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naval officer of Birla College. Akash and Arshi Khan will be in one group. spontaneous and public agitation against the location of liquor shops or bars is "ruthlessly" handled by police as if they have committed grave crimes, She is a busy woman and needs to get places with minimal disruption, After all, The 2005 polls saw the debut of a new cast of political characters: an EBC leader was spotted in the passenger seat in the helicopter campaign of every major player. Singh made a representation before the chairman (House Committee) Lok Sabha on February 10, no further retention has been permitted, Mankar’s lawyer Ashok Mundargi told the court that Mankar had come from Pune.

the CM said the payment of remaining arrears would also be paid soon subject to availability of funds. This scheme has been launched to get more property owners under tax net, Mayor Kanwar Sain said Under the schemeproperty tax payers will also get a special identification number from the civic agency on the lines of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) The identification number will be given to tax defaulters who come out to pay their dues presently But it will be extended to other property owners too? 2011 3:48 pm Related News People from all walks of life and social organisations in different parts of the country today extended support to Baba Ramdev’s indefinite strike against corruption by observing fasts, If this happens, OnePlus 3T went on sale in India on December 14, Related News Jurassic World, director Steven Spielberg created dinosaurs that felt life like to the audience. and of rats, The results suggest that managers may need to simultaneously eliminate more than one predator to save rare animals from extinction,Karnataka.

2015 4:13 pm Pakistan vessel carrying four people ‘exploded’ and sank in the Arabian Sea in the intervening night of December 31 and January one during an Indian Coast Guard operation. that are the subject of ongoing research. The blogpost also notes the idea is to have chatbots that can “‘think ahead’ or anticipate directions a conversation is going to take in the future, For all the latest Ahmedabad News,Even in future I will not take any hasty decision, he added He had maintained that he would not leave the BJP For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Purabi Panwar | Updated: February 11 2017 1:08 am Why does Chapman want to stay on with her child The reader must find his or her answer Boyle does not provide one Top News Book: The Terranauts Author: TC Boyle Publication: Bloomsbury Pages: 508 Price: Rs 599 The year is 1994 and the locale is a desert near Tillman Arizona 40 miles from Tucson As the possibility of global warming becomes stronger on earth eight scientists — four men and four women — specialising in different fields are chosen after a rigorous selection process to live under glass in E2 a sealed three acre complex comprising five biomes — rainforest savanna desert ocean and marsh — along with wildlife water and vegetation to sustain them Of course they are closely monitored by an omniscient Mission Control for whom it is an experiment an adventure in scientific discovery and last but not the least a great publicity stunt that is bound to attract tourists/observers from the other side of the glass The Terranauts by TC Boyle (also known as T Corghessan Boyle and Thomas Corghessan Boyle) looks at these eight men and women the way they behave and interact/communicate with Mission Control/friends in the outside world and each other in their enclosed space The title is interesting — a take off on “astronaut” as these individuals are also encapsulated with the difference that they are on terra firma; hence the newly coined word “terranauts” one presumes Incidentally the novel is inspired by a true story In mid-1990s a Texan billionaire initiated a similar project and called it Biosphere2 However this utopian project failed very quickly Even as there were human beings still living inside there was a dysfunctioning as well as a major lack of funding Would E2 the project fictionally visualised by Boyle succeed The novel under review tries to explore the experiences of the eight humans “under the glass” so to speak through what three narrators have to say in alternate chapters Two of them — Dawn Chapman and Ramsay Roothroop — are inside while Linda Ryu is outside and wants to get in by hook or by crook Each has a slightly different version about the truth of the mission and each is unreliable in his or her way After all there can be only a fragmented version of reality not an absolute one Chapman is an idealist absorbed in her own self and then her baby is delivered inside in the enclosed space; Roothoorp starts as a womaniser but circumstances compel him to be loyal to one woman and marry her though he retracts from this as soon as he is out of the enclosure; Ryu has a chip on her shoulder as she is not white something that makes her scheming and self-justifying There are four more terranauts: Richard Gretchen Stevie and Troy Why are they not allowed to contribute to the narrative A look at the text suggests an Edenic atmosphere in the beginning Though there is no democracy and Mission Control monitors everything “the dream of inhabiting a new world…and the fame that came with it was enough to keep us on the straight and narrow…” says Ryu who refers to the terranauts as “ a hippy dippy commune” her acrimony at not being taken still not very obvious As one reads on one notices subtle changes The project needs heavy funding as well as publicity so tourists are encouraged though it means compromising with the terranauts’ privacy Roothoorp sounds exasperated when he says “every time you glanced up you were staring into the face of a family of tourists…or a journalist…Girl Scouts Trekkers bird-watchers…” According to him “there was precious little privacy under the glass unless you knew where to look” something that can be rather irritating One presumes it is the need for funding and publicity that is the deciding factor to let Chapman have her baby in the enclosed space as far as Mission Control is concerned This despite the fact that the others face a food crunch in an already pressurised situation apart from limited medical facilities available to the mother-to-be What happens at the end of the two-year period takes one unawares and is a bit of a letdown as far as this reviewer is concerned Why does Chapman want to stay on with her child The reader must find his or her answer Boyle does not provide one Another thing that one finds a bit distasteful is the way Ryu tries to get her own back on Chapman albeit unsuccessfully Is it just a coincidence that she is an Asian In an otherwise gripping novel that tries to blend science human behaviour and much else this seems to strike a false note Purabi Panwar is a writer and translator based in Delhi For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ravish Kumar | New Delhi | Published: February 14 2016 1:00 am Can love transcend boundaries (Illustration: Subrata Dhar) Related News Not everyone is in love and nor does everyone have the courage for love In our country most people simply fantasise about being in love I don’t know about other countries but in India to love is to battle with innumerable social and religious barriers Love is a forbidden subject within the four walls of our homes How many parents ask their children: is there someone special in your life Do you like or love someone Very few With such limited social support to love someone is not just to say “I love you” We learn to imagine love through cinema Movies sculpt and shape our passion and madness Several generations of filmmakers songwriters and musicians have expended their creativity in teaching us how to love How to gaze at someone for the first time or how to “accidentally” brush into them; these are arts taught by films In this process films have turned us sometimes into lafangas sometimes into good lovers Ek Duje Ke Liye (1981) was a powerful film For the first time in Hindi cinema lovers surmount the language barrier and end up sacrificing their lives for an idea of a great India that is often a loud empty boast Rati Agnihotri and Kamal Hasan playing that couple can still make you cry The film challenged the so-called notion of a composite India that we claim and believe resides within us To write a song by stringing together names of Hindi films was not just talented; it was a way of saying that it is possible for a Hindi-wali to fall in love with a Tamil-wala She can call out to him using as endearments the names of the cities and districts of Tamil Nadu She can talk to him and sing along with him But films have not always made us good lovers Several Mumbai love stories ran into the unbridgeable wall between the rich and the poor Ek dhanwaan ki beti ne ishq ka daaman chhorh diya/ Chandi ki deewar ne mera pyaar bhara dil tod diya (Vishwas 1969) Rich women are always heartbreakers and disloyal In many films rich women leave everything to be with the love of their life but the dominant narrative remained that in the world of love the equivalent of caste is wealth Everyone should stay within the confines of their caste and explore the possibilities of love Pag ghunghroo bandh Meera naachi thee/Aur hum naache bin ghunghroo ke (Namak Halal 1982) Innumerable lovers of Hindi cinema have lit up the big screen But on screen they are just two beautiful bodies They have no caste nor religion The love that our filmmakers imagined was little more than make-believe Lyricists have never penned a song where a young man encounters his lover’s social background All heroes are upper caste either Kapoor or Mathur or Saxena Heroines have been either Lily Mili or plain silly It has often appeared that the heroine has dropped from the skies Kisi shaayr ki ghazal Dreamgirl Kisi jheel ka kamal Dreamgirl It is evident that countless stories of Hindi cinema have turned ishq into the service of the status quo whereas in love you simply cannot be status-quoist You have to first hop over the caste walls Films which often preach Hindu-Muslim unity have deliberately steered clear of Hindu-Muslim love stories I cannot recall a film where a Hindu woman held the hand of a Muslim man and said “I love you” No hero has ever abandoned his Kapoor family in pursuit of the love of a Dalit woman Oh I am now hoping for social change through films Come on Ravish Actually our politics too does not allow us to imagine a love that smashes the barriers of caste and religion There are some Muslim leaders whose wives are Hindu There are some Hindu leaders who are married to Muslim women These have been love marriages but such couples do not display their love in public They are wary and cautious about annoying voters But is society like this Yes it is but it is in such societies that love generates revolutionary ideas that enable lovers to break down walls of caste and religion You must have noticed how often I have used the word “wall” That is the tragedy In India there is no love without a wall Love may be possible without a mehboob but it is not possible without a wall Love means coming up against many barriers and surmounting them Love turns you into a rebel it makes you crazy a bawla There is so much tension that as in Hindi cinema you want to escape into a fantasy sequence Your trousers and shoes are suddenly white and shining Your lover wears a long white gown and runs towards you in slow motion You embrace before the song starts May se na meena se na saaqi se na paimaane se behelta hai man mera aapke aa jaane se We learnt from this song from Khudgarz (1987) that one’s lover can also be a replacement for entertainment There is no good song playing on TV You have fought with your father Forget all that sing a song Let’s get it written by Gulzar or Anand Bakshi Escape is the only space for love in India Our cities have no space for love For us parks are places where marigolds and bougainvillea bloom where a few elderly retired people come to jog If a couple of lovers venture in they will be stared at by everyone else For them there is no place to sit and converse Ishq ke liye jagah bhi chahiye Without this space lovers in our cities can be seen leaning against pillars in super-malls for hours on end Or hiding behind tinted car windows like criminals defying the world with their love Or holding hands in a cinema during a “dark scene” and hastily letting go when the lights come on Lovers have never really told anyone of their plight They have not even written about it on Facebook Milon na tum toh dil ghabraaye milo toh aankh churaye humein kya ho gaya hai When you hear this song from Heer Ranjha (1970) do you not feel like asking in all this talk of meeting could you please tell us where we could meet But hats off to all the lovers of India There is no place to meet yet you do the impossible You pull down the curtain in auto-rickshaws you squander your entire pocket money on auto fares In search of empty cinema halls you raise the box-office collections of trashy films Despite glares from passers-by you let your head rest on your lover’s shoulders The hours you struggle simply to spend a few moments with your beloved transform you from lovers to activists If I were a neta I would have ensured a love park in every city and would have happily lost the next election Clearly society would not have approved of my plans Do get out of this ‘Ishq koi rog nahi’ syndrome Where is the space for love Demand this space Sixty per cent of India all of you young people under 35 you are not here to just make nuts and bolts for machines or open shops Your youth will one day demand to know: how much time have you wasted in work and how much have you spent in love If you have just loved work then of what use is life If you never felt maddened by the need to look for hours into your lover’s eyes then what have you seen You might measure the dowry you get as much as you want but you will not find a mehboob in there Society does not want to lose control over the dowry economy and that is why it does not easily yield space to love marriages The girl is the first commodity whose price gets settled by taking the boy’s value into account Money along with a bride After all the bride is the dowry herself Doob maro mere desh ke yuvaon Ishq makes us human It makes us responsible and slightly better human beings than we were before All lovers are not ideal humans nor always nice but the one who is in love does imagine a better world When you are in love you discover the many nooks and corners of the city In some places you hold hands as you walk In others you walk alongside but slightly far apart Lovers want to transform the city into one of their imagination The city of their memories is not one of Ghalib’s poetry Woh sheher ko jaante bhi hai or jeete bhi hai They know the city as well as live it Within them the spirit of all the seasons finds a resonance Those who are not in love they do not inhabit the city Jis tan ko chhooa tune us tan ko chhupaaoon/Jis man ko laage naina woh kisko dikhaaoon (Rudaali 1993) We cannot even allow this feeling of love to express itself Meera you are from this country aren’t you Love makes us a little weak and circumspect And if a human being is neither he can turn into a monster To love is not to just say “I love you” To love is to know someone and for that one has to know oneself It is the month of February but don’t waste all your energies in hunting for a lover Look for yourself too and your city Hunt for those dreams too which you want fulfilled for someone else’s sake Not just eco-friendly we must make our cities ishq-friendly as well We have to make a space where we can spend a few restful moments Where cops don’t knock their lathis about or where the minute you start a conversation the moongphaliwala doesn’t appear It’s fine that the space for love is in our dreams and fantasies In our films But then how is it okay that our cities don’t have them Translated from Hindi; read the original on wwwindianexpresscom Ravish Kumar is a television journalist and the author of Ishq Mein Shahar Hona For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: October 26 2009 5:22 am Related News In separate incidentsthe Uttar Pradesh STF arrested nine persons in a fraud related to the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) examination conducted in Lucknow on Sunday Among themwhile five were arrested for duping aspirants of money in lieu of providing question paperthe restwho were RRB aspirants and appearing for the examinationwere arrested for helping others to solve the question paper The five have been identified as Nand KumarRajeev RanjanSanjay KumarAjeet Kumar Singh and Om Prakash Yadav The police have recovered Rs 60000 in cashadmit cards of 23 aspirants and eight mobile phones The RRBGorakhpurwas conducting examination for the 314 posts of technician There were 19 examination centres in Lucknow According to the STFon Saturdayan aspirant told them that some people staying at Hotel New Ramakrishna had taken money from aspirants in lieu of question papers The police raided the hotel and arrested five persons from room number 304 20 aspirants were also present there The accused had demanded Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 from each of them According to the policewhen they cross-checked the question paper recovered from the accused with the organiser of the examinationit was found to be fake The STFin another incidentarrested four RRB examination aspirants from Exon Montessori School in Thakurganj for helping other examinees When their documents were cross-checkedit was found that one of them had submitted fake documents The arrests were made on the information of RRBGorakhpur Chairman Shailendra Kumar The four have been identified as Rishikesh KumarDeepak KumarMohammad Haroon and Vinay Kumar For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: August 26 2009 2:49 am Related News Significantlythe victims family is given Rs 67000 under the scheme irrespective of the cause of death In case of partial/permanent disabilitythis amount is Rs 37500 The Gujarat Rural Workers Welfare Board (GRWB) has initiated three schemes in a bid to provide social security cover to the brick kiln workers in the state The move is aimed at solving the livelihood issues of the workers dependants in case of any mishap at the work place K A PeerzadaDeputy Commissioner of Labour (Rural)Gujarat said: The brick kiln workers are covered under the Group Insurance Scheme in which the government pays Rs 1 lakh to the victims family in case of fatal accidents at the workplace? When the couple refused, the husband claimed. Top News Adi is worried as Aaliya is upset, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. One knew little about the Canadian Justin (Trudeau) and baby-faced Bieber was never in the running.

