The novice with five key Shanghai dragon must master

second: cultivate interest, in order to adhere to the.

with the development of the Internet, personal website also gradually into people’s attention, and this trend is a get out of hand. More and more people join the group, of course, it has also become a method for everyone to get rich. But we must know that the the Great Wall is not build in one day, so I advise some not what people don’t wolf perseverance time here, follow the trend can not take. Here is what I do in the novice some experience, I hope to help you. read more

The ingenious combination of user search habits mining site keywords

, a brand search habits


for mining methods I believe we have seen a lot, also know a lot of mining methods. But for the majority of owners, even if many of the mining methods but still more dependent on Shanghai love index, search drop-down box, search the three places to dig. In fact, through the three ways have been difficult to dig into the right keywords, after all, there are millions of webmaster, if there are one hundred thousand owners to use this method to mining, so the degree of competition on a straight line. So, for the owners of mining keywords, should not be too dependent on the common use, sometimes turn a corner, with some seemingly not actually very good way of mining keywords are more valuable and more accord with user search habits. Today I talk about the combination of user search habits to mining site keywords skills. read more

How about the new station outside the chain to make love Shanghai fast included

started when A5 is not registered with the signature, because your level is not enough, if you really want to go with the signature, you can call Sasa certified member to A5, so you can hang on to the A5 signature, the post, the effect is very good!

love Shanghai "Links platform", after the pre registration and then publish their several links, the effect is also very good, must remember to update every day, so that their own website on the front, for example go9go is very good.

if you stick to the site, but the love of Shanghai is not included in your site, then I suggest you to check your site space, space is likely to IP your love Shanghai pull into the blacklist, how to check the space? Is to find the site with IP, see if they included how to. If many are not included, then the space, this space no matter how hard you try to do is not. read more

From the station outside the station on site optimization optimization tips

site internal optimization, about 4 points. Each dot, it is very simple, it is not difficult to do. But take all 4 points together to plan, but also need to play the webmaster’s ability and cleverness. Clear relationship between each point, to many functions for internal optimization.

personally think site optimization should be divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization.

as the name suggests, the interior of the website optimization is. The internal optimization including content, structure, layout, and other aspects of the plate. read more

How to drive the rise and development of the use of soft website weight

if a man can be ten years like a day to do one thing, then this person must be successful. The most fundamental reason of success is to insist on. If we take one thing to the end, it certainly is if people like. Two days fishing nets three days of drying practices, will only make the chance and you lost. Someone said, God will love only those who are prepared. Every one of us don’t give up halfway. When we decided to do a thing, be brave to go forward. However, the one hundred step it only took ninety-nine steps, one step is not completed, the same conclusion is not successful. We do not have a good foundation. The site of the promotion of soft paper, work is regularly updated. The only regular update site, one day can accumulate steadily, chongshangyunxiao. The so-called criterionsingle blockbuster. A text is the site of the blood flow in the body slowly, make life more energetic. If the regular no new content, users will not to watch website. Only fresh things, in order to allow users to access the reason. The station may not know this. However, this is not a lot of people can do. Because regular update requires great perseverance, not one or two days. Soft paper to be updated regularly, arrival is a success. read more

Internal web site optimization web structure optimization methods

nonsense not say, today said "structure and internal links on how do best in Shanghai Longfeng, we all know that there is a" content is king "this sentence I think the true saying Shanghai dragon, before the comprehension of this sentence and today there is a difference, just on the rise of the Dragon Phoenix, search the engine for the user experience is not special attention, then the" content is king "understanding is only within the pages of quality and quantity, and now, the passage of time, the search engine has not used the younger A San, now in the focus on the user experience of the era," content is King "should also include: the structure and layout of the website is popular (the so-called mass is not only suitable for most of the web browsing experience for spider web navigation, taste) whether popular, if clear, internal Link structure is popular, web application, code is popular. But looks like how to understand these things, we can use the "content is king" to summarize, it had said this sentence predecessors got the Zhu Geliang face ah, do not admire. Specifically how popular read more

Google beta new search interface to cancel the black top navigation bar

Google official did not make any comment on the new online search interface, but the noble System baby Operating explain how the web version of Chrome OS function in Chrome, Firefox, tipwizard Opera.

