My independent blog site optimization scheme


is not what you want to write what, but users want to see what you what to write, this is I think the most important aspect of a word, many people think that today he learned a new method, I think is very good, then write out, then found no ranking. No possibility of ranking is the feeling that you have very good value, not on behalf of the user feel very good value. >

website: 99% people to choose a template or imitation station, are readily available website, basically the others have been optimized, so there is no need for the optimization speed, as long as not too slow, the user can not feel, not what the majority of problems. Don’t be too tangled problem of slow. Don’t believe, you can download a CMS, buy a Ali and the server, after the installation, is absolutely can be opened in 3 seconds, and that little space speed optimization. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website and 301 setup instructions

through the 301 set and love Shanghai website tool combining revision information will be submitted can greatly reduce the site because of the loss of the revised flow brings to love Shanghai, realize the old and new sites close to loss free exchange.

two, in order to better solve the webmaster in the revision of the problems in Shanghai, love Webmaster Platform upcoming Website Tools:

3, set 301, immediately on the website will submit revision tools rules (detailed rules submitted will be presented in the revision tool launched). read more

Love Shanghai emphasizes the search experience without background technology without worrying prospe

is more than love Shanghai for this large-scale K station, additional complaints after the entrance of the webmaster complaints feedback. We can see from the K station, only 3% of the site may be restored, 97% K stations won’t recover, Xiaobian own website also has two K, after nearly a month, Shanghai has not found love spiders visit, use of all Internet the spider method is still of no avail, thus come to a conclusion: this station in Shanghai love completely dead, love of spiders in Shanghai have this link will go around. read more

Website optimization is a part of the website construction

is a website of enterprise website, website, blog, forum website or website no matter, must be outside the station construction site. Because these websites need traffic support, if the site does not flow then there is no way to profit, and not profitable website there is no way to survive. Of course, some search sites are not have the purpose of profit, like public type website or government websites do not need to flow. Because of the nature of these sites is not profitable so their existence value is different, the government website is a symbol of authority, so that people can learn more in the online world of government information. But it is the public website for those who have a caring person, an understanding of public welfare activities or public welfare donation platform. But many public activities are now some large enterprises behind, enterprises also take the opportunity to enhance the corporate image. To understand the significance of the construction site outside the station, to the site of the station building? Is mainly through the following aspects: read more

How to determine the keywords competition degree


this tool can view a search term search frequency (and different from the actual number), but the webmaster can use the method to add keywords keywords your target keywords and broad comparison. I want to know if the gap between the "word novel" and "novel through" the exact range of keywords is much, so it is concluded that the latter level of competition.

index is a love Shanghai love Shanghai for the owners to provide the search word data tools, click here to enter. read more

Making love Shanghai sitemap index file and submit to love Shanghai

now do without love Shanghai, it is absolutely can not do it. Since Google out of China, love Shanghai has become the dominant search engine in Chinese. After the love from the Shanghai Webmaster Platform, many people find that in fact there are many functions are more important to us. For example, siteapp mobile phone terminal adaptive, with this tool you have instant mobile phone end also can easily have a mobile phone version of the web page. Because this function not only free, but the function is still very strong, but also can be made into APP. There are a lot of people how to submit to love Shanghai, love Shanghai asked the sitemap file indeed, now want to find the entrance is really difficult, love Shanghai in order to support the search this function, the sitemap function to search, so to submit the index file also requires you to use search tools. But many owners do not have this function, never mind, one can also make the love of Shanghai to speed up the search. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform mobile search bucket algorithm 2 update announcement

Hello! Some time ago to share with you about the love of Shanghai mobile search "bucket algorithm", an on-line algorithm, we find that most related sites have been adjusted, forcing the user to download the full screen or pop contained. But we found that there are a large number of sites still have serious influence on the use of user experience, the main performance is: full screen, mobile phone download in the page layout of a large area of advertising, the main content of occlusion force users to login before you can use a small problem. As follows: read more

Many important sites in the growth of Links in the end


from an objective point of view, we all want to change a condition of the friends of the chain, is the so-called "equal", of course, this is good, at least will reduce the risk. But, as a small website, or will the uneven level of the structure, so that we don’t too care about each other’s "origin", as long as a week are included, basically can do friends chain. But when the other side of the chain once the update, will make your website weight also increased, while ranking also point the day and await for it. read more

Optimization of automotive website is not a simple matter

can clearly see the update time was 13 years and 14 years, 15 years now is March mid, the editors are too lazy? So, we suggest that the most basic is to increase website content update frequency! We continue to look at the

to diagnosis under the directory page of Shanghai dragon

Description: A Well-Known Trademark in China chengliwei brand in four with manufacturers of waterwheel Dongfeng 3-20 tons sprinkler sprinkler reliable quality and price concessions, the company name is worthy of your most trusted partner! read more

Love the end of Shanghai open platform China station

what is the love of Shanghai open platform? In MS. Li Yanhong’s mouth, which is a high technology, and I think what the so-called "box calculation" high-tech, what, just a "lump" Flash only, and this so-called what technology, I believe that many China station can make the length function. Love Shanghai open platform, really open, even I think open than the Japanese AV actress also. The application of most of his open platform, some sites are from the Chinese provided data and function. read more