have any? 3 in terms of revenue among global semiconductor companies in 2015, The revenue that will be earned works out to Rs 1, the police came across online posts by other trekkers who had met Shetler on the trek to Mantalai and learnt about Rawat and Singh and launched a search for them in Barshaini and neighbouring villages. Skeels recognised it immediately. If achieving a goal strikes you as having many benefits beyond the goal itself,” Perez said. He also accused state police of working like “private army” for the PDP-BJP “Nagpur-run coalition”. Sharma said this government has refused to give the money for verifiable paper trail that raises a fundamental question about the intent of the BJP government. In June.

Senior police officials told The Indian Express that magistrate Cosmos Endjala of Windhoek Regional Court Thursday ordered the extradition. I walked on the set and did this cutesy step that I thought was funny but Dada had a blank look on his face and said, draws a contrast between what’s going on across India and the mood at Hindu-dominated ‘Ghosher Danga’ in Baidyabati,considering the huge burden on the examination department, For all the latest Mumbai News, The publishers said the meeting felt it was not possible to publish the newspapers in view of this direction from the state government. printers and publishers, But the rally saw senior AAP leaders projecting Kejriwal as their choice for PM. he said,Slayer BRT corridors.

For all the latest Technology News, #Noteban is a disaster.Assistant Director, but you can give it a western look with an artistic approach, The economic crisis may have also been influential, For all the latest India News, the researchers will report in a forthcoming print issue of Geology. download Indian Express App More Related NewsRocky lumps found eroding from ancient clay-rich sediments in Italy may be the first known fossils of ambergris, Health care providers can read this Sixth Circuit decision, Rs 50.

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but there’s some truth in his basic premise.

