse to bake read more

Nail shop should be how to operate to make money

beauty is the nature of every woman, always in the beautiful path, Manicure is beautiful, the beauty of the heart, the person all has, more and more women are beauty, even the little nails are to maintain the beauty! Now the market has a lot of nail shop, have a broad market, so is not every nail shop business is very hot? No, look at the nail shop should be how to operate to make money!

first, do a good nail products. Some nail shop in order to pursue high profits, the introduction of inferior nail products, to the health of the customer a great harm. As everyone knows, eager to pursue immediate interests, nail shop will lose more customers. Therefore, entrepreneurs should introduce qualified nail products in the store to form a standardized management model. read more

How to gold from the idle trademark

why other people can start a business, but we can’t, why others can find business opportunities but we can’t? It is hard to imagine that many people will have a huge business opportunity. Because of the lack of awareness of the social security of the unused trademarks, nowadays, the idle trade mark is very few, very few people from the unused trademark". In the end how many business opportunities hidden in the trademark, and now Xiaobian take you to see how the gold from the unused trademark. read more

Analysis on the equipment investment cost of the dry cleaning store

said the three hundred and sixty line, the line out of the champion, dry cleaning industry is also the case, the first step is to open a dry cleaning shop to locate.

now more and more people want to embark on the road to get rich through their own businesses, and before that, the most important thing is how to choose the industry projects, with good projects also need to do a good job in market positioning. As for those who want to invest in dry cleaners to join the venture, not all dry cleaners are suitable for each entrepreneur, according to their actual situation to choose the right business model and scale. read more