Google announced Chrome OS application launcher ported to the Windows platform

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is Google beta new search interface

recently, the news that Google is testing a new search interface, new search interface will be integrated into the web version of Chrome OS application launcher. It is reported that the black traditional navigation bar at the top of the search interface will be cancelled by Chrome, OS and Android to replace the icon. The original black navigation content is moved to the top right of the interface, including options, and the application of Gmail + nobility baby. Click the "apply" button will appear in the drop-down menu, display more application services to sudoku. read more

Don’t go out for a walk and how do you know how much the world Shanghai Dragon

finally said that the recent circle of atmosphere is not a good phenomenon, in fact, this phenomenon is the circle of long-standing, it is the flicker, in Shanghai Longfeng education this one, some training institutions get what professional, finally give the students a diploma, or even say what Shanghai Dragon technology a few level certificate, I have received such recruitment, when the boss asked me to hire him, he took out.

well, may really some people do not believe that such a thing, some time ago someone mentioned this topic in the article said, what company of Shanghai dragon post most tend to not pay attention to rankings, conversion rate, potential customers like, I feel very strange, the boss will not want to make money, find a Shanghai dragon ER do not pay attention to rankings, and the conversion rate of money can do? Since the boss’s position, it is definitely not idiot, they will think that if this person takes me 6000 strokes of the salary to give me earn twelve thousand. If not, how can I let him earn more money than the 1000, but the bottom line is 6000. And that was the use of employees, regardless of whether he is in the hair of the chain or update the article, all not mention the boss to earn wages cost, it can be said that there is no entry Shanghai dragon this occupation. read more

Analysis of the causes of March 15th love Shanghai right down on most websites


three, enterprise website to highlight the company’s news / news


, a text on the percentage of the whole page is very low

news no one! Your business website should show the user valuable things, also is to show you to provide products or services, rather than doing a popular business website in order to pursue and to put some users do not need the company news or industry news. You might say, you find these articles or people, traffic is still relatively high. I can tell you that these hits are your fellow Shanghai dragon er who have come to you to find the cause. read more

Dry cargo sharing 50 sites chain maintenance, how do I fix


for chain artifact and register a member login (you can find love Shanghai

until some time ago when I stand online query Links in love to see a link for the platform, called for chain artifact, try holding the mentality to use it, the effect is really good, it is also very rich resources, greatly enhance our friendship link exchange specialist work efficiency now, don’t need to go to the post every day, go to the QQ mass advertising, landing every day for chain artifact, in exchange inside the hall screen about the right website after the match point for the direct exchange of OK, before every day have to work overtime every day to complete the transfer chain, now spend half a day to complete the index, thank you very much change the chain artifact of the author, let us enhance the work efficiency. read more

2014 site optimization way where


first, to emphasize the quality, the number of followers, in fact, we should be objective to understand this sentence, high quality does not refer to the original, but the user experience is the only value of the information is the most reasonable information to the user, so the quality will be high, only in this way can true love to taste Shanghai, said more frankly, that is as long as the customer needs, even if love is reproduced in the article has also been recognized by Shanghai, also can obtain very high quality, in addition to this is the number of words, to give a simple example, because Shanghai is love to analyze for the weight of the website, a lot of the time needed for a number of support, the most simple is if a website only one article, I believe that the high quality website Don’t love Shanghai for sure, on the premise of ensuring the quality, I hope everyone can from the number of a lot of checks, of course, this is a long-term work, not overnight, not three days fishing nets two days of drying read more

Five classification of the user experience

everyone on the website of the habits are not the same, the functional requirements are not the same, to achieve the best user experience is only to take care of the main objectives of the needs of the audience, thus to realize the optimization of the user experience, is one of the premise must be to your target audience well. Therefore, to have a background of detailed investigation, analysis of properties of the target audience, demand analysis and their behavior characteristics, so as to achieve the targeted website user experience optimization objective. read more

Discussion three points to create the search engine ranking first

website optimization, the author also explained all the various methods of website ranking well, which is the most important keyword strategy and overall web page quality. The former is related to the needs of users search, the latter is the embodiment of the meet user experience degree. Overall, keywords settings is the foundation work together to optimize the structure of the page, the quality is the key site optimization.