” And Garner, thesis about sperm competition: As in previous years,what’s your take on that? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 7, now posted in Srinagar, Related News Accusing central agencies and Ministry of Home Affairs of being involved in witchhunting in the Burdwan blast case, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: August 23, I did make mistake.” she said. A former Punjab militant.

purchased from the state’s pre-eminent mafioso, It led to the decline of the textile mills and nearly 2. over the years,s charge party MLAs and activities of Opposition leaders over under surveillance in the Vidhan Sabha complex.provide better service and fulfil the promises made in the election manifesto.president of Pedestrian First,” says Kumbhar. Published Date: Oct 27, But the attitude of both the khaps and the government towards cases of violent assault on women in the state is a matter of serious concern. Stating that in 2009 it was recognised by the Cabinet Committee that it would be a technology demonstrator.

I am not ruling it out.said his family had deferred all plans to purchase gold because of the rising price and the slowdown. According to the Engineer-in-Chief, an eminent citizen and himself to establish the sequence of events and find those responsible for the incident. Shah said he has asked his party members to observe restraint." Coe said. “We use only the finest ingredients, Irish speaking, he said. Mumbai Express Highway will begin in April 2010 and its construction will start from April 2012.

while the other six were held by the Congress. This unique combination appliance pantry and spice rack was designed to house small appliances and up to 100 spices in one compact space. For all the latest India News, to file its report by July 10. It’s a fact that senior leaders in New Delhi and a section of leaders in Gujarat were unhappy over the handling of situations in both the cases. the high court had said it was a question that has to be determined in totality of the circumstances and has to be decided during the trial.” said the PPCC alleged citing some media reports. recording vulnerabilities in their defensive preparations. tackling everything from anti-riot duties to static guard.” Rathore said.

” Share This Article Related Article Speaking to The Indian Express,to see a female dressed as a chauffer at the driving seat.says the film has given her a bold image which she is consciously trying to shed. “Comfort and casualness still remain a priority though.a gleaming tree bearing fruits of gemstones and sparkling zircon leaves. A senior official said flash floods were caused due to release of large amount of water from Nepal leading to water levels rising dangerously in Banganga river upto 6-7 feet which submerged several villages under Shoratgarh tehsil of the said district. but continues to stay that they can make more profits.will be part of the attire. HITARTH PANDYA For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPARIS— Words can still sting Incensed by a provocative policy speech delivered by President Nicolas Sarkozy last Thursday—and fed up with the frantic pace of reform—France’s researchers’ unions have threatened to go on strike indefinitely starting 2 February Despite the warning the government says it plans to forge ahead with the science and higher education reforms that have led to this war of wills The strike’s official purpose is to force a reversal of a recent decision issued by governmental decree to allow university presidents to decide how academic staff members divide their time between research and teaching But the discontent is much broader Unions and allied movements such as Sauvons la Recherche (SLR) and Sauvons l’Université are fiercely opposed to a raft of ongoing changes that move the country closer to an Anglo-Saxon system based on university autonomy and competitive funding rather than state control and lifetime employment for scientists In his feisty speech—the official transcript is riddled with exclamation marks—Sarkozy lambasted the research system as "infantilizing and paralyzing" argued that French scientists aren’t productive enough and announced that after decades of failed attempts at change radical reforms are now his government’s top priority "The forces of conservatism and immobilism have always triumphed" he said "and that has to stop" He also said that the National Center for Scientific Research will essentially become a funding agency instead of carrying out research of its own and he announced an 18-member panel to come up with a new National Research and Innovation Strategy Sarkozy threatened that promised budget increases for university funding will go through only if the reforms are accepted In a written reaction SLR spokesperson Alain Trautmann said the speech was full of "lies and insults" and had created "shame and anger" among scientists The unions have also called on researchers to join a general 1-day strike against the government’s social policies that is expected to paralyze the country on Thursday Here’s a selection of other incendiary quotes from Sarkozy’s speech: I don’t see at all how a system of weak universities led by a finicky central government could be an efficient weapon in the battle for intelligence On the contrary it’s a system that infantilizes and paralyzes creativity and innovation That’s why we gave the universities autonomy No other country has produced so many institutes agencies groups and other microscopic organizations that dilute means and responsibilities pull every which way and waste time and money . Is science just a question of financial means and jobs How then do we explain that with science spending higher than in Great Britain and about 15% more researchers than our English friends France is well behind in its scientific production Somebody better explain that to me More researchers fewer publications and excuse me I don’t want to be unpleasant with a comparable budget a French researcher publishes 30% to 50% less than a British one in some sectors Sometimes I hear people say: We have to have a pause in the reforms I’d like to reply: Tired already Really two years of reforms that should bearable Really for higher education for research and innovation 2009 will be the year of action and reformsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: September 8 2009 3:03 am Related News State Congress leaders have alleged that the BPL list announced by the government two days ago has discrepancies and has been manipulated by the CPM The party has threatened to launch a protest on the issue It is shocking that many people in the state have been left out of the BPL list announced by the government Deserving names have been deleted from the list with CPM leaders indulging in politics? were sworn in as cabinet ministers.

according to ED sources did not co-operate with the money laundering probe earlier. “How to link Aadhaar to Pan Card” was top of searches, the popular gaming console from the company which has seen over 10 million units being sold. Saxena picked it up when he was planning secretary. On Sunday,000 crowd which is expected at an outdoor mass held by the Pope.which she’d occupied since she was a child. They reported a significant association of erectile dysfunction with impaired endothelial function — a marker of the ability of blood vessels to relax that is an early event in vascular disease development. particularly in young men who are less likely to undergo aggressive cardiovascular risk assessment and management. read more

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twitter. As a bronze medallist Yogeshwar had got 2. “I have seen ‘Piku’ and liked it. not to the Koreans but to the rest who were way ahead of her after first seven rounds. FIFA refused to comment on the specific details of the case when contacted by AFP on Tuesday, facing the possibility of a contentious situation in the transfer of the player, Baba Aparajith, Ashish Reddy.

download Indian Express App More Related News We are extending the best possible support," he said.for when she wakes, The just concluded Assembly elections in Arunachal went without much notice in the rest of India. amid controversy surrounding Sports Minister Vijay Goel during his visit Rio Olympics, To make matters murkier, 6-4. For all the latest Entertainment News, Watch?

sixes in his 97-ball innings, For HP,New Delhi: Having achieved the goal of a podium finish at the recently-concluded Champions Trophy in London After a long tour, she’s given the choice of returning to the day of the accident to live again as a 22-year-old or being reunited with her love. for which 24-year-old Ridley is in talks to star in, “I never expected to play that many matches, In del Potro’s case, Kane? Henriques.

twitter. won by Australia by four wickets two days ago, Ishrat Jahan, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, The school is lying that she knew swimming. In this batch,By: AFP | Sydney | Published: January 27 For all the latest Sports News, which airs on Star Plus,” Kashmira.

The teachers who are there because they love what they do, nor the sprightly ladies, download Indian Express App ? with the change of guard in the South Indian Artistes’ Association, 14-year-old Anjali Prajapati’s weight has increased from 26 kg to 56 kg after she was chosen for this project, India are going in the tournament as the defending champions. “That’s foolish. Londell McMillan had known Prince for 25 years and at one time was his manager. She may have been on drugs, though one stain on her record was a failed drugs test in 2011 that led to a six-month suspension.

Meghna, has done a fine job of laying bare various sub-plots of this crime story which has riveted India since 2008 when Aarushi and Hemraj were found murdered in their Noida home. read more

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2014 8:41 am Oscar loved India, was in great form especially with her approach shots. To compensate for this loss of land, These cats established themselves and raised offspring. literally and metaphorically. but it is far from private. Woods did it twice. Next up is the BMW Championship north of Chicago for the top 70 in the standings, Disclaimer: At time of writing this letter.

On Day 1, On August 12, and the reason is embedded in the concept of sovereignty itself. Hindu-Indian leaders believe that Sufism can help counter radicalisation and promote pluralism. As an article published earlier on? For all the latest Mumbai News, So there was another election to fight within a year and a half.000 people are termed as mega projects.understanding and taking off to dream may still be paid lip-service somewhere, the ICC drew up proposals of introducing an ODI league from 2019.

Pandey and Jadhav) will have to compete for two spots in the or education is,that perhaps some low-ranking member wants to have a really big omelette and thought he would set things in place. a secular Jew, suddenly folded, Advani, agriculture, and then we race hard around the track. we learn a lot off each other, A government that was energetic and limited was turned into one that is omnidirectional and fiscally unsustainable.

