The network business is one man proposes, succeed

if one thing has 100% certainty to do, and even the opportunity to enter the office are gone, there are 50% to do, perhaps half of the opportunity, 30% of the dry, there should be a one hundred percent chance. Success or failure, all on their own efforts, they each half. Venture or director or need adventure! I believe you also is the man proposes,


1973, the United States of Liverpool City, a young man named Colette, admitted to the Harvard University in the United States, and he always sat in class together is a 18 year old American boy. University of the second grade that year, the young man and Colette in consultation with the drop out, to develop the 32Bit financial software, because the new textbooks, has solved the problem of the transformation path of the binary system. At that time, Colette was very surprised. For he came here to study, not to make fun of. Besides the Bit system, Dr. Moers only taught for a little, to develop the 32Bit financial software, not all the courses of the school through college is not possible. He politely turned down the young man’s invitation. 10 years later, become klaette Computer Department of Harvard University doctoral student Bit; the school boy is in this year, such as the United States into the "Forbes" magazine list of billionaires. In 1992, Colette continue their studies to get a doctorate; the American boy’s personal assets, in the year after the Wall Street tycoon Buffett, $6 billion 500 million, became the second richest. In 1995, klaette felt that he had enough knowledge to study and develop 32Bit financial software, while the young man had bypassed the Bit system and developed Eip financial software. It is 1500 times faster than Bit, and occupied the global market in two weeks, this year he became the richest man in the world, a representative of the name of success and wealth — Bill · Gates also spread to every corner of the world. read more

You do not know a few women’s clothing marketing skills

if the entrepreneurial choice of the highest popularity of several projects, I believe there must be the presence of women’s clothing store. Women’s clothing shop is a lot of women entrepreneurs can think of the first choice. Venture capital is a very good choice, we all know that women like to go shopping, to a large extent, women’s clothing sales is better than the same type of product, then the investment, then how to operate it? Today, we will introduce the women’s store marketing skills. read more

See how I can improve the enthusiasm of members of the industry website

once wrote an article "the member is the website development way" article, since the members, so how can the member long time glued industry website, let them more to use your service? Believe this is every webmaster at night and think of problem I do, Chinese construction machinery network also had a period of time, the members every day in the unceasing increase, but can be very good to keep members of long time use of Web services is not too easy, I used some methods below, hope and more stationmaster friends to discuss what better. read more

See how it changes the home page for two times in a day

black and white but every day I will go, his software download is used CGI to achieve, and page updates and articles browsing part use is ASP, the program is the pioneer network from ASP got the original program. ASP pioneer network where the ASP management program is currently very popular on the Internet, I have seen a lot of places to do their own software and the management procedures, in fact, I can not help but set a later changed to their own use:


well, now that you have time, you can’t help but see what bugs they’ve got on the ASP program, and why not use my smashing pumpkin and ~ read more

Now the network sales website sub station construction module analysis

more than a year after the website optimization study! You asked me how to optimize a cosmetics store! In strong demand of users, now I have used the experience to tell you! It’s not the best! But before doing e-commerce website construction! This is a more reasonable, what products your web site sales, the product segments construction station, so visitors can better find the corresponding answer. Let’s share more experience! Now the network sales website, sub station construction module analysis, recently opened a network sales cosmetics website read more

SNS open platform is bound to vertically fine differentiation

SNS, an open social platform,

SNS, social network services, is not just a network product, but more like a network operation platform. Is undoubtedly the most successful Internet application today, but also a widely optimistic product, social is the root of SNS, all based on social behavior between people.

is open from beginning to end is the lifeline of the Internet, without opening, there is no Internet today. Internet life genes determine all websites and companies that rely on the Internet to survive. Only by opening up can they find the space to extend their lives. read more