Shanghai love Tucao bad behavior bidding promotion

for promotion is bound to cause the waste of capital, although not set up children not a wolf, but for the grass-roots webmaster, do not bring economic pressure for promotion is hired to write a few articles can write some soft Wen as a necessary, because if there is no cold keyword bidding, it is necessary to do the bidding the keyword must be popular vocabulary, if you do not have sufficient funds, so the bidding operation funds to you is a big requirement, and even if the A5 or other forums to teach you to do the bidding of the tutorial, but is undeniable now everyone knows with "promotion" two words is the love of Shanghai advertising, and some friends for advertising hatred will be a direct result of our capital waste. read more

A bridge between the site and search engine with the title

then what a website title is a real love of the title


from Jiaxing, Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝 Jiaxing Hao network science and technology original, reproduced please link with

site title separator: whether or not the love Google defined Website Title separator which is better, through the analysis we can find the law Chinese website "_" underlined the search engine over love, English website is favored by "-" delimiter. We are from the major search engine itself can be seen. read more

Around the core keywords to create website ranking to rise above the common herd

said around the core keywords to build their own website, make the keyword ranking advantage? First, from the perspective of the user experience to analysis: focusing on the core keywords to build a website, the correlation is certainly very high, such as our website to soft core keywords, if the site inside existing articles, Shanghai dragon there are Internet articles, and network marketing article, then this site related to the content is more, if not good keywords layout, so this site will become very confusing, users came without a clear theme, this article has, that it looks relatively. So professional. read more

Foreign common electricity supplier of gold home design pattern

Artificial width is similar to

we can put the Shanghai dragon anchor text and some other links on the web page design, do not think it is a specific set of Shanghai dragon after the anchor text allows users to read, as shown in Figure 7 to "a more comprehensive look.

if you don’t have the right photo, trying to establish a complete width of the banner is very difficult, for example, you want to put the website homepage design width is about 960px, but your picture is 300-500px, so a lot of points in the foreign commerce website will adopt artificial width flag. read more

Some of the mainstream search engine principle

4.: the original database is used to store the spider crawling down the most primitive without any ranking pages.

6.: indexer indexer will transfer the value analysis of "module" is divided into forward index and inverted index. Forward index is to each web page segmentation into many keywords. The inverted index in turn every one of the words listed many pages and order them.


3.: spider web download controller is introduced into the controller. The controller is responsible for these pages were simple analysis such as fire and so on, the controller is responsible for disposal of spiders, arrange their crawling time, grasp ways and grasp objects etc.. The controller of all the URL extracted, divided into two kinds, one is to capture URL and capture url. All the URL pages to crawl over into the original database. read more

Shanghai needs to terminate a dragon

A lot of

: optimize site plan and

of course, we also need to develop the optimization plan, because the Shanghai dragon is a long-term project, if not to plan, you will be very difficult to work like it. Have you included long-term short-term will have to complete the work target and plan, can be said that every day you want to update the chain, how to obtain a ranking of keywords which section of the target, and how much is how long the goal of traffic.

In fact,

see here some readers will Tucao said, I a lot of resources, because a project has collected a lot of resources, this work can not be done. In fact, we need to see at this stage. read more

Shanghai dragon needs to pay attention to what important details

2, homogenization of serious

3, Tag tags over improper

proposed a revision: Although many hospitals emphasize the so-called original, but love Shanghai search mechanism is perfect, the homogenization of content has not been good, so adjust the direction for the formation of differentiation, the content of the form: topic, Wikipedia, quiz, creating high quality content love Shanghai recognized.

from the site of the whole structure, there must be a list of pages. Title Optimization page list few Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have been ignored. The list page needs to adjust and optimize Title Why? Because the list page title is often highly repetitive, such as: A5 list page second page title is still repeated: "interview – A5 webmaster network read more

Talk about enterprise website optimization problems

and related websites to Links, to the search engine, the chain links is of good quality, deepen the recognition of the search engine, and increase the website authoritative and professional. Only the site more professional than the readers, in order to interpret the potential customer confusion, so as to achieve the purpose of transaction. There is a phenomenon, Links flooding, no matter what the website of Links. How to link and some servers, plug-in, certificate class website, once the other site is k, also affected other websites. read more

The details of the preparations for the new station on the line

yes, you’re not wrong, this is at least Alan to their own requirements. Before the optimization of leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 station to see some people say that the owners do not have a high level of writing, I’m as they feel depressed, because can not write and self comfort? Reading, practice, set 100 long, grinding out their own experiences and thoughts, you will like the original. This point is particularly important for the new station.

of course, the new line has been included in the search engine for the major search engines are different. The general love of Shanghai is about to be included, in about three weeks or longer, 1~3 months are also common. The noble baby is different, for the new station, the noble baby is very friendly. In fact, we all understand that sometimes is not the search engine is not included in your site, but your article and website information sandbox, no release, the owners do not have to worry, writing original article, filling content is key. read more

The chain has a good use and what significance do you understand


chain is the most direct effect is to a great extent, can make your web site’s ranking, after all, this is their products get a allow more consumers to see a great opportunity. With its help, so if your product features relatively strong, so we have reason to believe that their products will have a very good sales, after all, their website can let more people see.

a lot of people when they are browsing the website ranking will feel that the quality of products is relatively good, so, they choose words on the Internet, they often will choose such products. This is now a lot of people when shopping online in a very important role in psychology and habits. So only the website rankings this is king, so if you have a good way. So, or to their own website rankings. With the chain 贵族宝贝kzwl贵族宝贝/: cool in the A5 webmaster first original release, reproduced please keep. read more