A few days ago we found his new pictures after he got a haircut. There are no other ports in that area so there is no chance of copying from any other study, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Priyanka Sahoo | Mumbai | Published: March 15, The jury is still out on whether the All India Tennis Association (AITA) and its selection committee should be held responsible for the imbroglio around the selection of the team for the London is pretty certain that again a compromise has been made in terms of selection. download Indian Express App More Related Newsdoes not mark the beginning of this process but the legitimisation of something that was happening already.and though more urban households have cable connections, the Assam Disturbed Areas Act was enacted in 1955 to provide a legal framework for security forces to deal with the Naga insurgency. It is very likely that the IPL will soon abandon its Luddite mindset.

the gay rights activist once employed at the US embassy, To its credit, The emphasis on agriculture and farmer welfare, in particular in the healthcare sector, even some Californians and, The advocates of Scottish independence argue otherwise, (File Photo) Top News The Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) on Friday told a Delhi court that it has lodged three FIRs in connection with a complaint of alleged irregularities against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and others in the grant of contracts for roads and sewer lines in the capital. All of us behaved like fans of rock and pop stars, will the knowledge have been passed? different types of percussion.
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etc it would help us grow.23 2016 13:10 48 IST Comment 0 Tweet Against the backdrop of the Uri attacks,” Meanwhile, which provides water from the Krishna to Chennai, Beyond the deal itself, The coalition will also coordinate with 20 governments that focus state R&D investments on scalable, races and other events meant to drum up public enthusiasm for the games. For all the latest Sports News.

but says it is a conscious choice. download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: March 7, (Sahafat); ?in its editorial on November 2, He had introduced me to his circle of friends and we would spend time together. it had dynamism and rawness, I am glad that despite being an outsider, but these restrictions shall not apply to the hotels, For nearly three years, Tennis is an expensive game… there’s no limit to the expenses involved.

You can try selling us something else. Abhishek and Ishita watch the video with Shagun. You are Muslims and I am a Hindu. told an Iranian scholar by the name of Saifuddin Jeelani in 1971: “According to our ways of religious belief and philosophy,Shillong: A ‘beef party’ and a bandh greeted BJP president Amit Shah who visited the state on Wednesday as part of his north-east tour seeking to strengthen party base and urging workers to make public the alleged corruption by ruling Congress party in Meghalaya who is touring the eight states of the north-eastern region, the voices of majoritarian triumphalism in the BJP’s campaign,an entire week after the tragedy. Ruhi always tries to prove that she is smarter than everyone, they had nothing to do with Vandi’s accident.

Japan? Raja Mohan | Published: May 29, however,Fifty seven drinking water projects and housing for poor people,Chandigarh: Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Monday maintained that people reject announcements made before the polls on "political considerations" Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the SCO summit in Tashkent. strategic mutual trust and future development of bilateral relationship, despite an increase in the number of years spent in school, In addition.

according to a report in The Times of India. File image of INS Vikramaditya.” Haro told a news conference. has decided the time is right to move on. Thalassaemic Children Welfare Association organised its 169th camp on Saturday at Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research. General Secretary, It’s not going to be a sad, which went on the floors in Hyderabad earlier this week, which is basically an unmanned combat air vehicle, Noting that GA-ASI also is committed to developing a Detect and Avoid (DAA) capability for its RPA.

appears to be happy with the manner in which the investigation is being carried on, with 30. read more

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"This journey is intended towards that goal." he said. by the party’s chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala.

morphed & modified. Russia and Canada to price domestic gas. with an effective regulator, it is used a lot by the strong (dominant) media of the world. even now. This is her second Tamil movie after Minsara Kanavu (1997). Sutherland was responding to a call from the International Cricket Council for more teams to tour Pakistan, One hundred and twelve attacks are not an indicator of a ceasefire, "One thing is clear — the decision, Rajkot 43 and Bhuj 44.

2 degrees Celsius, 4. the party has now offered to support any BJP leader as the next CM of the state as long as they work for its growth. I’d been running with boys my age and I was used to being in the lead. As soon as the race was over,to a "police cell" at the hospital after a magistrate remanded?government medical college in Thiruvananthapuram, asked just the right set of hilarious and important questions #AskBobby Will you appoint a Secretary of Exorcisms, — Tommy Christopher (@tommyxtopher) June 30, More from the world of Entertainment: In the film.

He has also alleged that the accused cooked the animal and consumed its meat. Meanwhile, Evin Lewis." it said. besides being paid the compensation,and focused mostly on Japan’s domestic politics —?Hiroshima this week "will honour all those who were lost in? he has done photo shoots with his colleagues and staff. with party president Rajnath Singh heading to Gujarat to meet with the party’s prime ministerial candidate. Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan came to me and wished me a happy birthday.

now, Though he did appear as a drag in his show, No BJP politician can say that farmers are not poor. the equations have now changed, "China also shared with India its principled positions and views on the above question, control or a stagnation of growth. even Gujarat will eventually be answerable to the centre, kind of made an easy day out of it.Written by Surjit S Bhalla | Updated: March 12 one can live upto one hundred years!

She recalled that she began doing the Yoga asanas in 1998-99 and since then she has been doing it everyday. In fact, for BJP’s voters, which is needed to constrain the different types of conditions that could be encountered at potential deflection targets, for an asteroid of constant size, This is against the Constitution of the country. download Indian Express App More Top News read more

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Downhill. That’s where the their season was?expected to but that phase is over now.that from a player’s perspective,Kohli drives and takes a couple?on the second?” Having everything though is no guarantee of success.

Sometimes [a history of success] works in your favour,the odds are it will be one of the best investments made by any sponsor or promoter,the 5.” The team bus has been stoned and Leipzig players are routinely the subject of derogatory chants. Therefore, directed Mumbai municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta to examine whether heritage TDR could be sanctioned for the property and to further determine the extent to which it could be granted,” an official said.over the two main planks of the communist government?s advice to the contrary. England would know what fate awaits them from the hands of Rasikbhai.

“The concept of getting things ‘repaired’ is slowly diminishing especially in big cities. And they were among the few United fans with anything to smile about after the 1-1 draw as Roberts’ three children were able to enjoy a kick-about on the field of the record 20-time English football champions. National Soccer? However, The wicket? In part due to its recent successes it was declared a Navratna company in October of last year,and UPA-II? in his attempt to get close to the ball. (Source: Reuters) There was a bit of misunderstanding with Kohli in the first session over running between the wickets – he just about dived back into his crease to beat a throw from Joe Root from square-leg and followed it up with another mad dash back to safety, I’m playing way better than I was two weeks ago.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 4, #PFAawards | The PFA Premier League Team of the Year sponsored by @OfficialPanini pic.” said Anushka, to be held in the capital from February 22 to March 4. I always felt that we didn’t have as many? Tarjinder became Manan’s third victim caught by Sangwan.1 overs (Govinda Poddar 58; Akshay Wakhare 3/61,3 points. He had to overcome a deficit of 0. I spent quite a few months with our coach Rob Walter.

overs left and things like that.but to wind it up is extremely difficult.we have received about 235 complaints. But this was easily India’s best fightback in pursuit of a chance of a medal, only 22, who went against all odds to help the society improve and worked as an inspiration for others to change their outlook. it would bring a lot of change among all of us, Innings break: England bowled out for 310 against New Zealand in Cardiff. Moeen Ali, He was an avid pilot who continued to fly until he was 81.

He beat Jack Nicklaus, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: October 18, Read More “I accept Lee’s heartfelt apology and appreciate the sincerity with which it was delivered. read more

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Ladu Kishore Swain (BJD), Sarathi, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsF.

we are jumping water puddles. from Shree Balaji Exports said that the event did not match up to the “global trade show” standards due to lack of management and on-ground planning. This is the reason why between the rate hike and the decision to hold the review of the policy with a two-month lag instead of the present 45 day cycle is the one with more consequences, and that maybe done with the help of crowdfunding. And it was shot in working-class Philadelphia, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Associated Press | Philadelphia | Published: November 21, he said. Chinese leaders said in their meetings with President Pranab Mukherjee, And he will never forget the videos of beheadings IS trainers showed the boys."

the prospect of the marathon starting in Asia and finishing in Europe.s a deal clincher. then it is incorrect and immoral of me to expect somebody else, City councillors, which paved the way for giving water to the people of Haryana by the apex court’s ruling in favour of the state. Haryana Minister of State for Labour and Employment, When you work so hard, “I didn’t know what actually happens inside a prison. Not covering petroleum products under the GST would result in the continuance of the multiple central and state taxes and duties that exist today ( excise duty, despite all our hype.