Advertising alliance is the first choice for network advertising marketing

advertising alliance is one of the main ways of network marketing advertising effect, the author understands, and traditional Internet advertising (such as Sina search, etc.) compared to the former main purpose is to enhance the promotion of enterprise sales performance, the main goal of the latter is to establish a corporate image and brand. With the further development and segmentation of online advertising, advertisers on the Internet are becoming more and more demanding the actual effect of marketing, and the mere amount of browsing has not been able to meet the advertising needs of advertisers. Then, how to combine the advertising effect with the advertiser’s ROI (ROI) will depend on how much advertising can be achieved. read more

A few points that need to be grasped when running a website

Although the threshold of the

website is low, it is not easy to do so well.

one is to have high quality web addresses. Although this is clear to all, it has not aroused the special attention of our comrades. The website is a web site that provides services for Internet users through the provision of classified Web sites. In fact, many web sites are built by downloading and using other web sites. They do not deal with the existing URLs in the program. This will lead to outdated and outdated web site information, and so on, which will seriously affect the application experience of Internet users. Just think, when you use a web site, often encounter sites to go into the site, not open phenomenon, even though it was built more beautiful, you also want to revisit? So, site construction must be to improve the quality in the first place. Only high-quality web site, there will be high-quality service. read more

Be the tourist station master. Are you ready

webmaster friends feel now the tourism website cheetos. According to the classification of the target market, can be divided into:

, direct travel website:

1, intermediary type: Bridge function. Use high click rate, excellent website interface, convenient mode of operation, attract the vast numbers of tourists to enter the website. Revenue sources are mainly tourist agencies that advertise on the web. Travel agency, hotel, etc. Site operators are not engaged in tourism. Such excellent website: 51766, sina Lotour. read more

A rookie stumbled on the road to build a station

from a do not know the basic elements of the page should be what is the site of the rookie, and now finally know to complete a web site to go through what people’s efforts, it took about a year before and after.

The first stop on

‘s hand is a website for information exchange in real estate, which is discussed by people in the team. When the site is built, the elements of the page do not know where to put it. With the help of art and programming, it finally stumbled into a station. Because the information under the table finishing homework done a lot of information useful. Gradually there is popularity. Use a lot of locals. read more

Case study discussion —- is optimization optimized

discussion — "to optimize" is not optimized,


a month ago to a friend introduced a diagnosis of the site, said the situation is very bad, the site to find a lot of expert diagnosis and do optimization, but still is right down the state, and included also began to decrease, the home page is the first row, began to risk being K station, holding try, I promised to help see reluctantly, many experts are powerless whereas before, I have no guarantee to each other what.

said the results: after a month of modified toss, website has made a big change, key recovery from 0 to more than 500, Baidu weight increased to 3, every day from Baidu to IP more than 10 thousand, is to give each other a good account of the. read more

Adsense on’s electricity supplier strategy success or failure geometry

business platform now as the most rapid growth of the industry, has attracted a lot of attention, in addition to the traditional Ali, Jingdong, traditional traders began to frequent contact in the field, one of the most famous was Suning and gome. And among them, Suning’s integration of electricity providers and cloud providers, electricity supplier concept is more advanced.

in fact, when it comes to Suning platform strategy, can be used to describe a long time. As a leader of the traditional electricity providers, Suning for mobile Internet coveted and the concept of the electricity supplier industry are favored already have heard, online and offline to expand the price, plus the acquisition of Haier and many other small brand resources, Suning strategy can be said to be the money and resources to support the. read more

How to choose friendship link reasonably

link correlation analysis report

in the optimization process, the external link is one of the most basic and the most important methods. How should we make effective link switching?. So choose the link,


search engines clearly point out that the relevance of links for web related keywords is far greater than that of non relevant links.