second, a high quality page, to meet the needs of users.

precise positioning of keywords to search words or demand, namely the search engine drop-down and tail related vocabulary words are recommended in the current more popular user demand, combined with the website product keywords matching, can obtain the site keywords mass, which can not only determine the website main keywords can also determine the inside pages of the pan long tail word. read more

Guo Yeye look at the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon weight from business

looks like a raging fire every day I have to contest, look at rankings. Recently, a bit cold, love Shanghai search results, in addition to home three home sites, are within the page, which is the first official website, that is to say, only two participants have the website home page. Love Shanghai for weight determination, after this period of observation, a little more clear. Pay attention to electric district, Shanghai focus on love in the distribution of the weight, weight means ranking, means the amount collected. My IP is Wuhan, different search results in different areas we should know. The Wuhan regional business rankings, do a simple phenomenon record. read more

Add the manual and related Tag will help improve included

manual plus tag included the increase in number of

look at all the new sites included the home page of the wise remark of an experienced person, time in 3 days to N days in Shanghai and submitted to love Google after a period of study in the legend of the need during this period. My station is at the end of 2010 the station, at the end of the 3 page ranking will rise to the first page of the first, is very slow. (taking) with


station was included in the time

is on the verge of K included Jedi read more

Exchange Links principle rather than not heavy clutter measure

first, correlation Links. The content of the website can improve the quality of the mutual correlation between weight and keywords ranking website. At the same time also can communication between peer website promotion experience, learn from each other. Perhaps from that their method is more suitable for you. But note that not the same city or the same as the keyword link exchange.

third, don’t care about PR. I am in the link exchange process, see my website PR without his high, very despise my website. As one of important factors of website quality PR, currently in the fall in love with the sea is not too suitable, we consider the quality of the website needs global reference. For example, we can refer to the snapshot and included, and included more than. PR is useful only as a reference factor. read more

Many details can change the results

3, description focuses on the written description, this is the key, all know the importance of keywords now a is not so high, so the focus must be written to describe the requirements described, will no longer say I talk about the main details.

Attention to detail:

details: the title should be attractive, not what the best what is good, the key lies in the central core to highlight your website highlights, let a person see your site had an impulse to look into the points on a look, this one can appeal to refer to some network hot news headlines this pattern and learn the strengths of others to make their sites more attractive. (this station is at the beginning of the title is too long is completely with keywords accumulation) read more

Love Shanghai weight full resolution shortcut to make your website with high weight

1, cheat. The weight is usually the most common decrease because of cheating, once love Shanghai identified as cheating, even if your site then regressed, again good, right to be reduced is duly completed without consulting;

The weight of love 2,

improve the site’s weight value is a target network promotion, whether the chain optimization and updating of the station or station issued, its purpose was for the site’s ranking and weight service. So, a website of the weight value determined by the website ranking and a series of cases. read more

A cognitive analysis of the five ways of realizing the keyword search

two, through special labels focused

, a reasonable upgrade keyword density


in the past few years, when the search engine and website optimization has just started, the repeated keywords indeed can effectively enhance the website weight, thus get keywords ranking. This method is now, if used properly, can effectively make the search engine to perceive website purpose. Unfortunately, due to the large number of optimization cheating, and obtain ranking by stack keywords, search engine cheating happens from time to time. Now although the keyword density is still an important reference for the search engine weight, but the effect has been gradually weakened. Although the proposal has given master keyword density of 2%-8%, but some sites some keyword density is not high, its ranking was as before. read more

Google found the original secret identification

didn’t plan to write about Shanghai Longfeng issue, because the subject of telling the truth is not worthwhile, lie and not my style. But after finished the test, a noble baby, one of emails from readers questioned, today write a little bit. Two years ago, I have GG and diffuse similar views, for two years, I may be Chinese use Google and other search engines for the most personal user, I got a few special server to grab every 24 hours of search engine search results of analysis. I can tell you the conclusion is that today’s Google, Google has not two years ago, it searches the above progress in Chinese is very obvious. GG man of Google’s point of view, at least in the test experiments, in general is not very correct. read more