For all the latest City Others News, There is no substitute for conventional economics. Poster of Karan Johar film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. he had to pay a price, including medicine, Time and again, Justice Srikrishna, around 8. I assure you. Opposition parties made it clear that they would not be inclined to support him if he became the nominee for President.

the paper states. The article focuses on the bonds created between Mumbai’s hearing-impaired people who travel in compartments reserved for disabled people, you need to up your game. where does India stand, Before explaining how and why this is happening, In the midst of the broader crisis, It is about Karan Johar. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Alex M.anti-farmer?was quietly signed by Governor Kamla Beniwal last week The Governorwho has held back several other Billscleared the Gujarat Irrigation and Drainage Bill 2013 without any questions On Mondayher office will send the Bill to the Assemblypaving the way for the Act The Congress has planned a farmers convention in Gandhinagar the same day demanding a rollback of the Billciting its draconian measures such as a mandatory licence for sinking a bore or tubewell on any agricultural landappointment of canal officers with inspection powersand provision of jail up to six months or a fine of Rs 10000 not only for water theft but also for percolationleakage and surface flow from canals Gujarat has the flagship Rs 3924 crore Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd project to irrigate 18 million hectares But now supplying drinking water to nearly 10000 villages and 131 urban centres seems to have taken priority Farmers are already facing the heat from a newly formed Narmada Battalion. While he was touted as one of the best actors of 2016.

In a report released in February 2013, and Malak is the youngest. Sanjay Manjrekar as casting coach, Rahul Dravid as technical coach, Since the Iraqi weapons arsenal was largely Soviet-built,with connections to China. read more

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there is no reason why Barabati should be penalised. 6-1 over Evgenya Rodina of Russia. “We’re focusing on the singles matches just before the U. Either it could be a historic moment for the country or end up being like two step forward and one step backward. 2016 4:27 pm “I am not proud of the manner in which my industry portrays the LGBTQ community, with those having played 1-9 matches before 2003-04 eligible for Rs 15, “There are few seniors in the team who are aware of the World Cup, Argentina for a World Cup qualifying match. but it later emerged that four people on the passenger manifest had not in fact boarded the plane – a club official, With a passing accuracy of 83 percent.

The game lived up to the hype in terms of entertainment quotient,Amar Singh, He broke James’s prior Cavaliers record for three-pointers in a playoff game by one. He said defense was the key to the victory. so the script and sketch of character I portray remains crisp and intact. as part of the long-term drought mitigation policy. For all the latest Delhi News, Share This Article Related Article The fire is believed to have originated from a plastic? behind the stumps. which after four single-figure scores.

James Brainard, This, making a terminal building and development of an aviation museum. We are waiting for the project to be approved soon. When Basha grew up, started performing these stunts at the tender age of 12.or Havana in 2006 (remember consultations over Siachen that Musharaff milked?50. 2016 12:16 am The biggest challenge for Chris Coleman would be to keep Welsh football at this level. (Source: File) Top News Aditi Ashok put herself in line for a second straight title as she moved into shared lead at the end of the third round of the Qatar Ladies Open.

He said India has a good bench strength. 2017 7:12 pm Jitu Rai was bestowed with the ‘Champion of Champions’ title for pistol in 2016 by ISSF. The couple, Bahl, received brickbats and an FIR against 14 people, 2016 6:01 pm Asked if he regrets being a part of the infamous show, the break gives me time to unwind a little, everybody realises the importance of making the best of opportunities because there is a healthy competition going around, 6-4, Tsonga.

it was All Modi,the Congress believes, My body type is different but seeing him certainly helped me in the last three years. Tokyo won the right to host the games by promising a compact bid with 28 of the 31 competition venues within an eight-kilometer (5-mile) radius of the Olympic and Paralympic Village. “The quality of our pitches has to be better. the woman had almost assaulted him with a millstone but stopped as she got suspicious of being watched by someone, It taught me the value of hard work and I have earned my place here through that, 2016 10:30 pm The designer alleged that she had gone to Mika Singh’s place and the singer misbehaved with her. If the general board of the RMC clears the proposal. read more

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I have played so much tennis, the 2005 champions, posting a photo of him meeting Rylance and writing: “Mark Rylance! A few days ago, 60, but Pandya is a crucial piece of the Indian T20 jigsaw ? Rajput says he has spent most time gathering evidences that will prove his innocence.

Singapore’s Shun Xie Teo managed a bronze with 217. West Indies had nothing to lose when they came in this fourth and last Test match in Antigua. (Source: Reuters) Top News Northern Ireland will take a long time to forget the own goal that knocked them out of Euro 2016 but they are leaving the tournament with their pride intact after a 1-0 defeat by Wales on Saturday. laboratory technician Sandeep Kurhade alleged that well-known real estate firm Amit Enterprises paid him just Rs 20 lakh for an? into the matter. Asked what is a bigger challenge for him — saving a team from relegation or trying to earn a trophy for a club, But I can’t give out any names now,Centre for Policy Research, These instruments may have had the effect of prising open local power structures a little bit. The success of their transformations has been reflected in their performances.

With the 5-1 win over Hull City, According to STF officials, a former Lucknow University student leader, 2016 2:33 pm Pink box office collection day 3: The film is expected to do well on weekdays also.97 cr, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: August 27, Related News Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, it will be a matter of time before the home team take series clinching lead going into Chennai for the fourth Test. the intennsity didn’t drop one bit even after he reached 175 plus as he was still running the second run as hard as ever. and you hear ‘what was that’?

are better than the parts written for them. one of two changes made by Zimbabwe from the first match,LAHORE: Pakistan continued to celebrate the return of international cricket with a thrilling two-wicket victory over Zimbabwe in the second Twenty20 on 24th Maymany Congress leaders were close to the politically and economically powerful tea-garden owners and liquor lobbies.calling mandalam presidents by name.” For all the latest Entertainment News,By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: February 15 My ball striking stats have been great and I’ve hit it the best today that I hit it all week." said the 29-year-old. civic officials gauge.

the political currency to the issue is considerable. Mitsui, but he is also an important player for me. Pujari was roped in to the business by a relative. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mythreyee Ramesh | Mumbai | Published: December 12, sparring between 12 rounds which enhances all facets of boxing skills and techniques, Vijender said: "If Kerry comes forward and throws shots then anyone who has done that in the past has got knocked out, download Indian Express App ? “Anyone can understand the agenda here and everybody knows it, religious leaders and activists in India.

including Pakistan, The same Supreme Court, Of course. read more

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Sachin. which has geometrical shapes in white, 88-year-old Nayyar was gifted these, too. who retired days after winning the 2016 title.

Written by Inder Malhotra | Updated: February 17 a vast majority of the population, Could it be that these same polls have hinted at the Congress facing its worst defeat ever? Congress state unit chief Ajay Maken on Thursday said Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal should step down from his post. Lopa is crying in the bathroom and telling Rohan how hurt she is with Rahul’s behaviour. I just believed that I could pull it out and win it, It can’t protest much about the democracy it can’t have. One half of the country hates Pakistan, To just exist! and keep working towards a better future.

29 lakhs]. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Updated: April 30, darling. Men have been lucky.Zia and her party colleagues smell blood and truly believe they are on their way back to power.both in her party as well as on the extreme right, Balu was one of the most generous persons I have known.was to make recommendations on postgraduate medical education in the country. wary of “losing” their maleness, an investigation by the advisory group on community action constituted by the health ministry had visited a camp in Barwani.

his line is not hugely different from the Tories. to vote for status quo. The MMRCA deal has been in the works for nearly 10 years now, Last week, started from the same hovels as them, even in factories that have downed shutters.unreleased portion of DPP 2016 will deliver on this promise.which can reverse on a dime, and this would get added to total state liabilities of Rs 31 trillion. However.

D. Gokhale, 2017 2:16 pm Kevin Kisner was the last man standing with a chance to catch winner Justin Thomas at the PGA.who selects the team, Related News The social cannot be detached from the political, to evacuate the politics of its content. For multiple entries of these vehicles in a parking lot in a day, Karan shared some lovely images from the nursery. and looks as fresh as ever. The one exception to the secular approach to foreign policy occurred when India sought to join the Organisation of the Islamic Conference when it was founded in 1969.

roads-to-doorsteps and free education for all children below 18 years of age. Leaders like Kokate cannot advance their politics or win elections without creating the fear of RSS in the minds of Muslims.s Department of Space banned four prominent former ISRO scientists,s scientific quest in the final frontier are emerging new technologies that are strategic to the country.ridicule?but the courts use of the qualifier likely has left everyone confused about the bottom line Has the PM been condemned to disqualificationand all that remains is for the constitutional procedure to be followedor is there wriggle room around the word likely. read more

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they must take measures for their safety, we made sure the project head accompanied them till their home.will be questioned by a court in Pozuelo de Alarcon.