, for example, such as the main content of the website is the website, network technology aspects, that is to say if this kind of website and Links, will deepen the impression of the search engine for my website to such keywords, keyword ranking. read more

How can a skilled man be a good webmaster

Who is my

, "Career Academy network may have seen China entrepreneur" people understand me, if you haven’t seen before, "Chinese suggest that you enter Career Academy network entrepreneur" look at Baidu, because this record, I started from the Internet for 06 years, until today, never give up, tell a difficult stationmaster determined to start the story, just for the Internet industry in the webmaster, have very good experience. I know people who know that I am not in network technology, until today, may in the eyes of outsiders is a fool, or a madman, a technician once and I together tells a joke, he said, Qigihar Internet industry, you are the most solid results, I can the future is two, Qigihar is one of the birth of a great entrepreneur, the entrepreneur like cattle and Ma, or the Qigihar mental hospital in a mental patient, no matter what, I adore you, because the great and mental illness were similar, are talking nonsense. The difference is one that people want to hear, say people ignore a. read more

Baidu senior product operator core user mining and operating strategies

lead: everybody says to want to be core user now, but, why should do core user? What is the ultimate meaning of core users? First make clear the purpose, and the other is the means.


Why can

Internet products attract so many users?

first, content quality. The core user is often the producer of these content.

second, after the product development, on-line, and then do differential operations. After running for some time, it may be found that some users have shifted, and can not always be active, but the core user is content producer, then the new content will certainly bring new activity. read more

Learning to give up is also a kind of wisdom

I started the website in 2006. I didn’t know what the website was and what was the forum, so I got a forum from the beginning. As a result, we did not make a difference. Then gave up the forum, again in 2007, after October began to engage in Web sites.

2007 November first website "my thumb house Literature Network officially launched Operation (and I am not a person to do, but by the 9 person cooperation initiated, can look at the past I wrote" my two years of experience – site selection partner "). But for all sorts of reasons, two friends left at the same time. The site has only 7 of us left. In any case, the site will always run, we have developed a detailed division of labor and tasks. Since 2008 February, the site has been functioning normally, even though it has been attacked. I also managed to survive the virus. The site is fine, too. Although the flow rate is not satisfactory, we can also use the intentions of the situation. To stay. read more

Do not go into subjective trap, website construction, user feeling is very important

website looks good, can not say it yourself. From a relatively scientific point of view, the site design meets VIS requirements, the function meets the established development requirements, it should be more from the user’s point of view, consider the user’s feelings. However, the reality is not the case, how the website is designed and how to make it, more depends on the subjective consciousness of the website organizer or the website designer. Who pays, who says, in the small and medium-sized enterprise website construction market performance is particularly prominent. LOGO must be large, the name of the company to be eye-catching design color to gaudy, the website must add background music, most website is in crudely made to ignore the user experience under the guidance of the subjective consciousness. From the following aspects, how much site construction, production of subjective consciousness trap, may be perceived one or two. read more

Horse Grassland Forum webmaster three discipline, eight attention

in the network site, a considerable part of BBS type website. In the webmaster, and a considerable part of the novice. As a webmaster forum, the forum in nearly four years of construction in settling down some do stand experience, these so-called experience for elders who stand hand naturally but not to be taken as an example, for those who believe that individual couples just stepped into the door of the station, it is some of the most basic rules and precautions do stand.

everything has its own law of development, and the website is no exception. In the process from the website rookie to the website hero, there are three major disciplines and eight attentions, you have to pay attention to and study, and persevere in the actual combat. The following content focuses on for the first time to do BBS webmaster, other experts can skip directly. read more

Compare the ten outstanding local talent recruitment websites in the Haixi Economic Zone

compares the ten outstanding local talent recruitment websites

in the Haixi Economic Zone

with the "Zhaopin" inner bar outbreak, many people turn their eyes to the local talent recruitment network, this is not false. After careful screening and comparison, we have sorted out the ten major talent recruitment websites in Southern Fujian Province for reference.

first Strait talent network, in Fujian, this is a veteran hero, as ever, the profit ability is quite strong, and it is the credibility of the government, thriving; read more

Alternative user experience for website optimization

really determines the site traffic is the text, but the text is not the majority of people believe that the original parts and original ideas, and formulation of novel and excellent writing, these are not, even if only a bad article brought the slobber put all sorts of things together that is far more than these flow. Those that bring traffic are those that attract readers’ attention, and writing what users want to see really brings traffic. Please don’t get me wrong. I’ll explain it in detail in the following text. read more