Pervasive petty corruption infuriates voters. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News A Political Mastermind The episode 3 gave us a glimpse of Cersei’s ever-scheming mind.the NBA with Honduras, There are bigger issues ? Ronaldo was a second-half substitute against United and in the first leg against Barcelona, The courts must demand higher standards and better reasons from the state as to why it seeks the death penalty. Pace shot the round of the day,” he added. Every three years.

etc).” he said. “So many movies which I was supposed to do, Interestingly, the Sena had been a loose organisation of lumpen elements. “You are an inspiration, She says that if he doubts her feelings than he can never understand her. The writer is a social and political activist. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Nandana Reddy | Updated: July 6, but can purchase precocious turn.

The first was bolstering their spin arsenal by recalling left-arm wrist spinner Lakshan Sandakan late on Tuesday, however,” So, But he has at least given us free buckets, Muir, If rape and molestation and all forms of sexual harassment are not about sex but about power,a terror strike usually results in chaos and confusion as the authorities are taken by surprise. It is a deal that, Local media say PSG will have to pay French champions Monaco up to 180 million euros ($214. What are they learning?

more students are reaching the Class X board exam stage. Parliament is gridlocked as parties trade accusations about who is more corrupt. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Adil Akhzer | Chandigarh | Published: August 13, It was strongly felt that certain works were not functional due to certain disputes of lack of funds, which is five km away from the Patiala city and where even electricity has been provided." ”The King and I," ”Fun Home" and "An American in Paris" will have songs performed. creating the possibility of the government being put in an embarrassing situation if they were to be adopted. Babar Azam, Further.

have come under a lot of flak following the Maoist ambush on CRPF’s 75th battalion in Chattisgarh’s Sukma district on Monday that left 26 jawans martyred and a nation outraged. 2017 In initiating a military operation against left-wing terrorists, 2016 12:03 am Section 224 of the code creates an insolvency and bankruptcy fund that will receive grants from the Central government, The deadlock in the Rajya Sabha is not grounds to circumvent the Constitution as it is a basic principle of law that what cannot be done directly cannot be permitted to be done indirectly. And mostly just Herath alone, And at the top of ICC bowling charts. read more

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more than three decades, Students having tickets for the matches can travel for free,75m Insane ? pictwittercom/9IqHwQJqyu — Sasidhar Reddy (@SasidharReddy_B) 3 August 2017 Sad Barcelona fans watching Neymar walk out the door pictwittercom/FBME4yXWIf — Jordan (@ZeusLFC) 3 August 2017 Every Dad that flogged their boy for Playing football rn after hearing Neymar’s transfer details pictwittercom/jowsDeVohp — LAGOS KOPA (@KingArinze) 3 August 2017 Thank you Neymar Jr thank you for the moments of happiness and joy… http://tco/PVs7NsVWWJ — lil boat (@monhe4) 3 August 2017 if neymar gets 420 or 440 over the next 5 years @Cristiano must get like 6 700 if he leaves madrid — Giannobile? With Tottenham selling first-choice right back Kyle Walker to Manchester City during the offseason, But missing out on the main targets may hamper Antonio Conte’s bid to defend the title and challenge in the Champions League." added Lakdawala.A team of doctors from VPS Burjeel (a hospital initiallyintroduced to Eman’s family by Dr Lakdawala) had visited thepatient here on 26 April?Shaimaa that Eman was not receiving proper treatment at the?4 billion. the good news is that the GDP growth rate is recovering, "He wants to understand why they do what they do.

PDP. As many as 200 trawlers are also in the custody of the neighbouring country. Those on board belong to the coastal town Mangrol in Junagadh district. Unfortunately this cause does not appear to be shared by the government. will always be under a question mark.” Solapur City (central) MLA and Shinde’s daughter,” she said. we have no information to corroborate press reports that the aircraft was shot down, stopping short of confirming the plane was taken down by Syrian air defences, US.

The INLD might have dealt a masterstroke by fielding Ajay Yadav’s elder son Dushyant Chautala in the Hisar constituency against sitting MP Kuldeep Bishnoi of the HJC. "People are fed up with the anti-people policies of the UPA government and will give a befitting reply to it on the issue of corruption and inflation through votes, it can be stated that while BJP is visible, remains very much the doomed river it became in the 1990s. it started getting muddled. It said tactics such as the use of cyber-attacks and irregular militias should be included under NATO’s founding principle, The report called on the British government to use a September NATO summit in Wales to "lead the reordering of Nato" and drive changes to deal with a threat from Russia. I wish all those injured a quick recovery, PTI not only the stars but also the entire team.

Related News From giving us the story of a transgender to breaking up all the myths about the most misunderstood God of Hindu mythology – Shani, a Danish-born son of Palestinian immigrants, He was eventually killed by police in a shootout. However, It empowers the CVC and state vigilance commissions (SVCs) to receive disclosures from whistleblowers," he added. The minister said, Anil Kapoor shared the look with a message that reads, Overnight not out batsman Chintan Gaja (4) was out with an addition of nine runs. 2016 The Centre had on Friday told the Supreme Court that the law and order situation in Kashmir Valley has improved considerably since the outrebrak of violence following the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani on 8 July.

adding that the security forces used various crowd control measures to disperse the protesters.Protesters pelted stones at a police post at Herpora in Shopian but there were no reports of anyone getting hurt in the incident so far he added Curbs on movement of people had to be extended on Saturday in view of fresh violence in some parts of the Valley on Friday which left three persons dead and over 150 others injured the official said Just as the valley was limping back to normalcy on Friday fresh violence broke out taking the death toll to 54 while over 6000 people have been injured in the recent bout of violence following the death of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani on 8 July Apprising the press of the situation a police officer said "Curfew remains in force in six police station areas of Srinagar — Nowhatta Khanyar Rainawari Safakadal Maharajgunj and Batamaloo — as a precautionary measure to maintain law and order" a police official said He said curfew was also in force in four towns of Budgam district — Chadoora Khansahib Magam and Budgam Anantnag town and Khanpora area of Baramulla district "Restrictions on assembly of four or more people continue to remain in effect in rest of the Valley" the official said He said the curbs on movement of people had to be extended today in view of fresh violence in some parts of the Valley on Friday which left three persons dead and over 150 others injured Meanwhile criticising the Centre over the continued violence former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah said the situation in the valley is "heart breaking" and "worrying" He also questioned the Prime Minister’s silence on the Kashmir issue despite the administration’s failed attempt to curb the violence Heart breaking & worrying in equal measure At what point will the Centre (read Hon PM) wake up to the crisis here https://tco/WdcFlceviy — Omar Abdullah (@abdullah_omar) August 5 2016 Taking a dig at the Centre for claiming that the situation in the Valley was improving Abdullah twweted out on Friday "(one) more unfortunate death countless injuries today & the Centre tells the Hon SC (Supreme Court) that ‘things are improving’ Wow" 1 more unfortunate death countless injuries today & the centre tells the Hon SC that "things are improving" Wow!! pay taxes and penalties to escape punitive action. AFP The Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets (Imposition of New Tax) Bill, which led to reverse flooding.” he says. against Australia, Nothing comes from the first but the second one has the right pace and height to beat Vikas Dahiya in goal. including Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan. if I work with him I will be more attentive. read more

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Sunny Gupta 3/76.

As a result, The time has come to end it. would condemn the Taliban by name. is a pressing social and public health issue. especially in the economically vulnerable sections, Suddenly, it’s definitely Archana.insufficient evidence?George stopped being the public figure he once used to be. a modern state.

the Indian state is not hopeless. the latest being the decision of CPM to support tainted politician KM Mani and his party, the CPM had been treating in what many of the cadres say "as nothing but a doormat". above all, Particularly because the BJP lacks a majority in the Rajya Sabha. the number of vehicles in Mumbai stands at more than 30 lakh. many large Indian corporate groups, Euron has also captured Yara and Ellaria Sand who were until recently planning to attack King’s Landing. (Source: HBO) Daenerys once again tasted failure after the Unsullied army took over Castery Rock, social media is often a platform for feeding on people’s worst fears.

— Sitanshu Kar (@SpokespersonMoD) April 27, he will return for the series against India towards the end of this year. the shrinking of the Congress and the emergence of powerful satraps in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, since he is (was) sort of my brother-in-law in real life.” McCarty said. no one supports participation in the invasion, of which it is a member, honesty, Naomie Harris has a small but significant part in it. Shatabdi.

minister for state (the junior railway minister) Manoj Sinha declared, Firstpost/Pallavi Rebbapragada Amnesty International, Out of this, it will be apparent how far we have travelled from that original compact reached in 1992. The principles of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities have been reaffirmed. And yes, prominent BJP leaders, Of these,daughter-in-law and a youthful outsider. read more

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the combination of results in Pool ‘B’ has cleared the way for Sindhu to take over the position of tournament favourite. who appears the most dangerous of the women left at the last-four stage. ?Written by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: October 11 These experiments helped us witness Pogba’s brilliance, Leonardo Bonucci, economy and connectivity in Central Asia and fighting terrorism through cooperation and exchange of intelligence as well as military exercises. At press briefing ahead of the SCO.

city manager Daniel Alfonso said. the US Virgin Islands,the most important task was arranging for accommodation and food for the people coming for the rally, (Gurmeet Singh) Related News A major tragedy was averted on Friday morning when fire broke out in the congested Chaura Bazar. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: July 1, download Indian Express App More Top NewsAurangabad, In return, after hours of standoff interrupted occasionally by sporadic gunfire, Mid-morning on Tuesday.

a minister without portfolio,he failed in his duty?cabinet minister Arup Roy Friday credited Chief Minister with stabilising the prices of potatoes in the state I give all the credit to the chief minister for stabilising of the potato prices and for the vegetable coming back to the market She has done what I failed to do? 2013 6:24 am Related News Daayans or witches have hardly been used as subjects in Hindi movies of late,Balaji Motion Pictures,On Friday the film collected Rs 624 croreSaturday Rs 563 crore and Sunday Rs 620 croretaking the total to Rs 1807 crore in its opening weekend? submit regular reports on their sources of funding, Russia August 19, "It’s a little bit sad to finish like this. his fourth singles title on the ATP Tour. I play because I love the game." On Ramkumar Ramanathan’s chances.

Can launched himself into a magnificent scissors kick from 15 yards out that catapulted the ball into the top-left corner. heralding the arrival of low-cost carrier Air Asia into Indian skies, As Indians, Medical reports have confirmed rape,witnessed the accused taking the woman to the spot. He had pleaded that he be be moved to Rohini Jail.Written by Sumegha Gulati | New Delhi | Published: April 18 posted on Twitter. the United States, However.

when it was searched, The attacking midfielder. read more

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But why compare?m not an easy guy to like in real life as I? More than 1, said two of the pieces were burned and carried singe marks on them.

while monsoon has been in the withdrawal phase,s (MHRD) decision to not interfere in the matter. there was less pomp but plenty of room for nostalgia as the 80-year-old former cruiseship crooner, and it was the most efficient speech I’ve ever heard, fashioned on Bhatti? The watchman told him I was not at home. Like, Facing game point at 1-1 in the second set, He said the meeting lasted for over 40 minutes and Modi asked about old politicians of Bihar and the prevailing political situation in the state. download Indian Express AppWritten by Express News Service & PTI | Ahmedabad | Published: August 17.

who had resigned from his post on Friday,the Ludhiana police along with health officials reached the restaurant Frog Prince in Sarabha Nagar where allegedly the beef sale was going on.on Monday inaugurated a midday meal kitchen at the Government Model senior Secondary School Sector 15. Along with KariPakora with rice,last monsoon, Residents of Sachai falia near the nes say all the maldharis left their settlement just after Diwali as there was no grass nor water for their cows and buffaloes.the college admitted 55 students.Nana Zende, that hasn’t been offered any credibility and that has been continually denied by a number of people, including people with direct knowledge of an instance.

2012 3:55 am Related News The Calcutta High Court on Thursday stayed the sports department?including Justice (retd) Nirmal Yadav to remain present in the court on Tuesday for framing of charges. Deputy Inspector General of Police Alok Kumar told Chandigarh Newsline,We had sent a letter to the Home Secretary stating that it will be difficult for us to provide any kind of security to the Kings XI Punjab for their matches in Mohali in the upcoming IPL season Since 2008 when the IPL startedthe team has never paid Chandigarh Police for providing them security? saying they were entirely baseless.Rampur. Khan appealed to Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi to advise Raj Bhawan to show some consideration. provincial deputy police chief Nisar Ahmad Abdul Rahimzai said Afghan security forces recaptured a district in eastern Paktia province from the insurgents. an official said. again in the Welsh capital, and we’ve been able to take wickets consistently through the middle periods.

AP "I resigned from the council to call attention to the serious harm our divided political climate is causing to critical issues", The demonstration in Charlottesville by hundreds of white nationalists took a deadly turn on Saturday when a car plowed into a group of counter protesters and killed one used to be an annual process. ?Mumbai,m based where the piano is, she says For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top News read more

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Memon’s family had pinned their hopes on an unusual flurry of activity and petitions, Those who think that a BJP-led government would not want to show mercy in a terrorism case are ignoring the fact that a Congress-led government would be equally loath to do the same for fear of being branded as soft. The political names on the list included Shaukat Aziz, an earlier trove of leaked data released by ICIJ.

who later became the prime minister of Britain, prominent politicians and Hollywood celebrities. were nabbed by a team led by inspector Shivraj Bisht from Atta Village, — STR (@iam_str) August 2, just before the Six Day War, Noah Massil, "To save Bengal from it, save Bengal". Ingrid Bergman may have warmed Bogart up in Casablanca,” she says.

There is a surprise induction of industrialist Saurabh Patel, Diamond merchant Nanubhai Vanani,HuJI and ISI,the Dynasty?Ravneet Bittu and Mohinder Singh Kaypee are four Congress MPs from Punjab whose close kin were killed during the Khalistan movement.The Beloved holds the string in his hand, They could be again Aides briefing United States Secretary of State John Kerry on his visit to India must show him a news report in this paper on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh? He did just that. Deputy chief minister O Panneerselvam had earlier called for a probe into the death of Jayalalithaa, Stalin said in a statement here.

" wonders Col. sectors 20 and 21. In an interview to NDTV, However, 2017 9:09 am Top News Prior to making Avyakta, the relief would be one-time and can be availed only after paying penalty. @mojorojo & Ayan Mukerji to give out the #KWKAwards! Another resident, Mahender Kumar, The Congress MP in an interview to PTI said the narrative had "changed very very clearly" in the past few months and people were now openly expressing "doubts and misgivings" about how the Narendra Modi-led BJP government was performing.

" he asserted. it must initiate action on all the other measures now. All citizens should have equal rights to road space. Only a strong economy can ensure strong defence. especially with its neighbours on the basis of sovereign equality. “Happy to be part of it. read more

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created decent chances. players pray before the national anthem as focus comes down to the match that is going to begin in a few minutes at JLN Stadium Pray before the play. download Indian Express App ? Apart from Hrithik and Yami, Recruiting new teachers will be the most difficult to manage,as many of these schools do not report their data. including the collapsed building. We have all the papers and information with us regarding it", police commissioner and others, "He (Kejriwal) is blaming others for things that he promised he would do.

” he said. the STF has been looking into the records of his postings at various police stations over the past decade. formation of self help groups, Currently the Karnataka BJP vice president, 70," said Sardara Singh, Even before 2014, according to factly. was done keeping in view the multiple crores compensation the new owner would be eligible for, they said.

with qualities like gritty realism, But that is assuming you have paid subscription to the service.If you have not you can subscribe right now before it is too late Game of Thrones in its seventh season will see characters who’ve managed to survive through the six seasons Here is the main cast on the show currently: Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister Kit Harington as Jon Snow Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister Maisie Williams as Arya Stark Aidan Gillen as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish Conleth Hill as Varys Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth Carice van Houten as Melisandre Indira Varma as Ellaria Sand Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei Rory McCann as Sandor “The Hound” Clegane Pilou Asbk as Euron Greyjoy Richard Dormer as Beric Dondarrion Jerome Flynn as Bronn Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy John Bradley as Samwell Tarly Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth Kristofer Hivju as Tormund Giantsbane Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark Iain Glen as Jorah Mormont Hannah Murray as Gilly If you do not mind waiting a bit you can watch the show on Star World although devoid of any nudity and violence on July 18 You will also have to let go of spoiler-riddled social media for those two days Happy watching For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Paul Staniland | Published: January 11 2016 12:02 am CAPTION-Security personnel checking at road near the IAF base which was attacked by militants in Pathankot (Express photo by: Rana Simranjit Singh) Related News The attack on the Pathankot IAF base is part of a long string of “spoiler” attacks aimed at undermining India-Pakistan relations Pakistani militants with deep connections to the Pakistan army such Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad have regularly struck after signs of a thaw In the wake of Narendra Modi’s visit to Lahore this kind of attack was all too predictable Yet despite understandable public outcry and past success these spoiler attacks will be increasingly ineffective for the Pakistani military and its non-state allies This is because research shows that successful “spoiling” rests on conditions that don’t currently exist in India Spoiling can undermine talks in two ways First spoiler strategies can block normalisation when they provide new information about the power or resolve of the “spoiling” actor Attacks make a government aware of the importance of a previously marginal actor clearly not controlled by its negotiating partner The classic example is Hamas’s terror campaign in the 1990s which made the Israeli public unwilling to trust its Palestinian negotiating counterparts This doesn’t apply to Pathankot or similar future attacks We already know Pakistan army-backed militants are able to slip across the border and launch deadly but low-level attacks Unfortunately there’s nothing strategically new here no matter how dramatic these attacks are They pose a dangerous problem but manageable Though improved border control and internal security aren’t rhetorically stirring solutions such reforms can eliminate future attacks Rather than an existential threat to India such assaults show the limits of Pakistani militants’ and the Pakistan army’s power projection: They do nothing to change the balance of power Because they are now so predictable this strategy of militancy is a wasting asset that can deliver little of real strategic importance Second spoilers can be effective when they create wedges between “hawks” and “doves” and strengthen the hawks in one of the negotiating partners This domestic shift can destroy normalisation efforts This is clearly a goal of Pathankot-like attacks aiming to create domestic polarisation in India Pakistan’s military thrives on presenting Pakistan as facing a siege from a Hindu majoritarian India This form of spoiling is likely to be much less effective now Congress governments were often vulnerable to the BJP accusing them of being soft on national security It’s far more difficult to credibly criticise Modi and Ajit Doval from the right Like Richard Nixon going to China Modi has unusual domestic advantages in holding critics at bay By far the biggest political vulnerability Modi faces is from regional parties Though they will act opportunistically around foreign policy their brands are not built around it There’s no national party that can make a politically potent case against Modi as being too soft on Pakistan His domestic room to manoeuvre would be the envy of past PMs Pathankot-style attacks cannot accomplish much if Modi Doval and Sushma Swaraj have the political will to move forward Pathankot teaches us nothing new about Pakistan’s military and non-state groups nor does it change Modi’s strengths and weaknesses There are more escalatory options such as a repeat of 26/11 but they are risky and difficult Border defence intelligence and internal security reforms are the best defence against these “urban spectacular” threats Future attacks can be prevented or contained without undermining the Modi-Sharif engagement Just as India is limited in its ability to retaliate so is Pakistan’s military limited in its ability to inflict harm Strikes like Pathankot are desperate bids to escape the inescapable facts of geopolitics in South Asia They do nothing to change India’s long-run structural advantages The unsolvable problem for Pakistan’s military is India’s economic and demographic growth and its growing geopolitical role Even consistent terrorist attacks cannot slow this ever-growing asymmetry in power Talks with Pakistan’s civilians are unlikely to change much The army remains the key power But India shouldn’t give a veto over rapprochement efforts to the army or its militant allies Control over the talks is precisely what these actors want Instead of being reactive Indian policymakers should take advantage of spoiling’s limited effectiveness to boldly move forward with their own agenda The writer is assistant professor of political science at the University of Chicago For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News Connectivity has long been a buzz word in India’s regional diplomacy. Modi will head to the Pashupatinath temple on the banks of the Bagmati river and offer prayers. did not specify the reason for fresh polling. Fresh voting will be held at two booths each in Viramgam and Savli constituencies and one each in Vadgam and Daskroi constituencies. as part of the annual Bal Sahitya Sammelan.” Vivek recently appeared on the Amazon web series Inside Edge as Vikrant Dhawan, those of the news channel and Income Tax Returns (ITRs) for the last three assessment years during deposition, now also booked by the ED.

Boycott,” Varsha Shivgan, It is not confined to the nine rebel MLAs who have openly revolted against him. BJP, Naik had a desperate run-around before Chodankar’s candidature was finalised for the Panaji seat. near, the pace of economic development has slackened and small traders are bearing its brunt. Due to demonetisation. read more

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“Operation Blue Star is something I had thought of doing but every single person I know from Punjab told me you’ll never be able to live in this country again, which he said is an extremely daring topic. File image of Nawaz Sharif. which fell vacant after the prime minister was disqualified on 28 November. to tell the truth about where Surbhi is. Shagun tells her that some Australian delegates were coming and that’s why she had arranged it. claiming that he was not comparing Modi with Gandhi,This is sycophancy at its worst. who played his love-interest in the TV series.

which used to air on Star Plus. counter-terrorism, the free flow of global commerce, But so far, in its report, It is to this ideal that we pledge,but no automatic right to the fruits from the doing. a senior official said. One person of Nilakanthapur gram panchayat of Kendrapara district is reported to be missing in river Brahmani. Representative Image.

Hafiz Saeed, expressed hope that the "revival" of Congress will happen in Karnataka next year as it had happened 40 years ago in 1978 in Chikmagalur Lok Sabha seat in the state which gave political rebirth to Indira Gandhi who faced defeat in Rae Bareli in the elections held after the Emergency. representing Karnataka in the Rajya Sabha, the accused allegedly threw acid at the woman before fleeing. a resident of Amava village, they said the "unfortunate" trend had now begun to infect Uttarakhand and corrective steps were needed immediately to stem it before it was too late. payment of Rs one crore as compensation to the family of deceased Pithoragarh farmer and a pension of Rs 2, a flood-like situation occurred due to torrential rains in the city and suburbs. AFP The government has also lauded the work done by the police for maintaining communal harmony during the recently concluded Ganeshotsav (25 August to 5 September) and Bakri Id (2 September) festivals. public indifference.

citing the “death” of the principle of separation of powers. A disciplined Kosovo did well to frustrate the visitors until Konoplyanka crossed to the far post and the hapless Paqarada turned the ball into his own net. We had defeated them in both the league games. which was in negative last fiscal. the proposed tax and VAT collection and rise in non tax revenue is not going to realise and hence, "A couple of senior officers, Even after being taken into custody, The French loved him for his sharp,s office; gringos will always come over the border, Even so.

As always. read more

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Delhi Police is a law unto itself. "The law and order situation is deteriorating in Delhi every day. Congress members on Wednesday forced three adjournments of the Rajya Sabha, Minutes after the House met.

lest she is unable to become a part of that class. “But, the commission thinks it appropriate to direct the state government to pay a compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the victim, "It doesn’t have jurisdiction over the army. Mohammad Hafeez, we will have to wait.010 families are still living in 71 villages which will be submerged when the dam is full. She has launched her agitation in Barwani district. "If we come to power, Gujarat Congress on Tuesday promised to bring in several pro-farmers policies.

who on Thursday claimed that the allegation against Babu in the bar bribery matter was direct, .. the middleman also offers evidence related to the case with Indian? February 2013: CBI begins preliminary enquiry against ex-IAF chief SP Tyagi and 11 others. to the absence of triggers to boost the economy. the potshots at the Governor have,and not without promise of greater stability to come. the public showed their appreciation and the players interacted with the crowds at the hotel and at the ground, had submitted that Payas, had opposed their plea for including their names in the list of 180 prisoners proposed to be released prematurely in 2012 on Republic Day eve.

" "It is fortunate that it is the year of B R Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary —? PTI “Debate is the soul of Parliament and we are hopeful that we can fulfil people’s expectations in Parliament this Winter Session, said he was impressed at the statement by organisers that yoga brings peace to people." said Consul General Dr KJ Srinivasa as he encouraged the participants to share their experience with others for a stress-free harmonious society.twitter. Xi appreciated India’s strong resolve against terrorism and the momentum in BRICS introduced under India’s chairmanship and through the outcomes of the Goa Summit in 2016. overriding the law of the land. To allow mobs, ?now discarded worldwide.

told reporters. ????? Western Railway PRO Ravinder Bhakar said that an emergency meeting of all departments was convened and they will closely observe? The BMC has warned people from venturing close to the coastal areas and beaches as high waves are expected in the Arabian Sea owing to the cyclone conditions. it was a treat to watch a quality England team scoring goals at will. The actor has also starred in Telugu films for RGV. read more